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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Thirteen



           This is my time to teach you all. Today I will tell you the right technique which is most essential to realise the truth. First of all, keep your mind clean, because I am in the classroom now where you have come to listen to me, and I see the board, your mind, is full of so much writing. This indicates that so many different teachers have been in this room before and lectured in their own way, but I don’t think I need those other writings or scriptures at all. Past is past. The students are here to listen to me, not the past teachers. I don’t care if those teachings are mere theories or most practical - I don’t need them, and besides they are a fiasco, otherwise you would not be taking the trouble to listen to me here.

         So I am here for my friends who are here willingly to gain something from me. I will do my best to give you a clear concept of truth, and to do that I must be clear cut and your mind must be fresh and clean. If a mirror is full of dust, how can you get a clear vision? Likewise the lens of a camera must be clean to take a clear photo.

         So here I am with this nectar for you all. After receiving this knowledge, if you want to know how to practise, I will teach this also, one by one. With practical experience you will be satisfied perfectly without any doubt forever. I could have written over the previous writings on the board, but there is no point, and besides you may not be able to understand me clearly or read me correctly. Similarly, as long as your mind is covered with other ego-concepts, you will not be able to understand the naked truth of my teachings.

         So, keep your mind clean and let’s keep this board clean also. That is to say, ‘BE EMPTY’ and remove all the ego-coverings both inside and outside your mind. When you are completely empty you will be able to grasp my sayings. Empty alone realises emptiness. When you have empty space for Me, for the eternal Truth, for God who is the highest emptiness, then only you will see Me, thee Real. He is yourself, the one single biggest emptiness. Lord of all and at the same time Lord of none.

         This super emptiness is known as the God of all gods - MAHADEVA (Shiva), Lord Pashupati, the master of ignorant creatures. This Lord of All is always full as well as empty because He is beyond both. So whatever you add or take away from it, is taking place in that super emptiness. He is as He is. In Him there is no change at all. This 'He' is you when you give your ego to this voidness completely.

Editor's note: Lord Shiva, called Mahadeva, the Great God, is also known as Lord Pashupati, master of living beings, and as such is the principal deity of Nepal and is worshipped in the most

                        revered and important temple in Kathmandu.

            So I hope you will give importance to these eternal teachings of mine whole-heartedly. Rest assured that you will definitely see and realise that the same truth is none else but the real you. This is my topmost secret mystery and I am giving this eternal truth, the heart of my heart, to all of you. These practical teachings will take you to liberation; they will make you immortal. You will remain as you are, the unchangeable one. Realising this eternal Truth, be empty and enjoy everlasting bliss for ever.

         Come to Me and have a close look though My eyes, then only you will realise Me. I am neither repletion nor thy empty one. I am just one complete light, thee one. I am eternal, that is why I am ever bright. I am on My own - I am as I am. So let this light be kept as it is. Don’t cover it with your egoistic concepts. Remove all the coverings - don’t let yourself be covered by any objects.

         You think the light is covered, but in fact it is you who are covered. You think the light is covered, but in reality it is not covered. No-one can cover it with anything. It is not an ordinary light that can be covered -  it is the supreme light. It is only your wrong angle that sees it as covered. This is harmful. This outlook is nothing but a thick black ego spot. Dark will see dark alone and can never see light, but neither can light see any dark, this is a universal fact.

         Your latent impressions, different religious and other training, have conditioned you to think you must see and know - that whatever you do, search for or see, every object including yourself, the ego, is real - that this world and this body alone are true. If you are entertaining such concepts, I tell you this is your blunder and the wrong approach. It is the result of your parents’ love and attachment to the world, and of your social, religious, national and international training. It is the consequence of your constant repetition through hearing, thinking, talking about and tasting these unreal objects in every walk of your life. Listen! This is the result of your agreeing and disagreeing with all those things that you come across in your day-to-day life. Thus you consolidate your ego concepts on all sides and make them strong, but in you, the Real Light, there is no ego and there are no coverings whatsoever.

