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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

Teachings of TL      Part Three

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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

Part three

(Note: most of the following teachings were transcribed from earlier writings of TL)

An old notebook of Tirtha Lal's writings 

(with a photo of him as a young man)


Blessing of the Almighty will turn the step of all the life in this universe

Blessed one is he who will always think ADVAITA (non duality) and will always try to be so. His action is pure, his mind is clear, and his life is sure for the good of all creatures. With the help of God’s blessing, JIVA (individual soul or self) will understand the difference and real in reality about BRAHMA (the Supreme, Ultimate Reality).

Editor's note: Brahma, pronounced 'brumm(-a)' or /brʌmə/ which here denotes the Supreme Reality, is not to be confused with Brahma, pronounced 'braama' or /brɑːmæ/ who is the Creator God of the Hindu Trinity.

Question: - If BRAHMAN is realised by His blessing alone, why then do we see that the sufferers here are many?

Lord has said: “I am equal to all the creatures; there are none whom I like or hate”. With this it is clear that the blessing of the Supreme is equally equal to all the JIVAS. Then why isn’t every JIVA having this quest to find out ADVAITA?

In reply to this, Lord Krishna has said in the Bhagavadgita: “He who approaches me whichever way, in the same way I approach him”. The person who will do UPASANA (worship) without any attachment (NISKAM) with the worldly things in mind, he alone will receive His blessing in full and will be taken to his goal – PURUSHOTTAMA (Supreme Being), BRAHMAN, Thee Supreme One. 

After attaining ADVAITA, in what way will the person be benefitted? To clear up this doubt, the benefit in return here has no compeer - that is, he will never face death and birth, which is fearful to all JIVAS in this creation. He will remain immortal, ever happy, peaceful source of peace, fountain of light and joy etc.

It is sure that there is ATMA (Supreme Soul, Self) - that is why there is creation in him - THAT I AM. He is complete, and his act of MAYA (illusion) is also complete in which I AM, within and without. Now, to this PURANA BRAHMAN, who is formless, in what way will I bow with due respect, because He is not separated from JIVA? Moreover, He is SIVAM (Kalyan Sarupa) by Himself, and is inexpressible, ABYAYA.

This world in the form of five elements is MITHYA (illusory) - this is only for them who have realised the Truth. When the whole of creation is illusion, the truth is that I AM alone. Then to whom shall I pay respect (NAMASKARA)? NAMASKARA is offered to one who is separate from me, but CHETAN ATMA (Supreme) is not separate from myself, and the world is MITHYA (illusory), therefore NAMASKARA is not possible. NAMASKARA is not practicable in one ATMA alone, hence the real meaning of NAMASKARA is to think of ATMA alone.

ATMA is Truth, and alone in all forms. Except ATMA, all things are MITHYA, which are pervaded by BRAHMA in BRAHMA - BRAHMA alone. That is why the whole creation is neither different nor non-different from BRAHMA. This creation is seen through the eye, and felt through the other INDRIYAS (senses), so this universe as a whole is separate. If this universe would have been one, like ATMA, then this creation could never be seen - but this is not the case here, so this creation is inexpressible and known as ANIRVACHANIYA. ANIRVACHANIYA means something that is quite different from real and unreal; eg. The blueness in the sky or the snake appearing in the rope etc. If this MAYA is real, then why has it got an end when the fact (Truth) is understood? And if this MAYA is unreal, then why do we feel it through our sense organs? This JAGATA (universe) is visible through the senses, but it has an end also. That is why it is known as ANIRVACHANIYA.

The essence of VEDANTA philosophy, which is meant for finding out Truth alone, is my real property, and that alone is my science and knowledge to understand MAYA and myself - which can never be beyond or separate from Me, because I am with and without form. Hence by nature I am in all and one alone.

All visible and invisible forms that you see are nothing else but Me alone, the PURE BRAHMA. I am unshakeable, pure, light of lights, covering all and nectar by nature. That I am.

I am He who is always free from the pollution of MAYA, indestructible, endless, and the pure form of knowledge. I do not know or feel this pleasure and pain at all - this is connected to the body and its elements. He who feels pleasure and pain is AGYANI (ignorant), and therefore is involved in ‘another’s DHARMA’ (duty) - Bhagavadgita III.35, - because his ignorance has not yet been destroyed. There will remain no trace of ego in him when this delusion is over, and the feeling of mineness with such a duty will end when one will rise above the stage of ego.

