Be Empty

The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Eleven



         My lover sees none except Me, even in deep sleep. He or she is the one who loves Me more than love itself. They cannot survive without Me as I am. All their activities are in favour of Me at all times. They see their life and death in Me and My eternal gate is always open for them. This is the one in whom I dwell permanently and who can have direct contact with Me whenever they want. My eternal gate, which is open for all, will be seen as closed for others due to the ignorance of their impure ego. Know My mystic play and rejoice in a blissful mood forever.


         Through meditation absorb your ego in Me completely and then you are one with Me forever. There is unity always, and no fear of duality in Me. Therefore remain fearless in all conditions forever, and enjoy this world fearlessly.


         I am the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. I am versatile - the smallest speck of pollen and the biggest of the big. I am the infinite. The first monosyllable at the beginning of creation is ‘OM’ - and I am that. The most senior among all monks and nuns I am. I alone am the only head of this crazy world and the next if any. I am Thee, best among artists. There is no-one who can compete with Me and nothing that can be compared to Me. I am uncontestable and the real context of this creation. Know my mania this way and be very foolish.


         Come to Me and know My majesty. The world keeps My history, but the entire creation is My petty pastry. I make everything move without any brutality. I walk on all without any feet or faculty. I dwell in this country. There is no singularity where there is no duality. In Me there is no such thing as quality or quantity. In Me you will find neither hypocrisy nor autocracy, but supremacy. This is unity. This is tranquillity. Understand this reality, My chastity. This is serenity and purity. When you unite with Me you are My bonafide community and will realise My versatility. Therefore come to Me forever and be very happy.


         Give ! Give ! Give up ! You can assign whatever you have. Rich is he who imparts everything he possesses. Develop the habit to disown all that you keep, all that you like to have with you. Renounce all those with whom you are attached. Attachment is death, detachment is life. Disconnect with your nearest and dearest, even with your own body to which you give all your attention. Don’t fasten yourself to any worldly objects. If you grasp, if you have attachment to anything in this world, you will be mortal and face the worst consequence. The effect of holding on to these things will doom you forever - you will not be immortal, you will not be pure. To be pure you must develop this habit of giving up and not have attachment to anything. You must be completely empty from all sides at all times. Then only you will be pure, immortal and ever free, when you have given up all the giveables. Being empty, this is how you will come to Me. You know, at the beginning of creation I have given everything to you. Now I am completely empty, I am the ultimate void. Among all realised ones I am the first to realise truth. Before Me there was none and after Me there can be none. Know this truth and enjoy the value of giving up totally, and remain happy.


         Help you need! Do take help! Take help! Help is essential. Without help it is difficult to move one step in this life, this objective world. Everybody is in need of help. Without help creatures could not move and the movement of the planets and the world would stop, even breath itself. You must have support, but the pity is you don’t know where it is coming from. Find out the source, the real superman who is helping and supporting you throughout your life and without whom you cannot stand or say ‘I am’. Because of Him you can say this form is mine; I am Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan, Jain or belong to any religion. Because of Him you are experiencing pleasure and pain. All the worlds are enjoying His help and all these objects are here in different forms for your enjoyment, everywhere, always because He is helping you. He is helping you from all sides and thus you are existing. Try to find Him who has helped you from the very beginning and will help you to the very end, not only for this body but before and after also. He is the great helper, helping you constantly and consistently without any demand or condition in return.

         Whether you like or dislike Him, he doesn’t care about your mood or attitude - He just helps you from time unknown to time unknown. He never pays attention to your action or reaction. In fact He doesn’t even recognise you; He is unaware of anyone or anything at all, yet you feel someone is helping you, that help is coming from somewhere.

         He is the Supreme Lord of all, the Almighty one, and you cannot deny that He is helping you in every experience of life. Tasting His help, directly or indirectly you seek Him and His help more and more, and the more you get the more you want. But you can’t see where He is because you are always looking outside in the world and all its objects. You think you will find Him in the objects of this creation. No! No! No! My friend I tell you, you are wrong - you are searching in the wrong direction. Don’t look out into this objective creation - look inside, for your greatest helper is within you - with you always from the very beginning.