         Now please hear me. You are not the ego or any other object in this creation. You are just pure, pure light only - that eternal light. There are real or unreal worldly objects as such in you. As long as ego is there, creation is there. When you are without ego, clean from all sides, you will see you are that ever-bright, unstained, uncovered, pure light. Clean means clean - no dust particles, no black spot ever in you, the real one. There shouldn’t be anything in you under any condition for ever. That is cleanliness; that is the pure stainless Supreme Light.

         This light has nothing to do with your existence or non-existence. He is always as He is. He neither knows nor doesn’t know about you all and this entire creation. He is highly pure - He is free from all attachments, that is why He is the Lord of all and none. He is above all. That is why He is as He is. This is divinity, this is unity, and this is God.

         So develop this habit patiently not to be affected by anything in this creation. For this you must practise emptiness as much as you can and remain detached. Then you will come to Me at that very moment when you are completely free from all attachments. Thus you will come out pure and realise Me and yourself perfectly without any doubt, and this is the final result of your practice and my teachings.

         So, ‘be empty’ because you are ever empty. I request all of you to rise above this body concept and all attachments. Remain empty, be empty always - but don’t try to make an empty space - no need to try to get emptiness, no ‘trying' business here, no attempts are required. All your actions, reactions and counter-actions have no meaning, no concern with this emptiness. Just be empty and remain as you are - be empty as this emptiness is. It is in you all from the very beginning of life - He is already there with you. There is no such place where He is not. That emptiness is also in you, so do not try to create it. Your created emptiness cannot be real - this is the imagination of ego, and such ‘trying' business cannot be real, cannot be true.

         Your imagination is nothing more than imagination - it is unreal. It is transitory, therefore you are unreal and all your activities are temporary. When your very existence is impermanent and changeable, how can your imagined emptiness be real either? All your mental and physical actions are egotistical and therefore unreal.

         So stop all these activities completely and remain as just that empty space where all the objects and activities are seen. Remain as that space - just that empty space only. Be void. Voidness is not made out of something - it is not created by any creature of this creation. This voidness is Me, this is the Eternal One, there is no change in it, it is as it is from the very beginning. So it is pure, it is real, it is eternal and all pervading. It is neat and naked, the TRUTH - in me as well as you all - one singleton, emptiness.

         You are voidness so remain as you are. This is the most important part of my teachings. This is the job, the most precious job which has been given to you from my side. Do it correctly and understand me clearly. If you are still in doubt, ask me again until you are clear, but you must understand this emptiness thoroughly. If you aren’t clean inside, if you haven’t followed me correctly, you cannot understand this voidness. Without understanding, your practice will be of no use, it will bear no fruit at all and it will be a waste of your time and energy. So know your job correctly because you have to practise and realise this truth by yourself. This is your job, this is not some jest, it is not some Dona's jape¹

¹ Dona's jape - in the original glossary, is given as ‘sweetheart’s joke’.

           This is the sum total of my teachings. This is the gist of the job which has to be done by all of you. You have to realise truth because you want to enjoy reality. Those who practise sincerely and whole-heartedly will reach their goal. So do it today - right now. If you are really here to do it, then do it now, for your lifetime is uncertain and do you must, whether today, tomorrow or in the next life - but you have to if you are really in search of truth. There is no other way out, except by doing. Therefore do it - don’t waste or dwindle away your valuable time.

         So, here are a few fundamental points for your practice:

         1.    Sit for meditation (practice) twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, regularly.

         2.    Practice should be on an empty stomach or if possible three hours after food.

         3.    Your physical system should be clean and fresh - eg. washing, emptying bowels etc.

         4.    Lotus or easy posture with folded legs which is comfortable and whereby one can sit for a longer period without any trouble, will do. 

                The spinal chord should be straight and the arms either straight out resting on the knees without touching the ground, or right palm 

                resting on the left palm just below the navel. Relax your body completely. Corpse posture (lying down with neck supported) is also

                acceptable. Editor's note: TL also said if sitting cross-legged is too difficult, sitting erect with the spine straight, in a chair is also ok.      

