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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

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           No body I am. In Me nothing is right and nothing is wrong. I do not take or refuse your oblations. No-one can make me fall asleep or awake under any condition. I am not within your something, nothing and beyond. Who says I am omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent?  No! No! I am not anybody’s imagination. I am not the beginning or end of anyone.  In Me there is no-one, nor their functions.  Any sort of action, counter-action or reaction is also never in Me.  I am neither one, two, nor beyond.  You say I am the Supreme One alone - no, no, not at all!  Don’t presume - your words are not the final destination. 

        Listen! In Me there is no delusion and there is nothing you can call by name. You can’t get Me through your sight or sound and all. I am no-where, therefore none of your pious or other activities can lead to Me. This is my challenge - refute My sayings if you can. I am neither within or without nor beyond your limitations. You think you have practised meditation and all, so I must give you liberation. This is your wrong conception if you think that with your libation God will get intoxicated! Still you are within your imaginary imagination if you think this.

        Listen! I am not in your pleasure and pain and beyond. This is your own creation. I am not bound, I am not ‘bonny bonus’ all around. I am soundless sound. I am not made of any material or abstract objects in your creation. So I am not ‘zu’lu of your yule’, because in Me there is never any duality or unity. None of you have created me; I am on my own.  Hence, I am as I am, - this is what I am, - Empty I am, - Nobody I 



           Come to Me, I am omnipotent "OM”. In Me there is no room, yet I rove all alone in My universal form without movement. Some use Me as their holy gong and others apply Me as an atom bomb. But in fact I am none. I am alone. I am “OM”, the supreme one beyond right and wrong. In Me there is no ‘will-o-the-wisp’¹. It is My eternal song, OM - I am OM. I am neither queen’s comb nor anyone’s tomb. Shortest sweetcake I am thy son, longest longeron², I am thy sun. But in reality I am mono-syllable OM-OM-OM.

¹ will-o’-the-wisp - n.
1 a phosphorescent light seen hovering or floating at night on marshy ground, thought to result from the combustion of natural gases.
2 a person or thing that is difficult or impossible to reach or catch.
ORIGIN C17: orig. as Will with the wisp, the sense of wisp being ‘handful of (lighted) hay’.

² longeron /ˈlɒndʒərən/  - n. a longitudinal structural component of an aircraft’s fuselage.
ORIGIN C20: from Fr., lit. ‘girder’.


          An eyeball is very small compared to a football, but the lens of the retina is bigger than this whole creation. Because of Me such big objects are seen within its circle, and except Me there is none who sees all those objects through that lens. I alone am He who governs and keeps this entire manifestation.  Inside My third eye I see this vast creation, fathomless, and in it countless universes  and so many other things coming, staying and going.  Another vital point is this - I see this entire creation to be just like particles of dust, floating in Me. Thus you realise the biggest and the smallest form of Mine as such, and beyond this I am one alone without any creation.  Now realise My mystic walk and be happy - freely.


         Come to Me where there is no coming and going.  You will see Me without eyes and will hear Me without ears.  On that day when you will be tired of this worldly good and bad,  just lift yourself up, up above the ego.  Then you will taste Me without taster.  You will know I am beyond sweet and sour, tasteless taste.  Taste Me this way and remain happily.


       Come to Me.  Without doubt you will understand correctly that there is neither creation, preservation nor dissolution in Me ever.  Those who are full of faith will also observe that thinker and thought are never in Me.  Thus rejoice in My doubt-free nature forever and be happy.


       The knower of truth understands clearly that I am not the knower, knowledge or known.  In Me there is no desire, anger, pride or greed; no false feeling of bondage or liberation.  There is no beginning or end, no time or space, no pious acts, no holy place nor God in Me at any time.  I am empty ‘free man’.  Know this eternal happiness and enjoy eternity.


       Know that I am the superman of this creation.  For devotees I am their devotion. I am the ruler who rules the nation. I am father, mother and all relations.  The beating heart of all the creatures proves the whole creation is My incarnation.  Everything is governed by Me and all of it is My own nation. He who understands this notion is fit to be called the Father of Heaven. Without walking he will cross the vast ocean.  Those who do not take my words to be mere fiction will come to realise Me without any reason.  Know Me, the omnipresent one to be your own self, and enjoy supremacy happily.


