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         Biblical sport, this vast creation, is ‘NO MAN’ game.  All the creatures realise they are in need of My blessing, that is why they invoke me seriously whenever they are in trouble.  I have blessed from the very beginning, - this creation itself is the very symbol of my blessing.  If, in this gigantic world, anyone is asked individually, “Who are you?” – in reply all will say ‘I’ am so-and-so.  This ‘I’ is equally equal in all creatures. This one single eternal ‘I’ is common for all.  But most people, even though they call themselves ‘I’ all the time, do not realise who ‘I’ am.

         This is one of the puzzling parts of my mysterious rainbow. This ‘I’ which is none else except myself – the one single truth, is imparted in all.  This, those ignorant ones are not realising, yet it is the ground for belief in my blessing.

         Except for those realised souls, who are very few in this world, all creatures quake up to the ben (maximum shake) for fear of death because this trifle play of mine proves to be the hardest problem for them to digest.

         Now listen, you are all here in this world to realise the Truth, therefore come to Me and then you will know that without Me, nothing exists and I am here, there and everywhere.  Inside each crawling cell of all the living and dead bodies also, I am crony in the form of life. But pity, those deluded people think I am only within their chosen image, so they try to get Me with a fine tooth comb.  Every time they reach me, they duck and pass under Me. They are missing Me all the time in their egoistic investigation.

         This is why modern science and technology are unable to find Me out so far.  But the seekers of truth who have searched thoroughly without any search to find Me, have realised Me and clearly understood that I am that which their egoistic ransacking can never find out as long as the sun and moon remain in the sky.  Realising Me in reality, those perfect men or women of truth time and again incarnated in ths world and announced that the unchangeable divinity, this ‘I’, is one super voidness.

         That is why I am the cause of none, even though egoistic people think I am the root cause of tiresome trochee, - trouble and trophy. If you want to realise this truth, give up your ego and come to Me. As long as this most dangerous impediment, your ego, is not removed completely, you will not be successful to uncover this truth.

         Look at Me with My own eyes and then understand this fact that I alone am in your past, present and future. This whole creation and life of all is but one of My phantoms, a visual illusion. This is the Truth. This is what I am.

         Hence, O man of ego! – you are requested not to blame others. You have learnt already that this whole creation is none else but Myself, the real.  Since time unknown, the greatest scientists with whom none can compete, are also I.  Please pay attention to this, My science which is applied in you all.  You are nothing more than a perishable model. This creation, these transitory forms of human beings and other creatures are just like dewdrops. Countless varieties of such models have filled this creation and none has been able to count them all as yet. With this one can understand the ability of those high talking egoistic people.  In practice they can do nothing but talk and all their theoretical knowledge is unable to realise Me. This is how it is, - what more do I need to say about My other mysteries?

         Even self-realised people cannot express exactly how I am, - that is to say they are helpless to bring Me out through their words.  When this is the case with realised ones, you can judge the capacity of those chatterboxes who only talk for the sake of talk about Me.  As long as you are here in this world of limitation in this physical form, your changeable speech, action and all other talents will fail to produce me exactly as I am, the unchangeable truth beyond your dreamland.

         You can all realise Me through intuition, - you can feel, but you can’t explain this truth in words, - here lies the mystery.  Moreover, as long as you are trying to tell this truth to someone you are definitely doing wrong because none of your activities have existed in Me, the one single Truth, from the very beginning.

         Only  realised souls, no others, will certainly appreciate these sayings of Mine, there is no doubt about it.  Liberated souls know well that the limited activities of this delusion can never squeeze out this truth even if all the creatures together tried their utmost. Then how can a single creature dare to wink at Me?

         So you all are wrong, as long as you have this concept to get hold of me with your ego.  Liberation is not a pancake you can toss from hand to hand so easily.  This truth is not like other objects that you can give and take.  I am as I am at all times whether I am with you all or beyond creation.  Therefore totally give up your egoistic attempt to realise the Truth, there is no other means.  This naked truth is none else but yourself.  When you are free from egoistic search you will be void completely at the end.  Realising this Truth you will be one with Me for ever.  This is God realisation.

         Oh !  Beautifully dressed ego of the world, please pay attention to reality.  Whichever way you cover your physical body, you are naked by nature, - this is what you are beneath the coverings.  Again, in the same way, if you analyse this ego, this dirty, stinking flesh and bone, your separate entity, the Truth also is nude in reality.  By nature you are one single voidness, thee eternal divinity and all-pervading truth, - this will be realised. This is why you are everywhere in this entire creation, but visible nowhere for these worldly eyes.  Your impermanent sight is not capable of perceiving Me, the truth which is all-pervading.  Without having any change ever, I am in you all, yet you don’t see me – this is My mystery.

