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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Seven



         I have two things to give. No! I have one thing to give. No! No! No! Sorry, I have nothing to give. My two things are you and me. My one thing is that where there is no two, I and you. There is no you, you are always I. I will never be in you. I will ever be in you where there is no you. You will never be in me when there is no I. You are nowhere - I am alone there. This is also not to the point. Now listen, in Me there is no time factor, there is no space for location, there is no first, second and third person to point out. In Me there is no time, no space and no person. I am beyond all limitations. I am everywhere. So where is the person, time or space to have ‘give-and-take actions? I am as I am. I am one alone. Come to Me where there is none - realise my kingdom and enjoy kingship and kingdom as one singleton. 


         In the eyes of the dead I am life, and for the living I am death, but in fact from the very beginning, life and death do not exist in Me and I am not in them. Beyond life and death I am always as I am. There is no evangelist, in the past, present or future, who can prove that I am ever wrong. Therefore believe My word, and realising Me as the originator of truth by nature, enjoy My everlasting eternity and be lucky for ever.


         People think that in the history of mankind I am poison for some and nectar for others. There is never any such attachment in Me. I am ever desireless. When I am ever free of all clingings, how can I be poison or nectar for anyone? This is your misconception and misunderstanding about Me. As long as you are under the direction of ego you will always find wrong in Me. All concepts, including ‘I am the body’ are ignorance. It is ego that creates such an illusion. Therefore ignore and eradicate these concepts for ever and rise above such ideas. Give up everything, ‘be empty’ all the time, and then only you will reach Me and realise that by nature I am the only real, one Eternal Light beyond all the empty space. Thus reaching Me, enjoy forever My true void state, you fortunate one.


         Neither friend nor enemy have I.  In Me both mongoose and serpent are enjoying life.  Moloch¹ and Buddha-like gods and goddesses are all worshipped in My name.  Poison and nectar, lion and lamb, day and night - all exist because of Me.  These creations are illuminated by My mysterious power.  Those who have faith in My sayings will be very few in number, but only such rare people will have no doubt and will realise Me.  Hence, follow Me strictly and come straight to Me without any objection.  Know this chichi² creation to be moke’s³ tusk and enjoy everlasting peace. 

¹ moloch /ˈməʊlɛk/  · n. 

 the name of a Caananite idol to whom children were sacrificed.

² chichi /ˈʃiː.ʃi/  · adj. 

attempting stylish elegance but achieving only an over-elaborate affectedness.

ORIGIN C20: from Fr., of imitative origin.

³ moke /məʊk/  · n. 

Brit. informal a donkey. Austral./NZ a horse.

ORIGIN C19: of unknown origin.


         The valueless pearl hidden at the bottom of this vast ocean of creation - I am that. The person of great patience and firm determination who dives in to reach Me, facing all the dangerous problems that come on the way, will come to Me. The single-minded one sees none except Me at all times. After achieving this, such a person of arrow-like aim will like to turn into ‘thee valueless pearl’. I am valueless in two ways. Firstly, most people don’t understand My real value, so I am valueless for them, and secondly for the realised souls I am valueless because they know there is nothing that can ever equal My real value. Thus, realise My faceless face which is valueless in two ways, and enjoying Me, always remain happy both ways.


         Nine is the highest single number. Nine months inside the womb is the maximum term of punishment, yet ego chained you so tightly to unreal name and fame again and again, keeping you in this world-jail. But for Me there is no number, no time, no day or night, nor any jail. Just try to see through My real eye, then only you will realise that I am absolutely pure and that in Me nothing exists at all, ever.  Belay¹ my word as such and come to Me happily.

¹ belay  /ˈbiː.leɪ/  - v.

to make a climber safe with a rope that has been fixed to a particular point


         A rugged man came into one of my dreams. He was wearing a black blanket. He was so thickly covered all over that I took him to be dead. When I went up to him and asked him who he was, he said, “It is still too dark, don’t disturb me.” To this I replied, “There is no doubt that you are alive - you are conscious and I can see your eyes are open. Why don’t you see the sun, the eternal light? Oh, I see, it is because you are inside this thick dark blanket which is covering you completely. Take it off, and then you will enjoy light everywhere!”

         The light is none else but you, be aware of this truth. Birth and death are taking place every second, yet we completely neglect this truth, this reality. We never think about it. Even now we are sleeping unconsciously. Wake up! Come out of this death-like sleep. Know the facts and realise this truth. Though your eyes are open, you are covered too much with this dark blanket. Remove it, this blanket of ignorance, this ego, and see the eternal light shining everywhere all over creation and above your head. Get up, uncover and enjoy eternity. Don’t remain hidden inside your own dark blanket of delusion.

         If you can’t see this light directly, then use delaine¹ for your practice, then when you look through it you will be able to see the brightness of the pure light of lights. After experiencing this, the light of life, remove the delaine that you have used to look at this pure light and then you will understand that you need the help of no outer objects to see your own true light. You will laugh at your own past actions when you realise that for fear of your own pure light you were covering yourself - first with the thick black blanket of ignorance, and after with the delaine of practice - for fear of death.

¹ delaine /dəˈleɪn/  - n.

a very thin wool or cotton material

C19: from French mousseline de laine - muslin of wool

Editor’s note: perhaps the metaphor being referred to here is a kind of veil through which the eyes may become accustomed to a bright light.

         But in fact the reality is this, that truth requires nothing. No objects are required to see the truth and to be the real one. The moment you are empty, the moment you put aside both your blanket and delaine you will realise you are nothing else but that pure light. No need to try or make any attempt; no need to collect anything - no need for any objects, nor to use them either - to realise Self. But give up whatever you have, leave everything aside. Don’t try to get emptiness with the help of something or any object that you like to hold on to! No! Have nothing to do with all those objects that are covering you, remove them all. Uncover yourself, that’s all you need to do. Then you will see you have done all that’s needed. That’s it. You are Light itself.

         With what will you try? Who are you to try? What is the use of objects or their meaning over here? Except for you, the Pure Light, nothing is there - nothing is required, and nothing is useful. So don’t play with this ignorance. Give up this habit to get something - develop the habit to give up everything. Don’t try to make yourself empty or you will again be trapped in your ego. Simply remain empty always.  BE EMPTY - be light, be pure - you are that alone.

         First try to hear this saying….. “DEVELOP THE HABIT TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING. REMOVE ALL THE COVERINGS THAT YOU HAVE. BE EMPTY FOR EVER.” Then only you will realise truth - then you will know reality. You will realise everything - you will realise the meaning of  ‘THOU ART THAT’ - you will realise you are as you are. This is how it is with the truth, this is how it is over here, because He is always as He is.

         After hearing me, the man kept the blanket aside, uncovered himself and bowed to me. I saw his head at my feet and his eyes were full of tears. I clasped him strongly with my arms - and then I woke up. The dream was no more - I alone am here, and except me there is none. I don’t know where this dream has gone, but this is how all the dreams are coming and going in me all the time because I alone am that changeless eternal space, that supreme voidness where everything is coming, staying and going - if indeed you think there is any dream. Otherwise I alone am there without any covering of this creation, ever pure as I am. This is the truth.

- OM -

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