       I am saturation, therefore dissolution takes place in Me.  Sard¹ I am, so for all, everywhere, I am the most important.  Because of My serenity at all times, creation is going on and on.  Third-eyed truth am I, while untruth, blinded by superimposition, is searching for me everywhere.  I am savage for the brutal and knowledge for the wise.  I am dedication for the devotee.  I am both God as well as demon, thus I am in your hell and heaven. I am denouement²  for this creation.  I am far beyond - beyond your imagination.  I am your hallucination as well as your realisation.  All are My incarnations in this universal form.  I am the most powerful destruction among all demolitions.  You are a rambler therefore all your calculations, though taking place in Me, are wrong.  In fact I am everything for everyone and nothing for none.  That’s why they all say ‘hallelujah’, because I am as I am.

¹ sard /sɑːd/ - n. 

a yellow or brownish-red variety of chalcedony.
ORIGIN ME: from Fr. sarde or L. sarda, from Gk sardios, prob. from SardZ ‘Sardinia’

² denouement /deɪˈnuːmɒn/ - n. 

the final part of a play, film, etc. in which matters are explained or resolved.
ORIGIN C18: Fr. dénouement, from dénouer ‘unknot’.


         Whoever will know Me thoroughly will see that there is no illusion or its effect in Me.  I am not the lord of separate soul, of this world or any creation.  Supreme God with form or formless I am not, the way that people usually think.  Therefore neither meditator, meditation nor the object of meditation am I.  Neither knowledge nor ignorance and its effects have existed in Me since time unknown.  Your ego with intellect can never get Me because I am beyond everything.  Know Me as such and be always happy.


         When you will realise that both the microcosm and the macrocosm, devotion to the divine, the fruit of action, the two states of ego - one for bondage, the other for liberation and its means of attainment - that all these aspects of ignorance and wisdom are not at all in Me; when you are free of all thoughts - you will know Me to be ever free and you will enjoy this eternal freedom.


         Shame! Ego fooled you and easily trapped you inside the egg when you agreed with it whole-heartedly.  The function of the ego and its erroneous concepts give birth to this egoistic world and play a perishable role.  Therefore turn your face away from all objects and be subjective always.  This simple looking technique will solve all your complicated problems for ever.  I am your only solution.  Know this changeless truth and come to Me.


         The concept of ‘I’ and ‘my’ uproots the soul and makes it separate.  This must be destroyed forever.  As long as any concept remains you will not be fully empty.  Be sure in this condition you will know nothing about Me, the Supreme Absolute Being.  Therefore always remain empty without concepts and make yourself fit to come to Me, the supreme undifferentiated formless form of god, and remain happy.


         When you see that you are beyond creation yet you are everything, you will understand that you are not affected by any good or bad qualities or actions.  In you there is no anguish or need for solace.  Again you will see that the very idea of this mask, this ego, has nothing to do with you the real, and then you will know clearly that there is never any thought in you.  Thus, being carefree from the fear of duality, remain firm and happy.


         Concept is the only cause of creation. Ego, world, mind, soul, god and all other objects are the product of concept.  Whoever is without concept will come to Me.  He is wise who gives up all concepts.  Therefore, rise above all the unreal concepts.  This ego is the root cause of concept.  No ego means no concept - then there is no world, no reason, no contemplation, no separate soul, no enquiry about anything - or god.  The ego is like the son of a barren woman.  This being so, live without concept.  When this habit will mature in you, you will realise that all concepts are really nothing but one truth.  This truth is none other than your Self, the Supreme Absolute Being.  Know that I am with and without concept, and above.  Realise Me beyond meditation and enjoy eternal Leo.


         When you will realise Me, that I am one and all, all in all, your mission in life will be fulfilled; your coming and going will have an end.  You will know clearly that all pleasures are My pleasure, and that all pains are My pain.  Thus knowingly known, all separate souls will be one and liberated.  Know My mysterious mystic this way and be always happy.


