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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Three

Illusive Ego

        Ego always wants to move in space to find the end of this endless cosmos, like a balloon flying randomly high in the sky, to assert its supremacy.  This is the nature of ambitious ego.  It always tries to take the highest position in this dream world.  This attitude of ego is known to all in every field of life.  Ego climbed the highest peak, Mt. Everest.  Ego dived to the bottom of the ocean and flew into space to explore the planets with its own invented science and technology.  But it is doubtful that this kind of objective research will ever help to find the Truth.

        As long as ego is extroverted it will be lost somewhere in this vast, mysterious creation.  Just like a drop of water in the desert.  This is why sandman¹, this ego, is always on the wrong track, and why it is always in trouble.  It thinks its search for peace is one hundred percent, but if it were the right approach there wouldn't be a bundle of worries revolving in its head.  It should be happy as a sandboy².

¹  sandman - n. (the sandman) a fictional man supposed to make children sleep by sprinkling sand in their eyes.

²  sandboy - n. (in phr. (as) happy as a sandboy) extremely happy or carefree.
ORIGIN prob. orig. denoting a boy hawking sand.

        Now listen to Me, if you really want to find peace, turn your face away from these objects and come to Me.  Get inside, be introverted - search for this TRUTH within, and then you will be ever happy because you will realise eternity.  This Truth alone is the one single unchangeable, eternal happiness and everlasting eternal peace.

         Ego is nothing more than a mirage that imposes itself to be something real.  This is its ignorance and wrong conception.  This unreal habit rides on desire and is ever restless to achieve Truth - from the very beginning and on through all the different aspects of life. Everything and everyone you see in this world, renowned or notorious - all are but this one single ego.  Ego's endless desire for objects leads him down to ruin where the consequence is always death without peace.  This horrific desire compels him to rotate in this cycle of birth and death again and again to fulfil his endless wants.  Ego's actions create pain.  Because of its competitive activity, the modern scientific brain is automatically heading towards devastation and destruction - and ego is the major cause.  One day the hurricane of desires which has entrapped the whole world will be swallowed in its own deadly flame of development.  Following this trend, it will finally collapse like a sandcastle.

         Thus you can get a clear picture of ego and its destructive destination. Owing to these painful activities, whoever welcomes ego in their walk of life is facing problems.  Ego, the root cause of pleasure and pain, has created this world of duality for its existence.  It is always in favour of change because without it, it can't survive.  Ego has no existence in the eyes of Truth, that is why it is so unstable.  To enjoy its own world, ego creates misunderstanding in all the creatures. Thus it welcomes all sorts of problems for nothing, one after another, wholeheartedly.

         Ego is the one who, dwelling with all the creatures, creates different complexities - its habit to enjoy complication brings life as well as death, just like the mother spider becomes the prey of her own babies. Conversely, we also see big fish surviving on smaller ones.

         This fantastic play of ego is really interesting because its every mood is verisimilitude³.  Ego produces countless desires in many forms, creating problems and their solutions with every breath in this world.  Introducing this hallucination, ego is running its network in a vast universe of competition - all in the name of Truth, puzzling the world with imaginary effort.

³  verisimilitude - n. 

the appearance of being true or real.
DERIVATIVES verisimilar adj.
ORIGIN C17: from L. verisimilitudo, from verisimilis 'probable', from veri (genitive of verus 'true') + similis 'like'.

         Ego's illusory mystery will eventually melt away like an ice doll into formless form. This duality and unity of baseless ego's poor dream will dissolve without leaving any trace of its existence when it comes to Me, the one eternal Truth. I am the natural heat that melts the ego.  Without the realiser, one single Truth is realised, the ultimate victory of all - that ego is Myself, the one, inexpressible divinity. Being one with this naked truth, ego, the most dreadful life-taking poison, turns into immortal nectar.

