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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Ten



         Come to Me where there is reality. To know Me one has to investigate perfectly this splendid display of the world and understand thoroughly that it does not really exist. If it exists at all, it exists in Me alone, and simultaneously one will realise that this whole creation is none other but Myself. Realising this absolute, supreme being, enjoy this truth.


         I am one without a second. In Me there is none - realise this by constant practice. When you will know Me you will understand that the whole creation does not really exist in Me, and if it is there, it is none else but Myself. Therefore know that all these varieties of manifested objects are nothing but Me alone. Knowing this eternal truth as such, live happily.


         Come to Me and realise that among all I am superhuman, the most excellent modern scientist in the whole of creation. I am the most superior inventor who has invented the whole creation within Myself. I alone am the most superfine artist and designer who created this equinoctial laboratory. Thus I create this mystical creation in which I alone am the super-numinous (divine) actor, acting with so many equable faces in this universal form since time unknown. In this subject I am the most wonderfully expert technical hand who is nonetheless the absolute singleton. None could find a clue to this mystery of Mine, and none will find it hereafter. My secretly reserved secret is maintained very strictly, because no-one can understand it except Myself. I alone am the knower, knowledge and known of this creation. I can create, preserve and destroy this whole creation in no time. This entire mystic action takes place in Me alone, if it is taking place - otherwise nothing is going on. I am one alone. I am as I am.. That is why all are in Me and yet I am beyond all. Thus be empty as I am and then enjoy my ever-green, highest and most advanced science and technology forever, and be happy.


         You have to go. Go you must, therefore go. Go ! Go ! Don’t stop. Make a move. You can’t stop this movement. You are helpless, so you move. You are inside My movement, My notion. Your walk started the moment you entered My creation. As long as there is time there is movement, there is creation. Thus you are all compelled to move. Where there is movement there is struggle for existence. As long as there is struggle there is change. When change is there, death is certain. You are here, that is why death is there. Time means limitation, and thus you are meant for death. So long as limitation exists, life will have an end. The breath of life displays its movement, its change, and thus you are unstable. This is why you can’t find peace. Peace is stable. Peace is permanent, changeless truth and supreme. If you want peace then come to Me. To reach Me, let go of your attachment to the go of the world, the go of your movement, the go of your ‘wiseacre’¹ as well as the go of this creation. Go way beyond all time and limitation. Make your move far out where you and your movement end forever.

¹ wiseacre /ˈwaɪzˌeɪkə/ · n. 

a person with an affectation of wisdom or knowledge.

ORIGIN C16: from Middle Dutch wijsseggher ‘soothsayer’


         I know every nook and corner of this creation. I am the one that functions as illusion to those do not see me and have doubts about Me owing to ignorance. They think I am the one to be blamed for creating trouble for them. But in fact I am equally equal to all at all times. Those who are clear at heart will see me in themselves and in all. They will realise I am ever pure, impartial to all and the unconditional one for ever. Know Me this way and let your ‘boneless boko’ move, rejoicing My bliss in this world.


         Discriminate between the real and unreal. This is how it goes over here. People like to give what they have and tell you what they know. Ego is false. Ego gives you wrong concepts - ‘I am this body, this body is real, the world and all the objects of this creation are real’, whereas I give you eternal truth - the supreme absolute being, thou art that - immortal, pure, unchangeable, omniscient - the real self and everlasting happiness. Then where lies the wrong when day gives you light and night gives you dark? It is but natural. Enjoy My double game played as two sides of one coin. Come to Me and realise those perfect players and this double-faced, single and complete coin to be one alone.


         Once I hired a small rowing boat. It was a pleasant moonlit night and as my ego engaged with the oarsman I started to think in the following way. In order to move, a boat must stay on top of the water - it will sink if too much water gets in, so this must be prevented. A boat is empty, it is hollow inside and only the outer part touches the water. The distance between the water and the inside of the boat is thin and whenever water finds its way in, the boatman always throws it out, keeping the inner part empty. The oarsman never lets the water accumulate and fill up this emptiness, so every time he sees it there he bails it out quickly. He is sailing so he is always cautious of this because if the water fills it up the boat will sink.

         So this oarsman and his quality boatmanship provide a lesson for all of us. Remaining empty inwardly we must not allow outward objects to stay inside, just as water must not come inside the boat. If you are a real oarsman, if you are sure you are only a traveller in this world, you must be cautious about all the objects that come on your way. If you are a real boatman, be aware of your emptiness all the time, and remain empty. Once you have attachment for the objects of this creation they will cause your 'life-boat' to sink. So always remain empty within even while contacting objects without.

         He is a skilled oarsman who, remaining in this world, keeps himself free from its attachment. If you want to show your oarsmanship you should be empty. As you develop your habit to look within, you won’t try to get any objects - either without or within. Don’t respond to them, don’t pay any attention to their attraction - be detached. Give up all such previous habits, don’t recognise the things you see over here, be empty and remain as you are - you must not be affected by any objects or their activities over here.

         You are like the moon, thee pure, pleasant eternal light. You are as you are. In you there is no creation. Look at the moon, in it there is no day or night, no clouds, no blur or eclipse. Whatever you see, it is for the worldly eyes. Cloud and blur can never cover the moon, there is no eclipse for it - that is in your eyes, in the eyes of the world. The set-up of these egotistical eyes is such that from their angle people see an eclipse, that clouds have covered it and night has swallowed it, but in fact it is not as you see it - it is totally different from what you imagine.

         You have agreed with the ego concept and believe it, but this is your wrong concept and mere ignorance. This misunderstanding is the conclusion of an immature brain applying itself to get theoretical knowledge only for the sake of ego. As long as ego is there you are definitely wrong. So rise above this illusory ego and come to the reality. Never have faith on anything that you see or hear in this world of ego. Have faith in you, the pure mind without ego. Then only you will have practical experience of the truth which is within you, shining permanently like the moon behind your ego. Remove all the covers patiently without removing it. This is possible only when you keep yourself completely empty.

         Therefore be empty at all times. Develop this habit not to get attached with the ego and its objects - whatever you see outside in this creation or inside you. Know it clearly that because of you the mind - your emptiness - sometimes things are visible, then not. All these objects are coming, staying and going, along with the whole creation, in ‘thee supreme voidness’ - and you are that. You are that pure empty mind in which all the objects of this ego-creation are seen. So, let all creation come and go - you have nothing to do with it.

         You are that empty, changeless divine space, so remain empty. Then only you are the real oarsman and you are the Supreme Lord of none. Thus happily enjoy your eternal oarsmanship for ever.

         Thus experiencing the ups and downs of this river world, I came out clean and dry from my boat trip. Throughout my sail, the boat was empty, and although many a time the water came in, my expert oarsman poured it back into the river. No doubt it was a struggle but the water never got a chance to stay in the boat, otherwise I would never have been able to tell you the truth this way. Enjoying emptiness throughout the whole boat trip – this life, reach the destination safely and successfully, rejoicing pleasant eternal full moonlight all the time.

- OM -

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