Never I have contact with ego, therefore I know nothing about pleasure and pain. In the eyes of such a JIVANMUKTA (liberated soul while still living) there remains nothing except BRAHMA.

There are three kinds of good and bad actions – by the mind, speech and body. These actions are not mine; I am neither subject nor object for the ego; I am beyond this - the pure Knowledge.

The whole universe is Mine, likewise the energy of the creation - but this is not true in reality. The Truth is ATMA which is beyond this and one alone. Then how shall I see ATMA, directly or indirectly, when He is single? The act of seeing the one ATMA by oneself is not possible. This action is possible only when there is subject and object. Therefore ego should merge in Himself with the help of practice. On completion of this task, one realises Himself, who is the all-pervading Self alone.


“Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is reached!”

(Editor's Note: the above quote and much of the early part of the following piece is familiar from the writings of Swami Vivekananda, and some words may have been copied verbatim in the spirit of inspiration with which they are imbued. However, there is no doubt that TL expanded on this in his own words).

Say!!! The aim of life is my highest heaven. Repeat and pray day and night, “O Thou Lord of Gauri (Shiva), vouchsafe manliness unto me; take away my weakness, take away my unmanliness and make me a man”.

Thou! Therefore utter no words of condemnation, close your lips and let your heart open for Thee. Work out the salvation for yourself (first) and that of the whole world. Think that the entire burden of the world is on my shoulders and broadcast it for all, so that the Truth may run like fire all over the universe.

Each soul is potentially divine. This is the whole of religion; doctrines or dogmas, or rituals or books or temples are but secondary details. The goal is to manifest the divine within. Do this either by work or worship, or physique control and philosophy, by one or more or all of these; but ye must do and be free.

All expansion is life, all contraction is death. All love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves, lives, he who is selfish is dying. Therefore love for your sake, because it is the law of life. Our object is to understand the real Self, to do good to the world, but not the trumpeting of our own names.

I want this, that you must discard for ever, self-aggrandisement, faction mongering and jealousy. You must be all-forbearing, like mother earth. If you can achieve this, the world will always be at your feet. He who knows how to obey knows how to command. Learn obedience first, we want organization. Organization is nothing except power, for salvation. And the secret of this is obedience.

Those that want to help mankind must take their own pleasure and pain, name and fame, and all sorts of interests, make a bundle of them and throw them into the sea, and come to the Lord. This is what all the masters said and did.

Do not tarry, the time of death is approaching day by day. Do not sit idle thinking that everything will be done in time later. Mind! Nothing will be done that way. I feel extreme pain to see them leading a life of inaction.

At most you may die in the attempt. What of that? How many like you are taking birth and dying like worms every day; what difference does it make to the world at large? Die you must, but have a great ideal to die for, and it is better to die for the world, the selected aim, the great ideal in life.

A time comes when you will understand that to serve a man even by preparing a cup of boiled water is far greater than even millions of meditations. As long as ego is your deity, you cannot rise spiritually.

I love you all ever so much, my own ATMA, but I will wish you all to die for the Truth. I shal be rather glad to see you all doing with your heart’s blood. Do that and get the real food of your life. Have patience and be faithful unto death. Believe in the omnipotent power of love, and let Self bless you all.

Always try to understand the real Self, and for that go on practising your duty (like japa, meditation etc.) as you have been asked to do. I am sure if you obey and do such work honestly, mind will not be obsessed with evil thoughts. If you sit alone idly (without remembering the Supreme, the aim of life to whom you have surrendered), this will not be good on your part, and all sorts of harmful thoughts may come and disturb your mind. You are fortunate to have this human body. Pray to the evergreen Truth as much as you can, daily. If you all actually regard and want to follow the path of truth, I tell you all, honestly, according to the time and place, you must sacrifice everything, even your own body. It is much more difficult to attain anything in the run of this life without sacrifice, which you know well.

Dear selves, austerities, practice, etc. – all these things do right now. Will these things be possible later on? Whatever you want to achieve, don’t leave it now - this is the right time to do it and do it on the spot. If you will disregard and hate my word, it won’t harm Me at all, but my ATMA, remember that you are losing your valuable lifetime and for this you know the future will laugh at you. More quickly he attains the goal who practises spiritual disciplines. Therefore do the master’s work and along with that you carry on with the practice, then you will know what you are and will see your position in relation to the world.