         So long as this ornamental creation is definitely ‘something’ for you the ego, you will not realise Me.  Come out of ego completely if you want to be one with Me.  Look, the finest matter in the world is ether.  It is too deep and vast, - all the planets are within it.  It is complete voidness, - spacious and colourless.  Even then you are seeing blueness in it due to the limited sight of your ego.  This is ignorance.  This very ether, that seems to be super-fine for the ignorant, proves to be an absurdly thick cover in the eyes of the supreme truth.  For in Me there are never such objects nor their activities, nor anything else at all.

         This inexpressible complete voidness is always one single super ‘NO MAN’.  He alone is the most precious one, - the ultimate target of all creatures.  The seekers of truth will realise this super emptiness only when, being empty, they will come to Me.

         This whole creation is just like one of those puzzle rings. If you know the technique you can make it into a ring and wear it without any problem.  Otherwise this ring (truth) is a puzzle for all as it is.  Ignorance is the only cause of this puzzle.  To get rid of this trouble, take the help of this book, ‘BED CROW’.  The technical know-how of this puzzling creation is inside it.  The moment you gain knowledge you will be liberated and you will be the master of this puzzle, this eternal game.  It will have no effect on you, the real, though physically you may remain inside this world.

         Practice is essential.  To have real knowledge, theory will never help to take you to the ultimate goal of life.  This book is full of practice which will prove to be of great help to reach the destination easily and faster than any other practice.

         I am form for the formless, and again I am formless for the form, but for both I am beyond and also far off beyond your imagination, - inexpressible I am.  The realised soul knows it well that this one single truth is He (or She) and all other creatures.  This is the Truth.

         Therefore realise this truth within your lifetime and enjoy your own eternal blessing for ever.  Look at your own body – the outer structure indeed indicates that you are a man or woman with form, but in reality you are formless and visible nowhere.  You are perfect by yourself, the real divinity.  This you will realise only when you are free from the ego concept entirely and without any hesitation, because your ego has no concern with Me the real.  Thus, without facing the practical death of your own ego and its habit (attachment to unreal objects), you can’t realise Me, the self of all.

         Due to ignorance your habits involve you with all the good and bad functions of the world.  The effect of such activities will touch you somewhere inside as long as you identify with ego.  This is how it goes with the unreal ego, this delusive creation, inside My mystic game.  People are puzzled to see varieties of objects and this creation at large.  They think everyone comes down to this earth, somewhere from heaven, stays for a time then goes to an unknown destination after death.  But in reality this coming, staying and going have never been in Me from the very beginning.

         I am as I am, ever free, one single truth.  This puzzling game confuses the whole world of ego and everyone is perplexed and spellbound with this incredible, nerve-shocking mystery.  The most baffling thing in the world is  life and death, which everyone faces in every walk of life.

         I assure you, good aspirants, that all your problems will end for ever on the very day that you realise me correctly, worry not.  Therefore have no doubt on my sayings.  Better you come to Me and experience My doubt-free state in practice.  Gaining this practical knowledge, the wise step on your part is to remain permanently free from ego and its worldly habits. 

         The sum and substance of this mysterious game is One Single Truth, and you are That in reality.  Thus, before trying to understand others, realise yourself first.  You are your own teacher as well as disciple because no-one can walk this path for you, and even if they could, for you it would be no use.

         Therefore you must walk with your own steps on your own way.  Don’t use others’ footwear or depend on them.  Your feet require their own size.  Heading towards the Truth, move on your own way.  This is how all the great souls moved and realised Me.  Do you think your hunger will subside if someone else eats for you?  No, certainly not.  Similarly you must walk on your own to reach and realise the Truth.

         When you realise this Truth, you will see there is no difference between you, Me and others.  When you will come to this height and realise the truth, you will see you are without any problems because you are ever free from ego.  That is why you are known as ‘FREE’.  When you are That, what more can you need?  Nothing indeed do you require in this transcendental state.  This self-realisation is known as the land of peace.

         So, come to Me on your own.  There is no such record of physical teachers and disciples who died for each other, - the one to guide and the other to follow.  When you are sure that no-one will die for you under any condition, why don’t you walk on your own, depending fully on one single Truth.  If, without believing this truism, you choose to ignore My words, there is no doubt you will fall into the tricky, swampy ditch of hell created by your own ego.

