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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Sixteen

Pointed Peace

         Through analytical approach we have come to the conclusion that there are two different kinds of outlook. One is subjective (egoless) and the other is objective (egoistic). The subjective view can be developed in an objectified person only after changing the objective habits into subjective.

         Let us see this creation from subjective angle minutely. While observing we can find out that this huge planet is no more than a grain of sand within this amazing creation. We are an inhabitant of this world - of this body, and yet our ego which foists itself to be something real has no real existence at all. Looking at this incredible play of unbeknown Truth, we get confused and lost in every step of our life. But this course of eternal voidness will have no end as long as creation exists.

         Now, let me change the subject matter for your astonishment! Please listen to this attentively. You know a single thought wave can drift you (the ego) away forcefully to an unknown destination. This wave is yours, but what a pity, you don’t know what you are or how you are functioning. Isn’t it interesting! When this supernatural power is residing in your brain cabin twenty-four hours a day, apparently under lock and key under the heavy guard of your ego, even then this energy of energy, this null and void superman, escapes every time very smoothly from your hold.

         This eternal peace is ever free from the very beginning. Unbeknown to this Truth, your baseless, mortal ego blindly ventures to grab this immortal, supreme self which is no other than yourself, the real fountain of PEACE. Is it not ridiculous to see such an egoistic mass of people ever having dreams as such?

         I tell you - all the creatures are nothing more than puppets of this super power. If you want to know this truth, practise changing your objective habits into subjective ones. One day, when you have realisation, you will comprehend my truthfulness. Then you, the pure self, will be overwhelmed with eternal peace. Such a person is known as the son of God. To protect this suffering world, time and again such peace lovers incarnated as saviours in different places. In connection with this I would like to tell you something about a few such incarnations in Nepal, my motherland.

         According to Hindu mythology, people believe that the immortal supreme lord, base and first incarnation of eternal peace - the King of Yoga, Lord Shiva - incarnated in Nepal and selected Kailash Parwat (Mt. Kailash) on which to dwell. Egoistic people with objective outlook presume that Mt. Kailash is somewhere in the Himalayas, but I am sure these limited objective eyes will fail to find the dwelling place of Lord Pashupati (Shiva) until the truth is realised. Lord Shiva, the real source of Peace, resides within every pulsation of every creature. This is the beauty of this innate Peace - the dweller of Mt. Kailash.

         Next, I would like to mention King Janaka (Mithila Naresh) and his daughter, the Goddess Sita (consort of Lord Rama), from Janaka Pur Dham, which is one of the holiest places in Nepal and one of the sacred places of Hinduism. It is in the eastern part of Nepal, near the Indian border.

         In the same way, the symbol of peace, Lord Buddha incarnated in Lumbini, which is also in Nepal. The son of King Suddhodhana, the sin-free Buddha made Lumbini the holiest of holies for Buddhists in this world. The Buddha has sent his message of peace to the world these last 2500 years and his innovative teachings have spread far and wide. Still, even in this modern scientific age, countless aspirants and people of different religions revere Him.

         Thus peace lovers incarnated from time to time in this country. Seeing the desperate train of this modern world, Bed Crow also determined to take this daring step to provide peace to all the creatures suffering under the tight security of dreadful ego.

         Also, I am not unaware of this truth that the real seekers of Peace will definitely one day have success, penetrating this panic-stricken network of the imbecilic ego, soon after this realistic means of peace has been brought into being.

         This egoistic world is covered densely by the mist of ignorance, but this baseless mist will certainly vanish without leaving any trace as soon as this most energetic message of peace, this sun, rises up from the east and starts spreading its light on the earth.

         Bed Crow points out that creatures are here in this world to stay for a moment, then depart, just like the waves of the sea come and go. Though objectively all the waves look different, subjectively and as a whole they are all water. Similarly all creatures here are nothing else than One Single Eternal Peace. This is my analogy and a clear concept about this eternal reality. With this truth, the world can very easily perceive the broad spiritual ray that leads to oneness. In addition to this, Bed Crow implies that the whole of creation and every individual are within the zone of peace. Hence, all should come to this height, the highest altitude of peace. This is a token of generosity and extensive love to the world.