            5.    Keep the head tilted slightly forward, but the chin must not press the throat.

         6.    Closed eyes are better for practice, but one can do this with open eyes (it is a bit difficult) also.

         7.    Food that is helpful for practice is the only suitable diet, no other.

         8.    The aspirant can stay or move freely with anyone they like provided that the practice goes smoothly, otherwise this company must be

                given up.

         9.    Visiting places of pilgrimage is fine if you feel it is helpful, otherwise not.

         10.  The best time for practice is whenever one feels to sit and gets more concentration. Sit until you get spiritually intoxicated. There is no

                time limit in this state.

                NOTE:  the four aforesaid points (7 to 10) must be beneficial for your practice. If these things are of no great help in your sitting, don’t

                              be reluctant to ignore them, because practice alone is your life and all.

         11.  Be empty. Mind is an empty space where all the objects are coming, staying and going - you be that. First of all, look inside and there

                you will see that empty space where everything - things and thoughts - are seen. The field in which all the objects are visible is that

                empty space. Thus, ‘Be empty’.

         This external world exists as long as your eyes are open. When the eyelid covers the eye, then sight disappears. Similarly, the inner world of thoughts etc. disappears when you are not attached to it. Look at the life of this transitory creation - no sight, no life. It takes no time do so. Thus within no time you can change your sight from one thing to another. This you are doing every day, so you can also change your ego-sight from the physical to the internal world and thence to voidness for ever. Such is the condition of this fragile life and these unreal, unstable objects in this impermanent creation.

         Knowing this life to be as such, keep your egoistic eyes empty, that is to say, remain unattached to the transitory objects, both inside and outside in this world. Remember you are not those objects which you see. You are the sight, you are the field, you are that empty space where all those objects and their activities are taking place. This field is the Mind. You are that changeless field, that Mind which I have called empty space. This Mind is God, and that (empty) Mind is one, and common to all.

         When you see this emptiness with ego, we call it mind. This name of 'mind' turns into God by itself when there is no ego. Then it is the pure Eternal One - it is void and absolute emptiness only. 

         This Mind is fixed - it is permanent and there is no change in it. Generally however, people say the mind is changing all the time, and religious teachers tell us we must control it. I ask them, why should you control the mind? Mind is fixed, so there is no need to control that which doesn’t change. You can’t do it either, because Mind is God, and God cannot be controlled by you because it is not an object.

         Before my coming here, nearly all the teachers said the mind must be restrained from its movement. They said that to stop the mind moving from one thing to another we should concentrate on a form or formless god. Some have given emphasis to ‘Japa’², or devotion, and others on yoga in one form or another. So here I have some questions: who are you that want to control the mind, and moreover, do you know what the mind is? When you don’t know what this Mind is, and at the same time don’t know who the ‘controller’ is, then who is going to control whom when nothing is known about either of them?

²  japa -n

   repetition of a ‘mantra’ – a sacred name or phrase, often while counting off beads on a rosary or 'mala'.

           This is why their results are so poor, because the theme of these teachings is wrong, and the output of realisation practically zero as long as they want to get victory over the Mind. They think that without controlling the Mind one cannot develop deep concentration and meditation or rise above body-consciousness and have Samadhi - a state of unawareness of all objects and creation. They believe that concentrating the Mind on one particular point or deity is essential until one is absorbed in the deity and both disappear, but I say this is just imagination. I say Mind is eternal - Mind is God and everything. Listen to me - nothing remains in that final state, neither you nor your deity nor your lifelong effort - nothing but Truth - THEE ONE. Therefore nothingness is the supreme god, your mind and all. The point is that except one single Mind-God, there is nothing in this supreme state. What happened to your 'mind-controller' or the imaginary object of concentration? Why should nothing remain? What happened to them? If they were real they should be there in that transcendental state, but I see nothing is existing over there except that one eternal voidness. So that voidness alone is real, all the rest are imaginary, bogus, false notions only.

         Attention please! I tell you that controller is none else but your baseless ego - it is illusion, it is a thick layer of different concepts. It is a bundle of attachments, it is ignorance, so it is ignoble - it is unreal, it is false. False is always false and can never be real, just as darkness cannot exist when there is light. So the idea of a 'mind-controller, your chosen deity and even your life-long effort are just an hallucination.  One single truth, this Mind alone is real. Ego can never control the Mind. How can the unreal control the unreal? This idea is just one more useless trick of the ego.

