Be Empty

The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Four



         No body I am. In Me nothing is right and nothing is wrong. I do not take or refuse your oblations. No-one can make me fall asleep or awake under any condition. I am not within your something, nothing and beyond. Who says I am omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent?  No! No! I am not anybody’s imagination. I am not the beginning or end of anyone.  In Me there is no-one, nor their functions.  Any sort of action, counter-action or reaction is also never in Me.  I am neither one, two, nor beyond.  You say I am the Supreme One alone - no, no, not at all!  Don’t presume - your words are not the final destination. 

         Listen! In Me there is no delusion and there is nothing you can call by name. You can’t get Me through your sight or sound and all. I am nowhere, therefore none of your pious or other activities can lead to Me. This is my challenge - refute My sayings if you can. I am neither within or without nor beyond your limitations. You think you have practised meditation and all, so I must give you liberation. This is your wrong conception if you think that with your libation God will get intoxicated! Still you are within your imaginary imagination if you think this.

         Listen! I am not in your pleasure and pain and beyond. This is your own creation. I am not bound, I am not ‘bonny bonus’ all around. I am soundless sound. I am not made of any material or abstract objects in your creation. So I am not ‘zu’lu of your yule’, because in Me there is never any duality or unity. None of you have created me; I am on my own.  Hence, I am as I am - this is what I am - Empty I am - Nobody I 



         Come to Me, I am omnipotent "OM”. In Me there is no room, yet I rove all alone in My universal form without movement. Some use Me as their holy gong and others apply Me as an atom bomb. But in fact I am none. I am alone. I am “OM”, the Supreme One beyond right and wrong. In Me there is no ‘will-o-the-wisp’¹. It is My eternal song, OM - I am OM. I am neither queen’s comb nor anyone’s tomb. Shortest sweetcake I am thy son, longest longeron², I am thy sun. But in reality I am the mono-syllable OM-OM-OM.

¹ will-o’-the-wisp - n.
1 a phosphorescent light seen hovering or floating at night on marshy ground, thought to result from the combustion of natural gases.
2 a person or thing that is difficult or impossible to reach or catch.
ORIGIN C17: orig. as Will with the wisp, the sense of wisp being ‘handful of (lighted) hay’.

² longeron /ˈlɒndʒərən/  - n. a longitudinal structural component of an aircraft’s fuselage.
ORIGIN C20: from Fr., lit. ‘girder’.


         An eyeball is very small compared to a football, but the lens of the retina is bigger than this whole creation. Because of Me such big objects are seen within its circle, and except Me there is none who sees all the objects through that lens. I alone am He who governs and keeps this entire manifestation.  Inside My third eye I see this vast creation, fathomless, and in it countless universes  and so many other things coming, staying and going.  Another vital point is this - I see this entire creation to be just like particles of dust, floating in Me. Thus you realise the biggest and the smallest form of Mine as such, and beyond this I am one alone without any creation.  Now realise My mystic walk and be happy - freely.


         Come to Me where there is no coming and going.  You will see Me without eyes and will hear Me without ears.  On that day when you are tired of this worldly good and bad,  just lift yourself up, up above the ego.  Then you will taste Me without taster.  You will know I am beyond sweet and sour, tasteless taste.  Taste Me this way and remain happily.


           Come to Me.  Without doubt you will understand correctly that there is neither creation, preservation nor dissolution in Me ever.  Those who are full of faith will also observe that thinker and thought are never in Me.  Thus rejoice in My doubt-free nature forever and be happy.


           The knower of truth understands clearly that I am not the knower, knowledge or known.  In Me there is no desire, anger, pride or greed; no false feeling of bondage or liberation.  There is no beginning or end, no time or space, no pious acts, no holy place, no God - in Me at any time.  I am empty ‘free man’.  Know this eternal happiness and enjoy eternity.


           Know that I am the superman of this creation.  For devotees I am their devotion. I am the ruler who rules the nation. I am father, mother and all relations.  The beating heart of all the creatures proves the whole creation is My incarnation.  Everything is governed by Me and all of it is My own nation. He who understands this notion is fit to be called the Father of Heaven. Without walking he will cross the vast ocean.  Those who do not take my words to be mere fiction will come to realise Me without any reason.  Know Me, the Omnipresent One to be your own self, and enjoy supremacy happily.


           I am saturation, therefore dissolution takes place in Me.  Sard¹ I am, so for all, everywhere, I am the most important.  Because of My serenity at all times, creation is going on and on.  Third-eyed Truth am I, while untruth, blinded by superimposition, is searching for me everywhere.  I am savage for the brutal and knowledge for the wise.  I am dedication for the devotee.  I am both God as well as demon, thus I am in your hell and heaven. I am denouement² for this creation.  I am far beyond - beyond your imagination.  I am your hallucination as well as your realisation.  All are My incarnations in this universal form.  I am the most powerful destruction among all demolitions.  You are a rambler therefore all your calculations, though taking place in Me, are wrong.  In fact I am everything for everyone and nothing for none.  That’s why they all say ‘hallelujah’, because I am as I am.

¹  sard /sɑːd/ - n. 

a yellow or brownish-red variety of chalcedony.
ORIGIN ME: from Fr. sarde or L. sarda, from Gk sardios, prob. from SardZ ‘Sardinia’

² denouement /deɪˈnuːmɒn/ - n. 

the final part of a play, film, etc. in which matters are explained or resolved.
ORIGIN C18: Fr. dénouement, from dénouer ‘unknot’.

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