         I have two things to give. No! I have one thing to give. No! No! No! Sorry, I have nothing to give. My two things are you and me. My one thing is that where there is no two, I and you. There is no you, you are always I. I will never be in you. I will ever be in you where there is no you. You will never be in me when there is no I. You are nowhere - I am alone there. This is also not to the point. Now listen, in Me there is no time factor, there is no space for location, there is no first, second and third person to point out. In Me there is no time, no space and no person. I am beyond all limitations. I am everywhere. So where is the person, time or space to have ‘give-and-take actions? I am as I am. I am one alone. Come to Me where there is none - realise my kingdom and enjoy kingship and kingdom as one singleton. 


         In the eyes of the dead I am life, and for the living I am death, but in fact from the very beginning life and death do not exist in Me and I am not in them. Beyond life and death I am always as I am. There is no evangelist, in the past, present or future, who can prove that I am ever wrong. Therefore believe My word, and realising Me as the originator of truth by nature, enjoy My everlasting eternity and be lucky for ever.


         People think that in the history of mankind I am poison for some and nectar for others. There is never any such attachment in Me. I am ever desireless. When I am ever free of all clingings, how can I be poison or nectar for anyone? This is your misconception and misunderstanding about Me. As long as you are under the direction of ego you will always find wrong in Me. All concepts, including ‘I am the body’ are ignorance. It is ego that creates such an illusion. Therefore ignore and eradicate these concepts for ever and rise above such ideas. Give up everything, ‘be empty’ all the time, and then only you will reach Me and realise that by nature I am the only real, one eternal light beyond all the empty space. Thus reaching Me, enjoy forever My true void state, you fortunate one.


         Neither friend nor enemy have I.  In Me both mongoose and serpent are enjoying life.  Moloch¹ and Buddha-like gods and goddesses are all worshipped in My name.  Poison and nectar, lion and lamb, day and night, - all exist because of Me.  These creations are illuminated by My mysterious power.  Those who have faith in My sayings will be very few in number, but only such rare people will have no doubt and will realise Me.  Hence, follow Me strictly and come straight to Me without any objection.  Know this chichi² creation to be moke’s³ tusk and enjoy everlasting peace. 

¹ moloch /ˈməʊlɛk/  · n.

a harmless spiny lizard of grotesque appearance which feeds chiefly on ants, found in arid inland [Moloch horridus]

ORIGIN from the name of a Caananite idol to whom children were sacrificed.

² chichi /ˈʃiː.ʃi/  · adj.

attempting stylish elegance but achieving only an over-elaborate affectedness.

ORIGIN C20: from Fr., of imitative origin.

³ moke /məʊk/  · n.

Brit. informal a donkey. Austral./NZ a horse.

ORIGIN C19: of unknown origin.


         The valueless pearl hidden at the bottom of this vast ocean of creation - I am that. The person of great patience and firm determination who dives in to reach Me, facing all the dangerous problems that come on the way, will come to Me. The single-minded one sees none except Me at all times. After achieving this, such a person of arrow-like aim will like to turn into ‘thee valueless pearl’. I am valueless in two ways. Firstly, most people don’t understand My real value, so I am valueless for them, and secondly for the realised souls I am valueless because they know there is nothing that can ever equal My real value. Thus, realise My faceless face which is valueless in two ways, and enjoying Me, always remain happy both ways.


         Nine is the highest single number. Nine months inside the womb is the maximum term of punishment, yet ego chained you so tightly to unreal name and fame again and again, keeping you in this world-jail. But for Me there is no number, no time, no day or night, nor any jail. Just try to see through My real eye, then only you will realise that I am absolutely pure and that in Me nothing exists at all, ever.  Belay¹ my word as such and come to Me happily.

¹ belay  /ˈbiː.leɪ/  - v.

to make a climber safe with a rope that has been fixed to a particular point


       The realised soul will realise that in Me there is no discrimination between real and unreal. There is no absence of desire nor the object to be desired. No necessity to learn from rare spiritual teachers, nor to teach any deserving disciples. I am one alone, - except me there is none. This being so, where is silence, talk, speech and debate? In Me there is never success, failure, crime or pious acts. There is no difference between the soul and the supreme in Me. This is what I am. Know Me correctly and remain neat.


         I give directly the norm for the entire creation. Therefore no creature can deceive Me. I am the real monarch, the supreme emperor among all emperors. Also I am the topmost, efficacious administrator. You know well that on My command the sun shines, the moon changes shape, the wind blows, the water flows and the earth produces different plants. I am the pivot on which all the planets and this creation revolve in My effigy. Know this reality and be happy.