         There is immortality in your right habit, and mortality in the wrong.  Keep to the one you most prefer.  Do as you wish.  Your sincere effort and firm determination, with full faith in Me, will give you salvation.  My blessing will only bear fruit for those who walk on their own with this belief on the path of realisation.  Let triumph be on the part of the real seeker.

         My best wishes are always with you from the very beginning of this creation.  Realise My sayings practically.  Good luck to all of you.  Thanks for this invocation.

- OM -


Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

Kathmandu, Nepal
January 1985









     The day breaks at dawn and then only the sun rises in the morn. This unchangeable fact of nature at once breathed in me and then, at the very beginning, this praxis¹ broke open with these few real lines, the bolt-hole² of this book.  This is why it is essential for readers to go through this preface, before coming to the context, and before touching the super-voidness with finishing touches.


¹  praxis /"praksIs/

· n.

1 practice, as distinguished from theory.

2 custom.

– ORIGIN C16: via med. L. from Gk, lit. ‘doing’, from prattein ‘do’.


²   bolt hole

· n. chiefly Brit. an escape route or hiding place.


         This is the starting point, so please have a look ! This common structure of a human being has been created in the form of filthy flesh and bones, yet everywhere inside these stinking skeletons, this eternal light is lighting on.  Time and again, to tell this truth for the whole ignorant world, Lord Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and all other genuine spiritual lions, knocked at the door of  the people’s  ‘brain cabin’ where ‘HE’ alone is hidden.  This is the mystic way of  ‘Thee Light’ going on over here, day and night.

         People cover their bodies with thick coverings to protect them from the chilly breeze at dawn.  But as time goes by, they take off all those coverings one by one.  Finally, they prefer to stay without any coverings, - they like to stay naked.  Thus they prefer to remain completely empty when the unbearably hot sun comes over their heads at noon.

         I am ‘Thee Light’, the eternal light.  This light is everywhere. It is with all those coverings, it is with all the people.  They know He is with them when they feel their hearts beating.  They don’t know where He is, but in reality they themselves are that ‘Light’.  Here, I am that same light that wants to uncover the light which is shining in all.


         Those who have not realised Self think it is somewhere else, at a distance, far off outside this world, - separate like all the other objects here. Each and every object is always separate, therefore ‘veiled faces’ look for this light with the same objective eyes.  Our parents who took care of his body at the beginning of life are separate.  Wife, husband, relatives, society, country, world, and the whole of this vast creation, including our bodies, are separate.  Is it not strange?  Really it is.  Everything is separate, but even then, people think they are not.  They think these objects are not separate, so we are theirs and they are ours, - they belong to us.  This is our usual concept.


         If you are sure enough that I, the pure self, am totally separate from this ‘mask’, - well, it is lovely. If you stay at this point, this stage, with full consciousness, realising the pure eternal light and always being aware of the real Self,  - this is a wonderful achievement.  I will definitely say you have done your duty, and your purpose in coming to this world has been fulfilled.  Here is my salutation to those who are beyond religion and above all, one without a second.  Such realised souls can but tell the truth, like buzzing bees.


         But most people do not recognise the Self.  Without perceiving the pure Self, the light that resides in all, they want to impose themselves as enlightened beings, using only theoretical knowledge.  This hypocrisy is a dangerous veil to common people.  These people are ‘perilous periwigs’³.  They know they have nothing.  They are first class liars for themselves and others, so they are not trustworthy.  They are chatterer, they are cheat.  Such stupid ego is ruining this world every now and then.  Such pranksters are wicked parasites.


³  periwig

· n. a highly styled wig worn formerly as a fashionable headdress by both women and men and retained by judges and barristers as part of their professional dress.

– DERIVATIVES periwigged adj.

– ORIGIN C16: alt. of peruke, with -wi- representing the Fr. -u- sound.



         O !  Real aspirants of this world, my heart ! You may be of any religion, I have nothing to do with that.  But please listen !  At the end, do you not want liberation as your ultimate aim?  I know this is your target, to be free for ever.  You, the Real, are ever free.  There is no attachment.  There is no ego in you.  But the ego concept that you have had from the very beginning has covered you with so many coverings, as a spider’s web ties the bee.


         Freedom is your birthright !  This is your eternal property.  Hence you must get free from this ego and its concepts, which are nothing but pure hallucination.  Though this ego is ever so delicate, yet it has its grip, - its ‘network’ all over this world.    This whole creation is dangerous for all, like the spider’s web for the bee.  Constant practice alone will prove to be the best means to get rid of this ego forever.


