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Losing the self to be the Self

I and You - page 7

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I and You

(More writings of Sri T.L. Mahanandhar)

Page 7


(The 'Do as you wish' Doctrine)

All the creatures that are here in the exhibition ground of this world are strangers. They all live together for a short time and their gathering is certainly unique. In the spectacle of this procession of different species displaying themselves to one another, each appears to be remarkable in their eyes. This is how they prove themselves to be noteworthy, through their own public display that amazingly attracts them all.

But this is why the sharp, stinging smell of approval and glances of reproof between them are spread far and wide, like a cobweb, in this egoistic world of ignorance. They know one day they have to get out of this place, leaving this gathering behind without the slightest wish to do so.

Once they leave this delusive amusement, it means they will never again come back to this world of dream. Whenever they ponder this point, they feel very isolated for a moment, but their attachment to this noisy, unreal world of ignorance, which has hypnotised the ego, compels them to forget it. That is why the ego ever remains engaged in this mottled skin of ignorance.

All the people of this world are free to act as they desire. One can distinctly hear the painful cry of this murmuring world of ego like the murmur of bees in the garden. People have free will to live with their body in the world, but they have to depart from here. The natural law of death forcibly takes them all according to its will.

Death is uncertain. Nobody knows who will be next to leave this world stage.

Definitely the world has seen their family members, friends, well-wishers and others all go, one after the other. They know how badly they miss them, yet at the same time, they also know that they will also have to go away today or tomorrow out of this world and out of their own body. This ego which, due to ignorance, accepts their body to be themself, lives with it for a lifetime but in the end deceives their concepts when the soul departs without hearing them, being cruel at the end.

The egoistic attitude of the world entirely depends on their actions. Whatsoever they perform on the world-stage is liable and responsible for changing their destiny. It is a fact that every individual is independent to incarnate in this world, to stay and to depart and similarly, they are all free to choose their own destiny - hell, heaven or immortality.

Hence you are all requested to select your own exit and move straight forward towards it, without being confused. You should know well that you are not this body, nor is this body yours. You are a free man, therefore all your outlook and actions must be free and fair enough for you to remain as you are.

For you are the One alone that is inexpressible, which is unborn Truth, ever pure and free. Thus you are independent and as you are from time unknown to time unknown.




Nothing is real. Everything is changeable and changing every now and then. See! Each and every sound you are speaking is part of the chain of changing procedure. So is your hearing. So is your outlook, your thinking and all other activities. From womb to world, from life to death, the process of change is going on and on without a break. Sun is changing, moon is changing, days are changing, nights are changing, the atmosphere, environment and nature of this whole phenomenon are changing non-stop. Changing is unreal, it can't be real, but even then the world which is no other than change itself is enjoying every moment of changing being changed.

Can change entertain the changeable? You certainly believe it can, that is why you, being changeable, are all affected by its pain and pleasure and their change. As long as change is there, you see, you are surviving within its range. The moment you are out of it, there ends the game. The whole cycle of your change vanishes, for there is no more 'you' who feels this change, like a person who travels beyond the force of gravity. That is to say, beyond this change there is the changeless. Beyond this unreality there is reality.

About this true original state of yours, different thinkers have expressed their views from different angles, time and again. Some call this Truth 'void', and others, - 'Unborn Eternity', 'Self', 'Super-Self', 'Supreme Reality' etc. And so, to explain this Truth, I will call it Inexpressible Reality.

This Inexpressible Reality alone you are, which means in the eyes of Truth, there should not be the slightest trace of change. Therefore all your activities, doctrines and dogmas that are related to change are certainly unreal. Now you, the Real, are all alone and without change - which indicates that apart from you, the one singleton, there is none to claim their existence.

When the practitioner comes to the highest hight of this thoughtless stage, where thought and thoughtless stages also never exist, to him this universe and all its activities, whether existing or not - make no difference. Just like a person coming out of a dream realises that all the activities, relations, society and their associated pleasures and pain - everything the dream-body faced inside the dream - was nothing more than a dream.

A dream is delusive, that is why you, the good friends of my day-dream, all all unreal. Come out of it! Only then you will agree with me, without any agreement, that this we call unreality - because except ME, the one single eternity, there is none who hears ME truly.


In the dark, dead of night, the light of a small candle seems valuable - such is the case in this world of ignorance but just like the twinkling stars, it disappears leaving no value or significance when the sun shines brightly in the sky.

Half-cooked rice is far better than the half-cooked brain of a hypocrite. For the rice may upset the stomach whereas the hypocrite spoils the brains of the whole world.

This human skin, the human form, is very costly and is rare indeed. Don't risk taking it to the cheap, unskilled cobbler to stitch the jacket of your own design. For unskilled hands will certainly spoil it (your life), whereas an expert will serve your purpose without fail.

This world is not for you and you are not for this world. This place is just a temporary halting-place on your way. Therefore, my travellers, don't be attached to this world of dream. To get out of this dream you have to be quite sure that you are just a stranger here. So behave strangely, walk strangely and look strange because you are only a stranger.