         Listen patiently - whatever you perceive within the three worlds is mortal. Society, love, wealth, education, dignity and affection for any objects are all transitory and unreal. I alone am real. For one who is attached to the name and fame of this world, bondage causes birth after death again and again, whereas to one who comes to Me sincerely I give liberation for ever. Hence, know this real state of Mine and enjoy liberty.


         On the day when the real aspirant comes to Me, the complete cessation of misery and the eradication of all ideas of I, you and others will be realised. The devotee of Mine, seeing this miracle, will be perplexed and spellbound. They will understand that I am bounteous by nature and their bosom-friend. Know Me definitely within your lifetime and realise My real value. Gaining such perpetual friendship of Mine, enjoy unity.


         Know that in Me there are no sense organs, their use nor their user. The mind, intellect and ego, including all the elements in the world - none have any function, nor do they exist in Me. Thus attachment has no effect on Me. One who realises this will experience transcendental bliss, and after attaining this state will not return to the cycle of birth and death. Thus knowing permanently My functionless function, move happily in Me.


         Come to Me. I am the father of death and the mother of life, but in Me there is no such black and white. I am daylight and the moonlit night - one so bright and the other quite nice. I am dim, dark night, and also twinkling light, yet I am up above them far away, nowhere, yet inside all - bubble-like innumerable planets everywhere. Thus no-one will see Me with the naked eye until they see with subjective eyes. I am easily available to those who have My own eyes. Thus know My eternal eye and enjoy this candle light.


         Come to Me. Nobody I am. I am beyond everything. Beyond Me there is none. All are in Me and without Me nothing can exist. I am in them but they are not in Me. None can survive without Me. Because of Me, all are experiencing life and death. I am immortal. In Me there is no pleasure or pain. I am one alone, in all and above all. I am free from action and inaction. All your functions and activities take place in Me. I am the only support of the entire creation from time unknown to time unknown - but in Me nothing is going on. Never is there any creation. I am ever free, unchangeable, pure eternal truth, the Supreme Lord of all lords. Know Me as such and live happily.


         The sages of different ages who realised Me proclaimed this truth - that all subjects and objects, including the entire creation, are nothing except Myself, the real. Give up your own ego, along with everything you possess, mentally and physically. When you are completely detached, free from attachment - empty - empty at all times and under all conditions, you will realise Me and timeless time thoroughly. Thus knowing Me, remain as that forever and enjoy your time.


        People think that they are well-dressed in beautiful clothes, but in reality all are nude - all those who came from the beginning, are surviving now and will depart at the end. Even so, these ‘nudists’ think they are a costly nugget. I am the most naked among all naked ones. Those who agree with Me that I am the not only nude but totally empty - they are also empty. This naked world is also completely empty as I am, even though it appears in many colours, shapes and sizes. Truly he is my favourite third eye who knows Me this way. Hence, know this creation to be a rainbow inside a ray of My eternal light, and realising this, enjoy My beauty.


         The great prophets and enlightened souls of this world have decided and announced that complete emptiness is total surrender. It is the highest yoga, devotion, love and all. Therefore let seekers of truth saturate their hearts’ blood with emptiness. This is the real path of divinity. Gain this heavenly knowledge - this divine love - and enjoy peace.


          The self-realised one understands that listening to teachers, reading different scriptures and practising mediation and so on have nothing to do with Me. There are no external or internal contradictions or conflicts in Me. The real knower of truth will also realise that all the manifold causes and consequences are never in Me. Know my true command as such and live happily with its nature, as it is.


          The riddle is inside, not outside. Thinking it is outside, you are always moving in the world in search of it. Give up every outer ‘look-see’. Don’t have attachment for any objects. The real enigma is inside, and I am that. So look inside, search inside. It is very near. Stay in - don’t make a move. Be Empty. Don’t try to possess any of those puzzling things you see inside. All these objects within and without are nothing more than hallucinations - nothing is permanent, nothing is real. Therefore don’t try to have anything you see over here. You are permanent. You are the real enigma where these things are seen. You are changeless and have no movement. Be empty this way all the time, then, when you have developed this habit you will solve this real empty riddle. It is supreme, it is god, it is you. Realise My august eternal enigma this way and enjoy my movement without any move. Know My enshrined riddle and be happy.