        This real victory is the only worthy achievement of a sincere and dedicated ego.  However, for the rest who fail to climb to this height, this Reality, this Eternity is really too far, and they will not be able to realise this One Single Truth, - it will always be beyond their imagination.  Duality will overcome them and trap them in its sweet but poisonous embrace.  This is how in the chain of life and death, this panic cycle - this punishment and torture - egoistic people will pass on through different forms until they reach Me, the one single omnipresent Truth. Meanwhile those hypocrites and worldly people will remain in the swampy ditches of their dream.

         Ego, that for nothing imposes superiority over others in all fields of competition, always tries to achieve the highest objects of this creation.  Its target is name and fame, and for this it is prepared to die. Its attachment to the world yields only punishment from beginning of life to the end.  When a desired object is obtained there is pleasure for but a moment before it changes automatically and naturally into pain. Unlimited wants inevitably bring attachment and detachment in the normal course of change. Nevertheless, such an ego game, so full of pain and pleasure, eventually helps to uplift one from this monstrous world to the eternal truth.

         Many feel embarrassed at their condition, but only a few try their best.  Those who try continually will get out of this whirlpool and reach Me at the end.  But those who, being attached to worldly objects, cannot strive hard, will sooner or later have to face humiliation.  Ego thus experiences both psychological and spiritual death as long as it is attached to the objects of the world.

         Hence, Oh you ego of the world!  Get victory over the unreal life in the war of mortality and be liberated.  Salvation will be your great achievement.  Please listen to Me patiently and I will tell you the real technique for your betterment.  In this war of truth one must give up one's desires completely and forever.  This detachment will be like armour for you in this game of the life and death of ego.

         In the name of God, for the sake of Truth, if you rely on My words you will never face defeat as you do away with every worldly object one by one.  Practise sincerely and there is no question that you will not be successful.  There is no way out except this, so if you are really hankering for the eternal truth, if you want to win and quench your eternal thirst - give up your ego and come to Me.  Thus you will certainly be one with Me permanently, without fail.

         Hope you got Me and My sayings.  Cope with this changeable world in this way. Go on trying, and then you will be able to reveal the eternal Truth. Your dedication and complete surrender are the real pay-back of this victory.

         Ego has no existence in Me, that's why you are never needed. That is why your egoistic search will never find Me and its unnecessary efforts will never have concrete results. From time unknown I have warned you to give up ego which can never bear the fruit of Eternal Truth.

         Once again I would like to draw your attention to My sayings. Erase your ego -  rise high above to eradicate it.  Be empty completely. Go beyond all kinds of attachment forever - then without doubt you will come to Me. Those egos who do not wish to hear will be deprived of Me for as many cycles of birth and death as they exist. This negligence can only pay in terms of painful birth and death in this creation.

         Ego thinks it is really something very important - the most precious one. This imaginary imagination is no more than a 'nasty nattle dream', the source of this delusive creation in which ego plunges its head again and again into pleasure and pain. The moment you are free from ego you will realise that you are none else than Me, the one single Truth.

So rise above this frantic egoistic feeling always - only then will you gain this spiritual knowledge and will realise Me the Real. This is the truth.  There is no speck of doubt in My sayings.  If ego will try to understand Me correctly, this truthfulness of Mine will prove to be of great benefit in his search for Me, the one single Truth. This eternal Truth is My divinity.

         Wake up!  Please get up!  So I ask you all to wake up thoroughly once and for all from your delusive dream land of intoxicated ego, and be free forever.  In reality, freedom is your life and this truth is My serenity.  I am ever free - ego and its creation are never in Me.  Yet I am with you all the time, both inside and outside your creation, equally equal, without any change - this is My beauty. I am very nigh with you, closer even than 'yourself' - this is My sanctity.

         I am not visible to you, the ego, because of your defective sight.  The moment you cross over this limitation with your own effort there is no question that you will not be one with Me, Thee Truth - this is My eternal law and beauty. I alone am this whole creation, ONE without a second ever. This mysterious creation of yours is My trance; this tranquillity is My purity. Realise this truth in practice and remain happy for ever.

- OM -

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