Everything will end well for those who are truthful and rely on Truth sincerely. Everything is changeable except Truth. Therefore stand on your aim boldly and strongly until you get the Truth. Like a boat crossing the river, the boat is not full of water, it is attached to and running against the current, without any pause, to get to the bank.

Modesty is the absence of all tendency to over-estimate oneself. It is the greatest ornament of an illustrious life. It is purity of thought, character, feeling and conduct. Know that you seek, and then you seek. Nothing on earth can give you supreme joy, everlasting happiness, and that unadulterated bliss. You must always keep in mind that youth fades off like the evening flower; strength vanishes like a rent cloud, and the beauty of the body quickly gives way to ugly death. Your pleasure centres will mock at you, for you have mistaken pain for happiness and mirage for water. 

There is nothing impossible on earth for a man of strong will-power, therefore do not forget the real goal of your life, the true object that you seek, and the sole purpose for which you live your life here.

When shall we get peaceful life?

A peaceful life comes only through proper understanding of Truth, where both the world and yourself are lying. Final emancipation through the realisation of the union of yourself and Truth alone is the goal of our life, but this is very difficult for those who are very selfish and too much on all sides for the world. However it is possible and can be achieved by the honest, fixed and obedient aspirant, by practising strenuous and constant SADHANA (practice).

He who will not follow this real path will not try to understand the actual value of life, and that the pursuit of any other end is full of pain and unhappiness. Moreover, such an unbalanced mind, for the whole of life and after death will face again and again the horror of rebirth. Hence one should not forget one’s target, the aim of life, at any cost, and should always try to get freedom from worldliness and duplicity.

Is life evil?

(The real and unreal life)

Life as such is not so evil, but the evil consists of the delusion and danger to which life leads. The good life, which is in conformity with the Truth or Real Self, should therefore be free from the operations of hatred, delusion and falsehood, in all their forms of manifestation. The righteous life should be lived with honesty, self-restraint, mental peace, absence of agitative activity, fortitude, faith in Truth, and concentration of mental consciousness.

Life can be divided into two categories: 1. Real life, and 2. Unreal life. The creation of Truth is full of wonders and vast - without any break it is coming and going in full pelt, always in new and fresh form, like the running of a river. Therefore Truth is the greatest mathematician, engineer and scientist of all time. Man is the highest form of creation because man is the treasury of knowledge. Truth has filled up the whole creation within man and revealed itself before him as the real life. But see the strange path of men, few of whom when they step inside the world follow the path of real life while the rest unfortunately forget themselves and lead the path of unreal life.

They are the real men who have understood the reason for their birth and duty. They are the lover of VIDYA (pure knowledge), worshipper of Truth, and such a liberated soul becomes fearless. They transcend all sorrows and attain eternal and unshakeable bliss. Such a great soul moves in the world only for our good. Such a person, though living for others, will never entertain the idea that he lives and moves for the sake of the world, much less will he say so. The eyes get sanctified through the sight of such persons; the tongue gets purified through conversing with them, and mind gets purified through thoughts of them. Thousands and hundreds of thousands of such persons have appeared on earth from time to time. If any boon has to be sought from the Truth, let us pray thus, “O Truth! Give us the strength and wisdom to follow in the footsteps of those exalted souls whose glory You yourself sing!” They are equal for all and are the true representatives of Truth.

Now let’s come to the unreal life. The word ‘unreal’ itself will sound unpleasant to those who want to lead the real life, worshipping Truth. This is because we are all here from the Real, and we are Real for the Real, but our friends who do not want to tax their brains for this fact (the real life) and desire much in a dream to get the best food for ever, prefer to lead the unreal life. They never bother for the Truth and do not want to follow the eternal rule. They are the real father of pride, selfishness, error and jealousy etc. They are totally blind about the mental (supreme) power. They are the grandfather of egoism and their minds are full of evil deeds. They are mad always for the worldly objects. They keep pious tongue and profane heart. Their heart ever remains fully drenched in worldliness.

Even so, Truth gives them a chance to correct themselves in every step of their intoxicated lives, with innumerable examples. For example, “Dear self! Believe that life is nothing except Myself (Thee Truth) - whether it is real or unreal - but be sure that real is the path of everlasting peace whereas unreal is the path of grief. Therefore try to recognise Me and you will certainly understand and remember what is really dearest to you".

