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can not be an object

         In order that my teachings will not create any confusion or wrong conceptions for you with this outlook, I am here again with a few lines for the benefit of real practitioners.

         Owing to ‘forty winks’ people may have some doubt about my sayings. They may wonder how my guidelines could prove to be better than those of other teachings that exist already if they still have to get hold of an object (Mind) again.

         Those previous objective teachers and their descendants in the modern age, remaining within the boundaries of their own religious concepts, prescribe prejudicial techniques. They give a variety of images according to the taste of their rich and powerful disciples, just to please them and to have their business done by them. Such deceitful instructions, given by so-called authorised religious teachers, are creating an objective outlook in whosoever comes under their clutches. Prescribing different images of their choice, they tactfully handle their blind followers and ask them to concentrate on one object and to bring back their scattered minds from worldly objects. This habit has developed so much in society that this world has turned into a fool’s paradise, and the eternal truth remains far away.

         Therefore, oh my good heart, please pay attention to my sayings and very carefully concentrate on my practical technique. I have asked you all just to give up completely all objects, and not to use any image - which is also an object. For no such objects can be contained in my teachings - this I have definitely and repeatedly said again and again. Once you have been asked, for the good of all, to completely get rid of all objects that are only helpful to ego, it means to go beyond the images that are made out of these objects.

         Fire away with the field of all objects - this one single ‘Mind’. You know that Mind is the only cause and location of bondage and liberation. By nature it is the source of all objects including ego, that is why Mind, this inexpressible voidness is next to God. Even this I am only saying to explain and give you a clear conception of this 'Mind' - emptiness. For when you come to this height in practice you will automatically understand what Mind is, and then you will also proclaim that Mind as such only exists in the eyes of ego. When ego no longer exists as such, you will clearly comprehend that mind is nothing else than the imaginary, mendacious product of ego, because there is no such object which can be called ‘mind’ at the ultimate height of that experience. When there is no ‘brain-teaser’ (ego), there can be no mind also. No ego means no mind, for who is there to say whether mind exists or not?

         In this transcendental state, where nothing exists but one single truth, how can one describe mind and its existence? Mind will automatically disappear along with the ego, just as the blueness of water disappears when we look closely. Thus the forenoon of Eternal Truth forges ahead only when nothing remains there.

         So you are all requested to go ahead and practice continually until you cross the barrier of ego completely. The base of all - Mind, this super voidness - will be realised without a realiser It is One alone at all times. It is the one you can see distinctly through your third eye. This real, single, eternal truth alone is the only destination of all real seekers, and the source of creation from the very beginning.

         The output of this egoistic imagination, this whole creation, lives off the fat of the land in its own dreamworld, just like a fragile amoeba inside the mother’s womb. So you are requested to have practical experience because to blame or condemn something without tasting it first is nothing but ignorance. I ask you again and again not to doubt my teachings because my techniques are quite different to others if you observe my sayings and compare them in practice.

         To gain practical knowledge of eternal truth requires great patience and dedication. Mind is just like a television screen on which pictures are shown, but it has nothing to do with the show. In the eyes of common egoistical people it appears that the screen produces the show; that the screen comes, stays and goes with the pictures and changes all the time. In the same way so many objects are seen within the mind, but in reality it is definitely separate from all those changeable things that exist only in the eyes of the deluded world.

         Reality will come into the picture only when the aspirant travels far beyond the ego, the world and its objects. For when travelling without ego and looking carefully into the Mind, one will understand clearly that all the objects or pictures are definitely separate from the empty screen, - the Mind. Yet mendacious creations, in the eyes of the ego, are finely drawn from the very beginning on top of this Mind. This Mind, this screen, has no attachment whatsoever with any objects at any time. Aspirants will realise that the absence of ego means no mind; there is only one single eternal truth - GOD. Practical experience alone will give great confidence to the seeker, who will proclaim that Mind is not a worldly substance, and that it is beyond all objects.

         In the eyes of the ego alone, mind exists, otherwise, in its absence there is no mind. In reality, Mind is nothing but the supreme voidness - Thee Heavenly Ye - GOD. Due to super-imposition of this ego, creation is unable to understand this hidden truth and calls it ‘mind’. But Mind, this super-emptiness, is beyond all action.  Yet modern teachers continue to exploit the simple world with the ancient techniques of previous teachers who preach the control of mind and concentration on an object, the image of their chosen deity. Thus the variety of different religions arise in the world whose hypocritical and absurd teachings do not solve the complicated problem of this mind. What those teachers say is not correct because they repeatedly tell you to have attachment for some object, whereas I ask you to go beyond all objects, this creation, and your own ego.

         So develop this habit to look into this Mind, this emptiness. Turn your outlook from objective to subjective - supreme voidness, the base and substratum of all upon which objects are seen. Dive deep within yourself, be detached from all the objects completely, both those you see within you and without. Once the ego is acclimatised to looking into this Mind, this emptiness, then this practice will lead the seeker to real knowledge of this voidness.

         Then aspirants will understand distinctly that their chosen image, world religions and all objects are separate from the voidness, this Mind. This is the only great problem that ego has to solve. Let ego put on a bold face and come to this egoless height to be wholly convinced and for the aspirant to be able to realise Truth. All the exaggerated concepts about the objects of the world and your ego will vanish for ever, on the spur of the moment, when you will realise this super voidness, Mind.

