Be Empty

The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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Page Nine



         Come to Me. Nobody I am. I am beyond everything. Beyond Me there is none. All are in Me and without Me nothing can exist. I am in them but they are not in Me. None can survive without Me. Because of Me, all are experiencing life and death. I am immortal. In Me there is no pleasure or pain. I am one alone, in all and above all. I am free from action and inaction. All your functions and activities take place in Me. I am the only support of the entire creation from time unknown to time unknown - but in Me nothing is going on. Never is there any creation. I am ever free, unchangeable, pure eternal truth, the Supreme Lord of all lords. Know Me as such and live happily.


         The sages of different ages who realised Me proclaimed this truth - that all subjects and objects, including the entire creation, are nothing except Myself, the real. Give up your own ego, along with everything you possess, mentally and physically. When you are completely detached, free from attachment - empty - empty at all times and under all conditions, you will realise Me and timeless time thoroughly. Thus knowing Me, remain as that forever and enjoy your time.


        People think that they are well-dressed in beautiful clothes, but in reality all are nude - all those who came from the beginning, are surviving now and will depart at the end. Even so, these ‘nudists’ think they are a costly nugget. I am the most naked among all naked ones. Those who agree with Me that I am the not only nude but totally empty - they are also empty. This naked world is also completely empty as I am, even though it appears in many colours, shapes and sizes. Truly he is my favourite third eye who knows Me this way. Hence, know this creation to be a rainbow inside a ray of My eternal light, and realising this, enjoy My beauty.


         The great prophets and enlightened souls of this world have decided and announced that complete emptiness is total surrender. It is the highest yoga, devotion, love and all. Therefore let seekers of truth saturate their hearts’ blood with emptiness. This is the real path of divinity. Gain this heavenly knowledge - this divine love - and enjoy peace.


          The self-realised one understands that listening to teachers, reading different scriptures and practising mediation and so on have nothing to do with Me. There are no external or internal contradictions or conflicts in Me. The real knower of truth will also realise that all the manifold causes and consequences are never in Me. Know my true command as such and live happily with its nature, as it is.


          The riddle is inside, not outside. Thinking it is outside, you are always moving in the world in search of it. Give up every outer ‘look-see’. Don’t have attachment for any objects. The real enigma is inside, and I am that. So look inside, search inside. It is very near. Stay in - don’t make a move. Be Empty. Don’t try to possess any of those puzzling things you see inside. All these objects within and without are nothing more than hallucinations - nothing is permanent, nothing is real. Therefore don’t try to have anything you see over here. You are permanent. You are the real enigma where these things are seen. You are changeless and have no movement. Be empty this way all the time, then, when you have developed this habit you will solve this real empty riddle. It is supreme, it is god, it is you. Realise My august eternal enigma this way and enjoy my movement without any move. Know My enshrined riddle and be happy.

Royal Tailor

         Here again is a dream I had a long time ago. An emperor who was famous all over the world for his generosity needed a tailor. This tailor had to be an excellent designer, know all the latest fashions and know his job perfectly. Such a tailor would have a permanent position in the royal palace, and it was advertised accordingly. A special committee was set up to select the right person out of the hundreds of candidates who applied.

         There was fierce competition for the post and everyone tried by whatever means they could to influence the result and be selected. The three members of the selection board were approached through various channels and a lot of money was spent trying to secure their favour. Finally one man was selected whose skill was only mediocre and hardly fit for the job, but who had employed all his tricks, flattery and wealth to gain influence with the palace officials.

          Thus the selectors, despite being trusted and loyal servants of the emperor and the country, were bribed to show partiality and were unable to make a fair selection. Everyone knew what had happened, but for fear of these powerful men, were afraid to protest at this injustice and moreover, there were no means through which to complain. Even though they loved the emperor and knew he was generous, kind to all and full of justice, still there was no means for them to contact him directly, surrounded as he was by palace officials. Thus no objection was raised.

         Just like this, you the real self, the king of kings, have been surrounded by your ego and its relatives, the objects of this world, such that there seems to be no way to make contact. Although created or ‘appointed’ by the Supreme, they are dishonest, unreliable and untrustworthy. In the same way, most religious paths are dishonest and unfaithful to their ruler. Thus they disagree and fight among themselves. From this arise all the troubles in the world.

         Therefore listen! There is only one means, one way to have contact with your king, the Supreme. This book can help you and take you straight to the king of all. Be empty all the time. Don’t follow or be concerned with all these coverings that you see in yourself and in the world. Have practical experience yourself and remove them all. Never follow others, not even myself. Follow your own practice, gain your own practical knowledge and realise the truth. Then compare all sayings with your own experience.

- OM -

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