         Come to Me where there is reality. To know Me one has to investigate perfectly this splendid display of the world and understand thoroughly that it does not really exist. If it exists at all, it exists in Me alone, and simultaneously one will realise that this whole creation is none other but Myself. Realising this absolute, supreme being, enjoy this truth.


         I am one without a second. In Me there is none - realise this by constant practice. When you will know Me you will understand that the whole creation does not really exist in Me, and if it is there, it is none else but Myself. Therefore know that all these varieties of manifested objects are nothing but Me alone. Knowing this eternal truth as such, live happily.


         Come to Me and realise that among all I am superhuman, the most excellent modern scientist in the whole of creation. I am the most superior inventor who has invented the whole creation within Myself. I alone am the most superfine artist and designer who created this equinoctial laboratory. Thus I create this mystical creation in which I alone am the super-numinous (divine) actor, acting with so many equable faces in this universal form since time unknown. In this subject I am the most wonderfully expert technical hand who is nonetheless the absolute singleton. None could find a clue to this mystery of Mine, and none will find it hereafter. My secretly reserved secret is maintained very strictly, because no-one can understand it except Myself. I alone am the knower, knowledge and known of this creation. I can create, preserve and destroy this whole creation in no time. This entire mystic action takes place in Me alone, if it is taking place - otherwise nothing is going on. I am one alone. I am as I am.. That is why all are in Me and yet I am beyond all. Thus be empty as I am and then enjoy my ever-green, highest and most advanced science and technology forever, and be happy.


         You have to go. Go you must, therefore go. Go ! Go ! Don’t stop. Make a move. You can’t stop this movement. You are helpless, so you move. You are inside My movement, My notion. Your walk started the moment you entered My creation. As long as there is time there is movement, there is creation. Thus you are all compelled to move. Where there is movement there is struggle for existence. As long as there is struggle there is change. When change is there, death is certain. You are here, that is why death is there. Time means limitation, and thus you are meant for death. So long as limitation exists, life will have an end. The breath of life displays its movement, its change, and thus you are unstable. This is why you can’t find peace. Peace is stable. Peace is permanent, changeless truth and supreme. If you want peace then come to Me. To reach Me, let go of your attachment to the go of the world, the go of your movement, the go of your ‘wiseacre’¹ as well as the go of this creation. Go way beyond all time and limitation. Make your move far out where you and your movement end forever.

¹ wiseacre /ˈwaɪzˌeɪkə/ · n.

a person with an affectation of wisdom or knowledge.

ORIGIN C16: from Middle Dutch wijsseggher ‘soothsayer’


         I know every nook and corner of this creation. I am the one that functions as illusion to those do not see me and have doubts about Me owing to ignorance. They think I am the one to be blamed for creating trouble for them. But in fact I am equally equal to all at all times. Those who are clear at heart will see me in themselves and in all. They will realise I am ever pure, impartial to all and the unconditional one for ever. Know Me this way and let your ‘boneless boko’ move, rejoicing My bliss in this world.


         Discriminate between the real and unreal. This is how it goes over here. People like to give what they have and tell you what they know. Ego is false. Ego gives you wrong concepts - ‘I am this body, this body is real, the world and all the objects of this creation are real’, whereas I give you eternal truth - the supreme absolute being, thou art that - immortal, pure, unchangeable, omniscient - the real self and everlasting happiness. Then where lies the wrong when day gives you light and night gives you dark? It is but natural. Enjoy My double game played as two sides of one coin. Come to Me and realise those perfect players and this double-faced, single and complete coin to be one alone.


         My lover sees none except Me, even in deep sleep. He or she is the one who loves Me more than love itself. They cannot survive without Me as I am. All their activities are in favour of Me at all times. They see their life and death in Me and My eternal gate is always open for them. This is the one in whom I dwell permanently and who can have direct contact with Me whenever they want. My eternal gate, which is open for all, will be seen as closed for others due to the ignorance of their impure ego. Know My mystic play and rejoice in a blissful mood forever.


         Through meditation absorb your ego in Me completely and then you are one with Me forever. There is unity always, and no fear of duality in Me. Therefore remain fearless in all conditions forever, and enjoy this world fearlessly.