He who performs his duty correctly will certainly come straight to ME, the Real, for you are no other than ME from the very beginning. Know this truthful saying of mine because "You love Me and want to come to ME" and I am love and love alone I am. That is why the whole world wants to love. Hence love ME as much as you can. This love of yours will turn into Pure Love which is none other than ME, the one, single Truth Eternal.

Know ME this way and extend your hand to serve the poor and needy world, being pure. Love without any selfish motive - only then will you be judged fit on 'the day of judgement' before the kingdom of heaven - the Truth Eternal.


If it is hard for you to distinguish between the fine powders of salt and sugar, put them one at a time on the tongue and taste. Only then you will know which is salty and which is sweet.

How can a man distinguish between real and unreal unless he tastes them properly? Listen! Are you here only to discover the taste of this universe? If this is your only purpose, then taste and enjoy your stay in this world whichever way you like. But when you get tired and completely fed-up with the taste of the world and the idea of tasting it fades away, only then will these sayings of mine be useful to you.

When you begin to understand my sincere advice, you will feel you are on the right path. This path of Truth also has many tastes and practical experiences - just like the taste of all the different worldly objects, such as sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent etc., but all these experiences are just tastes that help the practitioner to move ahead on the path of True Taste.

Now the main problem for mankind is to realise this taste. What is this taste then? There are very few who even think about it. In this modern, advanced, objectified world of science and technology, people have no time to exercise their brains on this vital point. Instead of advancing faster and faster like their destructive missiles towards disaster - all in the name of construction - if people had used such sharp brains to think about this 'True Taste', I do believe the world would never have experienced such fear of the consequences of these actions.

Peace is within you. It is nowhere outside in the world. Therefore, my advanced thinkers, change the course of your research from object to subject. Be subjective, repelling the temptations of objects, and be filled with mental peace within, again and again.

Peace is life and life you are. You are not the body. This body is your resting place. As long as you are in this temple, the shrine of this body, you should take care of it and to take care of it best you should take the help of the peace which is within you. You, the Real, are the fountain of peace. This fountain is the real taste of all tastes, therefore, being always introverted, taste this unborn taste.. It is life, it is peace. Thus get victory in this war of Truth.

The objects of this world are based on peace. If the world wants peace and if modern science is really in favour of peace, then retreat without delay. Only then will this fear of death turn into life immortal. But if the so-called 'mature' brain of science moves ahead without concern for this truth, it will certainly lead to disaster. Therefore, O peace-lovers, please move towards peace without any doubt or hesitation. Taste this eternal taste and enjoy everlasting peace, and at the end you will realise this peace is yourself, the real you.

The objective research of modern science is nothing but sorcery. This 'hit and miss' business is entirely based on the imagination and fanciful ideas of your baseless ego, which is why it is unreal, yet painful. Untruth ever brings pain whereas truth brings peace. Fight against your objective attitude. Fight with all your might against all these changeable objects to win this war of Truth.

It may be easy for the world to defeat the physical form of others, but to defeat the unreal ego and its concepts is really a job. This war of life is certainly harder than hard. Only a few can get through this test out of billions of people. Bravo! to those who conquer in this war of self-taste! Having no fight with anyone, he who fights with his own self with the help of complete surrender will win the battle.

Total non-violence is the typical strategy of the single-minded warrior to get victory in this war of ignorance.

One such warrior explains his 'war-experience' this way - in the beginning he behaved as if he was really at war with this world and saw it as his deadly enemy. Thus he started fighting with all the objects that came on his way. But as a result of this war he faced defeat in every walk of his life. This strategy made it difficult to stay in society. Even his own family, friends and well-wishers regarded him as a rebel.

However, this reaction proved to be a good lesson for him. He realised his mistake and began correcting it. Gradually, people started loving him. Now he understood that he preferred love to hate and that both his worldly and spiritual taste should be based on love. Thus he changed his whole system of 'war-tactics' and developed the practice of loving all. The skillful use of non-violence began producing peace, and this he practised for years together without any break. Although it is hard to practise continually and regularly, his firm determination crowned him with success in the end. His dedication gave complete defeat to his own ego, the base of ignorance, that wanted to fight the Taste Eternal, and the moment it disappeared he realised that this unborn tasteless taste was no other than he himself, the one single Truth.

This way of non-violence and love helped to maintain his mental equilibrium. Thus he understood correctly that he, the 'One Single Eternity' alone is this universe - except him, there is none. Thus he has no more emnity with the world. He alone is all-pervading, Pure Love.

Thus he suggests that everyone should develop love in their heart, for only then will this war with the world turn into peace. Then the natural behaviour of all creatures will flow smoothly like the water that flows from the Himalayas to the ocean without any obstacle. This naturalness is life and artificiality is death. He who understands nature understands the value of true love, the source of peace.

This is how the world should win the war of taste. This is the best way to live in the world and to have self-realisation, the real joy of taste.

Finally, he is as natural as can be. He is tranquil, for everywhere alone he is, the changeless one singleton. Such tremendous success made him bold enough to fight all mental agitation and this unconquerable missile of non-violence alone gave him victory over non-self, - the baseless ego, the product of delusive ignorance. Thus he triumphed in the war of taste and this 'fight-to-the-finish' ended for good.

If you also have such a quest, dive deep within and enjoy this Taste Eternal.




- OM -



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