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Losing the self to be the Self

Bed Crow         Biography

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(Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar)



         Sri T. L. Mahanandhar, the author, physically appeared in this incredible world before noon on Monday, March 9, 1930, at Maru Tole, Kathmandu, - in the land of temples, the capital of Nepal, (then) the only Hidu kingdom in the world, where the great mountain Sagarmatha (Mt.Everest) stands as a symbol of the loftiness of spirit in man.


         Leading a domestic life, he practised yoga and meditation etc. and through different means on his own, depending entirely on one single truth – God.


         He started to help people on this subject in 1956.  To my knowledge, he is the first Nepali of this era to take spiritual flight to help the western world in the year 1971. Visiting England, he stayed in Canada for some time, establishing Vuvalaya YogaAshram, and helping people free of cost with  practical knowledge on self-realisation.  This spiritual movement also took him to Australia in the year 1974.


         He believes dedicated pointed practice alone reveals the eternal Truth.  Therefore, one must lead a practical life to uplift oneself spiritually and realise the Truth, the fountainhead of peace, through the easiest means and as early as possible, before this uncertain life fades away.


         Hence, like a magnifying glass this ‘BED CROW’ will prove to be of great help in this respect for seekers who dive into it, and it will also serve to give aspirants a clear vision of the invisibility, yet all-pervading, changeless, one single supreme realty that is as it is from time unknown.  Sincere seekers will undoubtedly appreciate this truth, no others.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Mohan Dev Bhattarai




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