         Ego is dark and wants darkness always to be there. In the light of Truth, it has to meet its end. Thus the ego seeks to survive and continue enjoying this tricky world which it has created since time unknown by playing its tricky games - so apparently powerful, yet, it cannot stand on its own legs. Its strength depends on the support of Truth and it survives only at the mercy of the Mind. It is jut a puppet - looking so mighty, and yet nothing in the eyes of Truth. Ego has demoralised all, it has hypnotised all from the very beginning, chaining you by its mystic power to follow as if you were its loyal slave, blindly carrying out its orders. I know the strength of this habit to agree with it can hardly be denied. So therefore I ask you to control this ego and merge it into Mind rather than boosting its power by letting it attempt to control the Mind and thus adding one more cover.

         All the different theories and teachings of this ego have no relationship with the Mind. For Mind is Truth, the evergreen Reality. This eternal truth is known in many ways and here it is known to you as Mind, and I am that. Thus I am inside and outside all the forms and formless objects of creation and at the same time I am beyond all, ever aloof, one alone, thee Mind, Lord of none. In Me there is neither a body nor the whole of this creation. If there is something you feel or say - that is only ego’s trick. Rest assured that in Me, the Mind, there is nothing as such that is ever existing. Nothing! Nothing at all - not even ‘nihilism’ is in me! Then what to talk of other gods and goddesses?

         Here you are - neither there will be your mind nor your deity or name on which you were meditating. Now the point is - your ‘habit’. Your habit is to follow ego, so henceforth control this habit - don’t follow ego, follow your Mind. So don’t have faith on any external or internal objects that you see or feel. Stop believing in those objects, which are nothing more than illusion. Be free from the clutch of this ego and its tricky teachings. This is only possible when you develop the habit to follow Mind and not to believe those ego objects totally.

         My friend! Listen, I tell you the fact, so please observe my sayings minutely. In reality you are nothing, all these objects are nothing and this entire creation is nothing. I, this empty Mind, am also one complete Supreme voidness only. This alone is changeless and all the rest are changeable and therefore unreal. Thereby, don’t try to control your Mind which is empty already, but ‘be empty’. Develop this habit, close your eyes and look inside - there you will see empty space. That field may be dark and black for you at the beginning, but just remain as it is, this darkness where objects come and go in empty space. You are that empty space. Be that emptiness. Develop this habit to be that as much as you can at all times, and develop it gradually every day.

         This is not a one day job - you are not going to get the result in no time. Listen, from the very beginning of life you have been called by the name given to you by your parents, and this habit has been helped a lot by relatives, friends and society to call you by that name. After so many countless repetitions, let anyone call your name and you will respond. What I want to tell you is this - that just as you have developed the habit to accept this name, in the same way develop your habit to be this voidness. When this habit has matured you will realise that you are no longer what you think you are, except voidness. Then you will see the whole creation is going on in you. Thus you will clearly see that voidness alone is real and all the rest unreal.

         So, change your habit, that’s all. Change your habit from unreal ego to the real Mind. Turn your face totally from ego to Mind. This is how you must practise with all your will if you want immortality, the ultimate Truth. Do it without fail. I have said what I had to say, now it’s up to you, it’s your turn and it’s your time and will.

         So do whatever you are willing to do. Do as you like - do as you wish. You have full liberty with yourself to do whatever you want with yourself. This is all I have for this time. Now it is time for refreshment. Enjoy your refresher and my master-key, this ‘passe-partout'³ at the end.

         Thank you.

- OM -

³ passepartout /ˌpæspɑːˈtuː/ · n.

archaic: a master key

ORIGIN C17: from Fr., lit. ‘passes everywhere’.

Quasar /ˈkweɪ.zɑːr/ - n.

shining so brightly that they eclipse the ancient galaxies that contain them, quasars are distant objects powered by black holes a billion times as massive as our sun

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