         Enlightened souls remain in a dead faint about creation at this stage. Such a person of clear perception will announce, “I am no more ego - there is no mind or worldly objects for me over here.” Thus all realised souls declare that in the absence of ego, mind automatically turns into one super voidness. This eternal emptiness - Truth, is known as the God of all.

         Sorry to take you back to the height of ego, but please listen attentively to my sayings. From this angle, from inside and within the field of ego, you see there is mind because in the eyes of ego there is always mind. Hopefully you have now understood how mind originates only for the world of egoism; and this concept of mind should be quite clear - that no ego means no mind. When you go beyond this brain-teaser, this ego, there is none to assume anything about mind, nor to say whether mind is there or not. At the same time, there is no-one to hear you there because except for you, the Real, the One Single Truth, there is none.

         When this futile ‘in-the-go’ ego exists no more, it means knower (ego), knowledge (objective concepts), and knowable (mind) disappear automatically and completely for ever.

         Hope you are quite clear now that no ego means no mind. For this final emancipation different religious faiths have given their own names accordingly as their own concepts allow, because this super voidness is beyond the tongue - the language and sight of all.

         When you wake up from these worldly objects, deity and mind and all the concepts of your ego will fly away without leaving any trace forever, like the dream world that vanishes when you awake. This way you will awaken into eternal truth and you will be one single eternal voidness; this is god-realisation. This supreme consciousness alone is real. This is 'THOU ART THAT' -  and my BED CROW.

         Hope this discourse on such a complicated problem will be a great help to you. Realise this inexpressible supreme truth - Mind - which is beyond the reach of all the egoistical objects of creation. Although nothing exists in the infinite, yet this vast creation appears to survive in the eyes of the completely unconscious ego. How ego enjoys this world of dream without being conscious of the eternal reality is the greatest mystery of all jugglers’ jokes. This is how this illusive creation is going on - this transitory world and the fantastic lives of all - this ego enjoying its intoxicating dream - in this dream sleep from the very beginning of creation.

         Thus you are asked again and again to wake up from this dream consciousness, from this sleep, and to realise reality, this eternal beauty that you are. But pity, for the people of this dream world don’t want to detach themselves - they are enjoying their attachment off and on in the form of pleasure and pain. They don’t want to be deprived of their objects - they are afraid of death, and at the first sign of any trouble they hold on tightly to their objects of enjoyment, grasping the objects of their attachment. Thus they try their utmost to get rid of inevitable death by clinging to their mortal life, but alas, without warning cruel death always comes, opening its dreadful jaws to swallow every creature without mercy, one by one, regardless of their attachments.

         This is happening every second in this vast creation. Nobody knows when death will come and knock at their door, for there is no certainty or guarantee in this egoistic life. We may have to face death at any time, but even then, poor self-centred, ignorant people full of ego move and sink into their dream world as if they were immortal. This is a great mystery. People know well that one day they must die and leave aside everything they possess. There is only one escape and that is self-realisation. To get everlasting peace one must conquer death, and this is possible only when you come to Me. To come to Me, practice is essential and to feel one’s way leading a practical life - because the fat is in the fire! Face up to every problem on your way, and with complete patience, put a bold face on, just for the hell of it!

         Advance sincerely with all your might, and there is no doubt that you will be rewarded. Firm determination will help you to ‘put your foot down’ (be decisive) and will ‘force the hand’ (compel) your ego to take time by the forelock on the path of self-realisation! Thus lead a practical life and feel your way forward, advancing with caution until the final destination is reached. On the spur of the moment, when you wake up, you will realise that you are Me, all alone, and at the same time you will know the real truth that there is no difference between yourself and Myself, - God. This is how real aspirants reveal the truth. They see distinctly, without seeing, this whole creation within themselves - and realise that all exists because of them.

         They realise that this entire creation and all its objects are none other than him/herself, one single truth, and at the same time they perceive that they are changeless, all-pervading Eternity, beyond and above all. Again, they see that this whole creation has never in fact been created in them at all - this they see quite vividly. Thus they energetically proclaim, “I am everything for everyone and nothing for no-one, and in reality I alone am surviving as I am from time unknown. This is what it is - my own practical experience.”

         Now you are all asked to get cracking without losing any more valuable time, because a tried and true path alone is always excellent. Come out for practice, be a practical person, then you will enjoy Me - the all-pervading voidness, Mind. This omnipotent super voidness is your everything, and this intuitive science of Self is none other than you - the Real. Thus realising yourself to be the Lord of All, this inexpressible Supreme Being, your mission in life will be fulfilled.

         Now listen! I have already said that no objects ever exist in Me. Your ignorance about these worldly objects and this unreal dream creation have nothing to do with Me, the Truth, because they are never in Me. So, my good dreamers! Give up your ego completely and come out from this sleep if you want to realise Me. The seekers of Truth walk on their own path of practical knowledge. Don’t walk in others’ footprints, make your own way, because God has provided you with everything you need. Nothing is lacking at any time. Thus you are no less than any incarnation in this world. Give up everything including your own ego. Don’t have attachment to any objects of this creation. Rise above your egotistical concepts and be free, that is to say - be empty, be natural - remain as you are since time unknown to time unknown. Unnaturalness brings change, it produces life and death and is therefore unreal. So get rid of this untruth - be void, be empty - and this way wake up completely.

         Once you are completely empty you will realise the Truth. If you need any help, make use of this book - BED CROW - and thus gain practical knowledge. That is all for this time. Good luck, and thank you.

- OM -

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