         But nowadays people think they are much more advanced, - they think they are modernised.  The purpose of this scientific era is to advance. This is going on all the time.  In this spiritual subject also, people like to show their advancement.  Now see how this advancement depends on their identity with objects and how they take objects to be themselves.  When speaking, they say ‘this is my body, house etc.’, but in practice they don’t take them to be separate.  Nearly everyone here behaves as if they are the body, though in reality, body is definitely separate from the self.  But alas ! this modern, educated society promotes this kind of false knowledge, and thus we agree to accept this body as our self.


        In this way you have developed the habit of agreeing to the unreal being real.  Your false outlook and mistaken thinking have made such an impression throughout your daily life that all these coverings have created ego in you.  Thus this ego started to welcome all the wrong ideas to be right and developed the habit to agree with erroneous concepts which survive without any fundamental basis in reality.  One after another, these false concepts spread all over the world.  Once you compromise with one false concept, the whole family of wrong concepts will run to join hands with you, one after another.  Thus ego is toned heavily in the form of creation as we see it here.



- OM -








 Illusive Ego

         Ego always wants to move in space to find the end of this endless cosmos, like a balloon flying randomly high in the sky, to assert its supremacy.  This is the nature of ambitious ego.  It always tries to take the highest position in this dream world.  This attitude of ego is known to all in every field of life.  Ego climbed the highest peak, Mt. Everest.  Ego dived to the bottom of the ocean and flew into space to explore the planets with its own invented science and technology.  But it is doubtful that this kind of objective research will help to find the Truth.

         As long as ego is extroverted it will be lost somewhere in this vast, mysterious creation.  Just like a drop of water in the desert.  This is why sandman¹, this ego, is always on the wrong track, and why it is always in trouble.  It thinks its search for peace is one hundred percent, but if it were the right approach there wouldn’t be a bundle of worries on its head.  It should be happy as a sandboy².

¹  sandman
•n. (the sandman) a fictional man supposed to make children sleep by sprinkling sand in their eyes.

²  sandboy
•n. (in phr. (as) happy as a sandboy) extremely happy or carefree.
– ORIGIN prob. orig. denoting a boy hawking sand.

         Now listen to Me, if you really want to find peace, turn your face away from these objects and come to Me.  Get inside, be introverted, - search for this TRUTH within, and then you will be ever happy because you will realise eternity.  This Truth alone is the one single unchangeable, eternal happiness and everlasting eternal peace.

         Ego is nothing more than a mirage that imposes itself to be something real.  This is its ignorance and wrong conception.  This unreal habit, rides on desire and is ever restless in its search for truth, - from the very beginning and on through all the different aspects of life. Everything and everyone you see in this life, renowned or notorious, - all are but this one single ego.  Ego’s endless desire for objects leads him down to ruin where the consequence is always death without peace.  This horrific desire compels him to rotate in this cycle of birth and death again and again to fulfil his endless wants.  Ego’s actions create pain.  Because of competitive activity, the modern scientific brain is heading towards destruction.  One day the hurricane of desires which has entrapped the whole world will swallow its own deadly flame of development.  Following this trend, it will collapse like a sandcastle.

         Thus you can get a clear picture of ego and its destructive destination.  Owing to these painful activities, whoever welcomes ego in their walk of life is facing problems.  Ego, the root cause of pleasure and pain, has created this world of duality for its existence.  It is always in favour of change because without it, it can’t survive.  Ego has no existence in the eyes of Truth, that is why it is so unstable.  To enjoy its own world, ego creates misunderstanding in all the creatures.  Thus it welcomes all sorts of problems for nothing, one after another wholeheartedly.

         Ego is the one who, dwelling with all the creatures, creates different complexities, - its habit to enjoy complication brings life as well as death, just like the mother spider becomes the prey of her own babies.  On the other hand we see big fish surviving on smaller ones.

         This fantastic play of ego is really interesting because its every mood is verisimilitude³.  Ego produces countless desires in many forms, creating problems and their solutions with every breath in this world.  Introducing this hallucination, ego is running its network in a vast universe of competition, - all in the name of Truth, puzzling the world with imaginary effort.

³  verisimilitude /%vErIsI"mIlItju;d/
•n. the appearance of being true or real.
– DERIVATIVES verisimilar adj.
– ORIGIN C17: from L. verisimilitudo, from verisimilis ‘probable’, from veri (genitive of verus ‘true’) + similis ‘like’

         Ego’s illusory mystery will eventually melt away like an ice doll into formless form.  This duality and unity of baseless ego’s poor dream will dissolve without leaving any trace of its existence when it comes to Me, the one eternal Truth.  I am the natural heat that melts the ego.  Without the realiser, one single Truth is realised, the ultimate victory of all, - that ego is Myself, the one, inexpressible divinity.  Being one with this naked truth, ego, the most dreadful life-taking poison, turns into immortal nectar.

