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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

I and You      page 6

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This page:     Harmonial Dance

I and You

(More writings of Sri T.L. Mahanandhar)

Page Six


You believe you are healthy,

for your whole system is in harmony.

Your intellect, mind, sense organs

and all the cells in your body

are in harmony with

the outer world

this universe.

This is how

you are physically fit,

but physical fitness changes

along with time,

along with the world

and your belief also changes

into disbelief.

Change brings

lack of harmony,

lack of coordination.

Change reduces your health.

When you are not physically sound,

this unhealthy body affects

your mind, intellect and surroundings.

The environment of your country

and the whole world also

will have its effect,

because this whole delusive universe

is inter-related with each and every creature

that exists within it.

Suffer you must -

as long as you agree


unreal to be real,

mortal to be immortal,

untruth to be truth.

Lack of knowledge

- your egoistic concept,

the product of ignorance,

guides your unreal ego


in every walk of your life.

You, the short-sighted ignorance,

at all times accepted

right to be wrong


wrong to be right.

This mistake, this blunder of yours


is the main cause

of pain and pleasure

and your suffering.

You, the ego,

the product of ignorance,

which is unreal,

which has no existence,

agrees with all the products of delusion

- that is why it suffers.

Your desire

for the objects of the world

and your attachment to them

are perishable

not real.

Lacking real knowledge,

your ignorance

could not adjust to the real,

could not harmonise with the real,


unreal is unreal.

Real is real.

You, the ego, which is unreal,

will never understand the Real.

This is how ignorance is ever lagging behind

to reveal the Truth.

This is the only reason

- why ego is ever deprived of

true knowledge,

- why ego, this ignorance, fails

to keep harmony

with the real


To get rid of your sufferings,

to end all your troubles,

to realise the Truth,

to be in harmony with peace and tranquility,

rise above your ego concept,

rise above your desire and attachment

for this unreal world of ignorance.

Until you are capable of fighting

against your ego concept,

desire and attachment

for worldly objects

will laugh at you,

always hopping, jumping and dancing

again and again

in this world of ignorance.

This is how this delusion

mocks at you,

the unreal ego,

giving more suffering.

As long as ego is there,

this game will continue

in full swing,

humiliating and torturing you

again and again.

In this way the dance

- the 'harmonial' dance of illusion -

is going on,

and on,

and on,

within the dance of ignorance.

Even then

the disgrace of ignorance

delights to enjoy

the poison of this world

being ever attached to it.

When your desired object changes

according to its changeable nature,

your attachment also

changes to detachment

- like a child into old-age,

life into death.

While suffering you struggle hard

to get out of its claws

like the poor fly,

the spider's prey.

When you see

you are helpless,

only then you cry.

You look for

help - help - help

- but your desired objects,

your attachment to your

nearest and dearest,

will not come to help you,

- they will stand in front of you,


When you will see, 

when you will feel

they are all laughing at you,

at your sufferings,

- only then

will you thoroughly understand

the deceit of ignorance.

When, with great humiliation,

you will be put aside

on your death-bed,

kicking up to your last breath,

- only then will you feel

you are wrong,

that your ego concept

and all its activities

- are all unreal.

But then it will prove to be too late

for you to follow the Truth,

when you realise why you could not cope

with the dance

- the dancing harmony of


The poor condition of your ego

is helpless to correct itself,

and so you die,

entering the cycle of birth and death

again and again.

You were unwilling to hear

the Truth

which is with you all the time,

so that is why you have this suffering

at the end.


you are requested


not to follow your ego

and its world.

Rise above ego,

rise above ignorance,

and come to


Have a 'harmonial' dance with


the one single Truth,

and enjoy eternity forever.

Your ego believes it can give life

to this unreal universe.

Lacking real knowledge of Truth

it demands help.

To get help,

your ego must have attachment

to another ego

- this world.

This is how attachment develops

along with desire

for attachment.

Thus ego dances along with

the dance of desire,

the dance of attachment,

again and again,

being a puppet of them both

and ever held tightly

in the dancing embrace

of ignorance.

This is how

the egoistic concept

assumes and believes

that ignorant ego

is immortal

- but this can't be true.

Ego and all its actions

are totally mortal.

It joins hands with ignorance

to have a dance

in the game of birth and death

- which is delusion.

To enjoy the Real 'Harmonial' Dance,

you have to travel within,

beyond attachment,

beyond desire,

beyond ego,

beyond ignorance.

Keep going until

ignorance perishes completely.

No trace of ignorance remaining

- means nothing, nothing at all,

exists here except


- which is none else than You,

the Real Unborn.

This is the Real Harmonial Dance



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