         Search for Him inside - don’t run here and there to get Him outside. Check your movement calmly and minutely. Observe inside patiently and you will find empty space in the end. There you are – this is what you will find at the end of your search. Go on practising to develop this practice to ‘be empty’ and remain empty completely. Thus you will see Him - you will find Him - you will recognise Him and His help. Then you will see Him everywhere in all the objects and you will stop running outside. You won’t try to run away from Him, rather you will gladly prefer to stay as He is. You will feel He is one in many forms and also that He is one alone in one form at all times in all places yet in Him there is no form, no time or place. He, Thee Supreme help, is none other than you, the Real. Realising this truth, this true help, be one with Him and enjoy your own greatness forever.

- OM -

White Ant

         Once I was out for a stroll and became absorbed thinking about the colour white. I had accidentally met one of my well-wishers on the way and even though we were walking in opposite directions we were glad to see each other. We greeted each other, stood chatting on the side of the footpath for a few minutes, and parted with a friendly jest. His smile had relevance for my thoughts about the colour white - between his lips, those beautiful white teeth helped me to solve a problem.

         Now I am going to talk about the thoughts that occurred to me on the way home. White is a symbol of purity, of neatness and peace. In the world we see many people using white, perhaps because they are fond of its auspiciousness. Some spiritually inclined people wear white, but others also. Most rich people like to be seen wearing costly white clothes and ornaments, but in my opinion this colour will only match you if you are clear in heart. If you are clean, if you are empty within, then you are fit for this colour which symbolises harmlessness, neatness and lack of colour. However we generally see that those who wear white are not clean at heart - they are just like white teeth which cannot be trusted by the tongue which can be injured by them at any time.

         When your own white teeth can deceive your tongue, what to say about those greedy people? They are like white ants that eat everything, these white-coated experts. Then how to deal with them? No-one can follow these ants through all their nooks and crannies who is not one themselves, so don’t try. I will tell you the right technique to eradicate this baseless ego wisely and with patience, then all your problems will be solved once and for all.

         Use this strong chemical means - BE EMPTY- at every junction, at every square, but do not disturb these white ants. Give them no reason to feel troubled. Eating this food they will disappear completely and ego will have its end. Thus help your ego to develop the practice of changing its attention from different objects to the one single voidness, the real mind.

         You are just like a movie screen on which so many different stories are seen, but as you know, the screen has nothing to do with the show - it remains unaffected. It is empty, free and changeless. Thus remain empty always, just like the movie screen. When you develop this practice, this meditation, this habit to BE EMPTY with full patience, the ego will finally merge into the empty mind without any trace or shadow. You will be blank, you will be void at all times, and then, devoid of ego, you will see how dramatically all the coverings and attachments have vanished like the early morning mist when the sun comes up. Thus you will realise that you are the pure light, without any ego, objects or creation - one alone. This is divinity - this is godliness and eternal tranquillity. You will see there is no veil in you.

         The creation itself is here only to realise this truth. Develop the habit to stay with the empty mind as much as possible, then you are fit for this spiritual path. I request you all to follow this, the most important duty of life, then you will be free, immortal and eternal. Such a ‘nobody’ is divine, lord of all and the real superman - God Almighty. He is everything and at the same time nothing at all – emptiness. Due to ignorance you are seeing the objects of this creation, but in reality nothing is here except you, the real one.

         It appears that the sky and the ocean are blue but in fact they have no colour. In the same way you see yourself, whom you really do not know, as an object that in fact does not exist in reality. Nothing whatsoever exists in Me, the pure self - no ego, no duality or unity. I am beyond your plus and minus and all your calculations. I am total voidness yet I am roomy and beyond all your imaginings. I am as I am, Supreme - God of none - one alone, beyond expression. Realise this truth as such and enjoy this pure eternal life for ever.

         As I approached my compound my two friendly dogs came to greet me at the gate. Standing on their hind legs they kissed and shook hands. Thus my thoughts were deviated. Now no more thoughts are coming, so for now that’s all I have. Thank you for your kind acceptance.

- OM -

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