         I am the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. I am versatile - the smallest speck of pollen and the biggest of the big. I am the infinite. The first monosyllable at the beginning of creation is ‘OM’ - and I am that. The most senior among all monks and nuns I am. I alone am the only head of this crazy world and the next if any. I am Thee, best among artists. There is no-one who can compete with Me and nothing that can be compared to Me. I am uncontestable and the real context of this creation. Know my mania this way and be very foolish.


Come to Me and know My majesty. The world keeps My history, but the entire creation is My petty pastry. I make everything move without any brutality. I walk on all without any feet or faculty. I dwell in this country. There is no singularity where there is no duality. In Me there is no such thing as quality or quantity. In Me you will find neither hypocrisy nor autocracy, but supremacy. This is unity. This is tranquillity. Understand this reality, My chastity. This is serenity and purity. When you unite with Me you are My bonafide community and will realise My versatility. Therefore come to Me forever and be very happy.


         Give ! Give ! Give up ! You can assign whatever you have. Rich is he who imparts everything he possesses. Develop the habit to disown all that you keep, all that you like to have with you. Renounce all those with whom you are attached. Attachment is death, detachment is life. Disconnect with your nearest and dearest, even with your own body to which you give all your attention. Don’t fasten yourself to any worldly objects. If you grasp, if you have attachment to anything in this world, you will be mortal and face the worst consequence. The effect of holding on to these things will doom you forever - you will not be immortal, you will not be pure. To be pure you must develop this habit of giving up and not have attachment to anything. You must be completely empty from all sides at all times. Then only you will be pure, immortal and ever free, when you have given up all the giveables. Being empty, this is how you will come to Me. You know, at the beginning of creation I have given everything to you. Now I am completely empty, I am the ultimate void. Among all realised ones I am the first to realise truth. Before Me there was none and after Me there can be none. Know this truth and enjoy the value of giving up totally, and remain happy.


         Help you need! Do take help! Take help! Help is essential. Without help it is difficult to move one step in this life, this objective world. Everybody is in need of help. Without help creatures could not move and the movement of the planets and the world would stop, even breath itself. You must have support, but the pity is you don’t know where it is coming from. Find out the source, the real superman who is helping and supporting you throughout your life and without whom you cannot stand or say ‘I am’. Because of Him you can say this form is mine; I am Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan, Jain or belong to any religion. Because of Him you are experiencing pleasure and pain. All the worlds are enjoying His help and all these objects are here in different forms for your enjoyment, everywhere, always because He is helping you. He is helping you from all sides and thus you are existing. Try to find Him who has helped you from the very beginning and will help you to the very end, not only for this body but before and after also. He is the great helper, helping you constantly and consistently without any demand or condition in return.

         Whether you like or dislike Him, he doesn’t care about your mood or attitude - He just helps you from time unknown to time unknown. He never pays attention to your action or reaction. In fact He doesn’t even recognise you; He is unaware of anyone or anything at all, yet you feel someone is helping you, that help is coming from somewhere.

         He is the Supreme Lord of all, the Almighty one, and you cannot deny that He is helping you in every experience of life. Tasting His help, directly or indirectly you seek Him and His help more and more, and the more you get the more you want. But you can’t see where He is because you are always looking outside in the world and all its objects. You think you will find Him in the objects of this creation. No! No! No! My friend I tell you, you are wrong - you are searching in the wrong direction. Don’t look out into this objective creation - look inside, for your greatest helper is within you - with you always from the very beginning.

         Search for Him inside - don’t run here and there to get Him outside. Check your movement calmly and minutely. Observe inside patiently and you will find empty space in the end. There you are – this is what you will find at the end of your search. Go on practising to develop this practice to ‘be empty’ and remain empty completely. Thus you will see Him - you will find Him - you will recognise Him and His help. Then you will see Him everywhere in all the objects and you will stop running outside. You won’t try to run away from Him, rather you will gladly prefer to stay as He is. You will feel He is one in many forms and also that He is one alone in one form at all times in all places yet in Him there is no form, no time or place. He, Thee Supreme help, is none other than you, the Real. Realising this truth, this true help, be one with Him and enjoy your own greatness forever.

- OM -