Be Empty

The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Eight



         The realised soul will realise that in Me there is no discrimination between real and unreal. There is no absence of desire nor the object to be desired. No necessity to learn from rare spiritual teachers, nor to teach any deserving disciples. I am one alone, - except me there is none. This being so, where is silence, talk, speech and debate? In Me there is never success, failure, crime or pious acts. There is no difference between the soul and the supreme in Me. This is what I am. Know Me correctly and remain neat.


         I give directly the norm for the entire creation. Therefore no creature can deceive Me. I am the real monarch, the supreme emperor among all emperors. Also I am the topmost, efficacious administrator. You know well that on My command the sun shines, the moon changes shape, the wind blows, the water flows and the earth produces different plants. I am the pivot on which all the planets and this creation revolve in My effigy. Know this reality and be happy.


         Listen patiently - whatever you perceive within the three worlds is mortal. Society, love, wealth, education, dignity and affection for any objects are all transitory and unreal. I alone am real. For one who is attached to the name and fame of this world, bondage causes birth after death again and again, whereas to one who comes to Me sincerely I give liberation for ever. Hence, know this real state of Mine and enjoy liberty.


         On the day when the real aspirant comes to Me, the complete cessation of misery and the eradication of all ideas of I, you and others will be realised. The devotee of Mine, seeing this miracle, will be perplexed and spellbound. They will understand that I am bounteous by nature and their bosom-friend. Know Me definitely within your lifetime and realise My real value. Gaining such perpetual friendship of Mine, enjoy unity.


         Know that in Me there are no sense organs, their use nor their user. The mind, intellect and ego, including all the elements in the world - none have any function, nor do they exist in Me. Thus attachment has no effect on Me. One who realises this will experience transcendental bliss, and after attaining this state will not return to the cycle of birth and death. Thus knowing permanently My functionless function, move happily in Me.


         Come to Me. I am the father of death and the mother of life, but in Me there is no such black and white. I am daylight and the moonlit night - one so bright and the other quite nice. I am dim, dark night, and also twinkling light, yet I am up above them far away, nowhere, yet inside all - bubble-like innumerable planets everywhere. Thus no-one will see Me with the naked eye until they see with subjective eyes. I am easily available to those who have My own eyes. Thus know My eternal eye and enjoy this candle light.


         With their brain well-covered and masked by ego, people only want to enjoy the unreal world and its objects. Mostly they are attracted to women/men, wealth and wine, or alcohol. The more they pursue these, the more extroverted they will be. One illusion after another will accumulate to cover them completely. As egoistic activities increase, the more the ego demands. Thus the chain of ego and its objects extends infinitely without limit. But one day, when death comes to take them away by force - then only will their ego game come to an end. This is the way of objective people and the world of ego.

         If a man thinks to take alcohol for the first time, in the beginning he won’t like its smell and the taste will seem disagreeable. His mouth, throat and stomach will burn. Even though he feels like this, as the habit grows stronger he will forget about the nausea he felt at the beginning. Soon he will be so habituated that without it he cannot stand and seemingly cannot survive. The more he drinks the more he needs. Thus he becomes the prey of drink. At the beginning he was drinking the alcohol, now the alcohol is drinking him.

         With the onset of cirrhosis, the fatal disease of the liver that is caused by too much drink, such a person begins to get colic attacks, the only cure for which seems to be the drink itself. Now he drinks to get relief from pain, but the more he drinks, the more he gets the pain. Thus keeping a bottle handy at all times, he unwillingly invites his death. Treating his problem this way, he keeps his death in that bottle in his pocket, and invites it with every sip - until his last breath crumples as cruel death swallows him for ever.

         This is the fate of those who become intoxicated. So I request you not to have such a habit regarding worldly objects. To escape from this habit look within, don’t look outside - ‘be empty’ as much as you can - ‘be’ every day. Develop this practice and continue it daily with complete patience. This will help you to realise immortality. This will help you to root out ego, therefore practise it and have the practical experience. When you realise yourself perfectly you will see that this ‘alcohol’, this addiction, has no effect on you. It neither comes nor goes. You will realise that you are beyond all objects and that you are the ever free lord of one and all alone. This is it. This is what you are - the Supreme Voidness, thee Truth.

- OM -

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