Another important aim in the growth of ‘Bed Crow’ is to transplant its message of peace against the violation of ego that has really frightened this present world.

         It is a known truth that the real self of all is One Single Peace, yet Bed Crow further makes known that you and the world will be cast out from peace the moment you take the side of the pleader - your own ego that is always attached with its objects. This is how your own objectified habits alone bring you trouble for nothing, one after another. Such destructive habits gradually encircle you, entrapping you inside their network of pain and sufferings and throw you miserably into the jaws of death again and again.

         Thus objective habits create havoc and a haze of momentary happiness in the beginning, but which in the long run prove to be a life-hazard - leaving you and the world in a mess.

         In this modern age, the tendency of the egoistic world is bent heavily towards delusive objects with the advancement of science and technology. Such an objectified habit is getting worse and worse day by day, and is proving to be a headache for all. Like a chronic virus infection, it is rapidly spreading like a global epidemic. To get rid of this life-threatening mental disease is the vital problem for which people are seeking help.

         Looking at this pathetic scene and hearing such painful cries for help, how can a man of peace remain silent without extending his hand for support? The service of mankind is always worth doing, so I have introduced ‘Bed Crow’, the only remedy that can eradicate this disease and save the suffering world. This valuable nugget should be used properly by one and all to revive and enjoy a peaceful life. This nectar that can cure the suffering, I know, will one day set an example for the world without fail. Bed Crow expresses a unique and hearty message of PEACE, the power of eternal truth that is really extraordinary. Thus Bed Crow’s stand to make such a vital transformation will be glorified by citizens of the world in the near future. There is no doubt about it.

         Hope the wise world will agree with the theme of Bed Crow and accept this new step for peace that has sprouted sprucely.

         Spreading peaceful light for the betterment of the human race, let Bed Crow remain evergreen like our lofty Mt Everest (Sagarmatha) forever. 

         Thank you for your acceptance.


         Look at this end - this no-man’s game. I am He, You, and Thee - so altogether ‘No-Body’ I am. I am the one who enjoys, without enjoying, this game. Have a look at My mysterious creation. My mystic way is really interesting. Without creating anything, I have created everything. I am the funniest one. When you realise my fun, you will see that I am inside every molecule everywhere, and at the same time this entire creation is within me - yet nowhere am I. This is the green light of My sovereignty. I alone am duality, in My majestic singularity. This is My personality, but I am always that incredulous duality for those unable to realise this reality. This is the credibility of Mind Almighty - and I am the most incredible dullard. Know this fact, that without any factory, this entire creation is my productivity. Hypocrites who impose with virtuosity, I have kept under a huge hypnosis. This is My diplomacy. This is why the creation of ego is always in squalor.

         Stop! Don’t follow ego! Stop it! Otherwise you will be crazy. As ego itself is rickety, so it has made the world shaky. This is its cruelty. Don’t be negligent. Hurry up! Follow your 'Mind' - empty 'Mind' is truth; it is Real in Reality. This is the peculiarity of my teachings; this is My extraordinary beauty - I am that Mind - I am empty. This is the only teaching that will help you to come to Me and enjoy my tranquillity.

         I think I have explained to you about reality and unreality also. This is My purity. The configuration of this secret creation is congenial to the context of this book, and its conclusion. It is full of heart for you. This is My chastity. This is My serenity.

         O my heart! Real majesty! O bestowal of nectar! You eternal truth! Wonderful master of the mystery! Please bless all for their liberty as they request You humbly - not to proscribe, but to convert them all into You, because all want to be one with You.

         I know you are NO MAN - you are really NO BODY - EMPTY - EMPTINESS. Thanking you again and again, I would like to close this chapter. Have faith, all my good friends. I am EGO-CUTTER.  NO BODY I am.  EMPTY I am.

         Goodbye for this time. Wish you all best of luck. OM…OM…OM…

- OM –


B-ewildered brain of de-B

E-ntered ewe earth on exact ev-E

D-readful disaster dismayed dea-D

C-racking crap crown with classi-C

R-ekindle you rounded-up rejoinde-R

O-n owl-light of an ova desperad-O

W-inding the wave of worldly ro-W

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