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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Six



         Whoever will know Me thoroughly will see that there is no illusion or its effect in Me.  I am not the Lord of separate soul, of this world or any creation.  Supreme God with form or formless I am not, the way that people usually think.  Therefore neither meditator, meditation nor the object of meditation am I.  Neither knowledge nor ignorance and its effects have existed in Me since time unknown.  Your ego with intellect can never get Me because I am beyond everything.  Know Me as such and be always happy.


         When you realise that both the microcosm and the macrocosm, devotion to the divine, the fruit of action, the two states of ego - one for bondage, the other for liberation and its means of attainment - that all these aspects of ignorance and wisdom are not at all in Me; when you are free of all thoughts - you will know Me to be ever free and you will enjoy this eternal freedom.


         Shame! Ego fooled you and easily trapped you inside the egg when you agreed with it whole-heartedly.  The function of the ego and its erroneous concepts give birth to this egoistic world and play a perishable role.  Therefore turn your face away from all objects and be subjective always.  This simple-looking technique will solve all your complicated problems for ever.  I am your only solution.  Know this changeless truth and come to Me.


         The concept of ‘I’ and ‘my’ uproots the soul and makes it separate.  This must be destroyed forever.  As long as any concept remains you will not be fully empty.  Be sure that in this condition you will know nothing about Me, the Supreme Absolute Being.  Therefore always remain empty without concepts and make yourself fit to come to Me, the supreme, undifferentiated, formless form of God, and remain happy.


         When you see that you are beyond creation and yet you are everything, you will understand that you are not affected by any good or bad qualities or actions.  In you there is no anguish or need for solace.  Again you will see that the very idea of this mask, this ego, has nothing to do with you the real, and then you will know clearly that there is never any thought in you.  Thus, being carefree from the fear of duality, remain firm and happy.


         Concept is the only cause of creation. Ego, world, mind, soul, God and all other objects are the product of concept.  Whoever is without concept will come to Me.  He is wise who gives up all concepts.  Therefore, rise above all the unreal concepts.  This ego is the root cause of concept.  No ego means no concept - then there is no world, no reason, no contemplation, no separate soul, no enquiry about anything - or God.  The ego is like the son of a barren woman.  This being so, live without concept.  When this habit matures in you, you will realise that all concepts are really nothing but one truth.  This truth is none other than your Self, the Supreme Absolute Being.  Know that I am with and without concept, and above.  Realise Me beyond meditation and enjoy eternal Leo.


         When you realise Me - that I am one and all, all in all - your mission in life will be fulfilled; your coming and going will have an end.  You will know clearly that all pleasures are My pleasure, and that all pains are My pain.  Thus knowingly known, all separate souls will be one and liberated.  Know My mysterious mystic this way and be always happy.


         Once I had a reverie that it was drizzling when I went to a bus stop.  There I saw a man lying unconscious, drenched in water and lying on the wet sidewalk beneath an electricity pole.  A few people with fear in their eyes were looking at him helplessly.  They didn’t venture to help - perhaps they knew he was suffering from an electric shock.  Electricity cannot be seen but it can be felt on contact.  I assumed that the electric current had been leaking and passed down this wet pole to the ground and caught this man by surprise.

         In the meantime an ambulance arrived and he was taken to the hospital without delay.  My bus came and I went inside and took a seat as it started off towards my destination. But my mind started to move with different thoughts even faster than the wheels of the bus. Now I am recollecting those thoughts.

         We can feel electricity and other abstract currents but we cannot see them with these naked eyes.  Such is also the case with ego.  This false ego is the cause of creation and its ill thoughts have covered the whole world, therefore the course of this current must be changed.  It is very difficult to change the flow of habit from one direction to another; to change an objective concept into subjective, but only the outlook has to be changed, with great effort and patience.  Nothing else needs to be done except to change the concept.

         But people in this day and age hate to think, talk or hear about this real subject.  Supposing someone tries to tell them about the truth, even without listening they will speak ill of it.  They will say these are all old fairy tales, all nonsense and quite useless in this modern nuclear age.  Society will laugh and flatly refuse to listen.  I know - who has got the time to think about the truth, about reality, in this mechanised brain of a world?  So when they do come across one of those few real (realised) souls, they will naturally call them crazy and consider them to be insane.  This is the opinion that the majority of the world has about such elevated souls - that they are idiots or useless lunatics.  They think such people are nothing but a nuisance - and thus they killed Lord Krishna, Christ and others.

         The intoxicated majority believe they alone are right, learned, intelligent and wise in this world.  But I tell you all these things are superficial pomp and show like a huge balloon flying aimlessly high in the sky without any basis - the termination of which lies in the point of a pin.  One tiny prick and the balloon is finished.  Such is the way of the worldly people.

         Let’s imagine a film show.  Look! The different plots will keep changing into new ones, one after another until the show is over.  There are so many films going on in cinemas all over the world.  Similarly there are innumerable worlds in this creation, each with its own kind of show for a limited time only. When one film show is over another will take its place. Thus the show of all these objects has been going on continuously since the dawn of time.  These bodies, all busy like in a movie, are coming, staying for a while and going.  All objects, whether in this world, this universe or any creation, face the same consequences.  Now with this it is clear that we are here just for a short time only - no more than a wink - then what of our faith in such objects and their activities?

         When the supply of electricity is cut off to these movie-halls, there will be a complete blackout - of life, this world and the entire creation.  It will turn into a huge black hole - darkness everywhere - nothing visible and no show at all once the light is removed.  This is how creation ends along with all its objects.  When supply is connected again, the light will emerge just as the sun comes out in the east after a thick black night, and then we call it day.  Thus evolution and dissolution are continually taking place just as we experience day and night.  Every day in every fraction of a second we can see this happening if we observe minutely.  This is the go of our life, the world and this creation.

         The centre of electricity is you.  It is inside all, it is within your body, it is emptiness - therefore be empty and come to Me.  Know Me, the centre of this creation, this world and its objects.  You are Myself, the real centre-pole of this entire creation.  Know this truth and enjoy reality after understanding My mystic walk inside this eternal voidness which is Myself.  This is life, this is the target of all.

         We are all here in this world just to realise this truth.  Therefore realise this naked truth and then only your mission of life will be fulfilled.  

         This much I could think by the time the bus stopped where I had to get down.  As I came out all the thoughts disappeared due to various disturbances and simultaneously my daydream vanished as one of my family entered the room to offer me a cup of hot coffee.

- OM -

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