         This real victory is the only worthy achievement of a sincere and dedicated ego.  However, for the rest who fail to climb to this height, this reality, this eternity is really too far, and they will not be able to realise this one single Truth, - it will always be beyond their imagination.  Duality will overcome them and trap them in its sweet but poisonous embrace.  This is how in the chain of life and death, this panic cycle, - this punishment and torture, - egoistic people will pass on through different forms until they reach Me, the one single omnipresent Truth. Meanwhile those hypocrites and worldly people will remain in the swampy ditches of their dream.

         Ego, that for nothing imposes superiority over others in all fields of competition, always tries to achieve the highest objects of this creation.  Its target is name and fame, and for this it is prepared to die. It’s attachment to the world yields only punishment from beginning of life to the end.  When a desired object is obtained there is pleasure for but a moment before it changes automatically and naturally into pain.

         Unlimited wants inevitably bring attachment and detachment in the normal course of change. Such an ego game, so full of pain and pleasure, eventually helps to uplift one from this monstrous world to the eternal truth.

         Many feel embarrassed, but only a few try their best.  Those who try continually will get out of this whirlpool and reach Me at the end.  But those who cannot, being attached to worldly objects, cannot strive hard and sooner or later will have to face humiliation.  Ego thus experiences both psychological and spiritual death as long as it is attached to the objects of the world.

         Hence, Oh you ego of the world!  Get victory over the unreal life in the war of mortality and be liberated.  Salvation will be your great achievement.  Please listen to Me patiently and I will tell you the real technique for your betterment.  In this war of truth one must give up one’s desires completely and forever.  This detachment will be like armour for you in this game of the life and death of ego.

         In the name of God, for the sake of Truth, if you rely on My words you will never face defeat as you do away with every worldly object one by one.  Practise sincerely and there is no question that you will not be successful.  There is no way out except this, so if you are really hankering for the eternal truth, - if you want to win and quench your eternal thirst, give up your ego and come to Me.  Thus you will certainly be one with Me permanently, without fail.

         Hope you got Me and My sayings.  Cope with this changeable world in this way, - go on trying, and then you will be able to reveal the eternal Truth.  Your dedication and complete surrender are the real pay-back of this victory.

        Ego has no existence in Me, that’s why you are never needed. That is why your egoistic search will never find Me, and its unnecessary efforts will never have concrete results.  From time unknown I have warned you to give up ego which can never bear the fruit of Eternal Truth.

         Once again I would like to draw your attention to My sayings: erase your ego; rise high above it to eradicate it.  Be empty completely; go beyond all kinds of attachment forever, then without doubt you will come to Me.  Those egos who do not wish to hear will be deprived of Me for as many cycles of birth and death as they exist.  This negligence can only pay in terms of painful birth and death in this creation.

         Ego thinks it is really something very important, - the most precious one.  This imaginary imagination is no more than a ‘nasty nattle dream’, the source of this delusive creation in which ego plunges its head again and again into pleasure and pain.  The moment you are free from ego you will realise that you are none else than Me, the one single Truth.

         So rise above this frantic egoistic feeling always,  - only then will you gain this spiritual knowledge and will realise Me the real.  This is the truth.  There is no speck of doubt in My sayings.  If ego will try to understand Me correctly, this truthfulness of Mine will prove to be of great benefit in his search for Me, the one single Truth.  This eternal Truth is My divinity.

         Wake up !  Please get up !  So I ask you all to wake up thoroughly once and for all from your delusive dream land of intoxicated ego, and be free forever.  In reality freedom is your life and this truth is My serenity.  I am ever free, - ego and its creation are never in Me.  Yet I am with you all the time, both inside and outside your creation, equally equal, without any change, - this is My beauty.  I am very nigh with you, closer even than ‘yourself’, - this is My sanctity. 

         I am not visible to you, the ego, because of your defective sight.  The moment you cross over this limitation with your own effort there is no question that you will not be one with Me – Thee truth, - this is My eternal law and beauty.  I alone am this whole creation, ONE without a second ever.  This mysterious creation of yours is My trance; this tranquillity is My purity.  Realise this truth in practice and remain happily for ever.

- OM -



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