Listen! The world seen in a dream vanishes as soon as you wake up and open your eyes. So persuade yourself that you are passing through a dream-state - whatever is revealed to your senses is nothing but the creation of a dream. As soon as this dream is over, the Reality (Self) will automatically flash upon you. Believe my word that all the things that appear and disappear or have and end are unreal - made with the stuff that dreams are made of. What meets the eye has no existence in Reality - the dream is bound to terminate. As soon as Thee eyes are opened it will come to an end.

Here it may be asked, how is it that the eyes have not been opened till today? This is my reply – that you have never thought over this matter or tried to do so this far, therefore you couldn’t recognise this world to be a dream. The determined mind is unshakeable, therefore impress upon it firmly that the world is a dream. Even if it appears to you as real, continue believing that it is nothing but a dream. If you will practise like this with full confidence, it is certain that the outer covering of Truth, this dream, will definitely turn into ‘pat-pastiche’* one day and Truth will be revealed to you.


Each of the methods suggested above are helpful in attaining blessedness. Of course it is true that practice may require time, but these are equally conducive to supreme good.

*pastiche /pæsˈtiːʃ/ - n. 

an artistic work in a style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period.

ORIGIN C19: from Fr., from Ital. pasticcio, based on late L. pasta ‘paste’.

Look, Truth and the world are both the best customers of the real man - there is no place in their heart for the unreal life. If someone declares themselves to be the best lover of Truth, yet hates the human being, he is a first class hypocrite because for they who cannot love their fellow-men who are always visible and are always with them up to the last breath - how can it be possible for them to love the invisible Truth? I ask you, getting such a highest soul in this world, what have you done? He can do everything who has understood the value of his duty in reality. The true meaning of education is to understand how to survive in this world for the real life, while our first and foremost duty in life is to be a real man in this moment, and then only something else in future.

“What is the aim of my life? Why am I here in this world? Where to after this?” These kinds of question will arise only in those who have been badly kicked-off from one end to another by their nearest and dearest society in this world, like a football in the playground. Such knocks will only prove to be helpful to guide them from the unreal life to the real one.

Now, if you will try to lead the real life with one aim, which is very essential, I am sure that the swarm of difficulties will not have the guts to touch you, just as the lotus flower remains on the water but without any stain.

Once more, look! Look! Look to your own face, I tell you, in this beautifully pure, dazzling looking-glass.

Think “Who am I?” and judge whether you are Thee Real man, or the unreal one. That’s all. Thank you.


Hallucination has an end but it is without beginning. GYANA (Jnana), the pure knowledge of Truth is existing without beginning or end, timelessly, in the eyes of those who recognize it. This pure knowledge is not the sort of thing that has to be attained because ATMA (Supreme Soul/Self) is the very embodiment of GYANA.

To understand the un-realized one it requires effort and exertion, but this is not the case here because the Eternal Principle is omnipotent and omnipresent. The true knowledge is dwelling permanently with us, but due to the ignorance - which we have to dispel - it is assumed to be something that must be realised.

He alone exists in Him (the Real Truth) who looks upon this transitory world as something eternal! This is something interesting that I’ll tell you about. Hallucination doesn’t exist in BRAHMA, therefore it is irrational for us to try to dispel it. As a matter of fact, to try to eradicate illusion is preposterous, since there is no darkness in the light (ATMA).

Then the question may arise, how and where does hallucination exist? In reply, you must try to understand its ‘life-history’ which is certainly more peculiar and vast than any other life in this world. He who will strive willingly, one day, in his sincere and remarkable dive in search of the real life, hallucination will not be able to stun him. It will reveal its secret pig-sty and will stutter, “I am hallucination, the mother of all those foolish people who do not want to know the real fact. Such an intoxicated life will always remain indulged in worldly things and will never get the chance to understand my beginningless ignorance in their minds from the very moment they individually feel 'I am'. The pity is that they will never really know me as you have understood me now.”

Therefore I tell you, that only that will adduce for you which has no end and which has existed since time without beginning. An error must come to an end. If an error had no end, then it would prove impossible for any individual to attain knowledge. Thus by now you must have understood that although delusion is beginningless, yet it must have an end.

Now if it is asked, how can error appear to exist when in fact it has not existed since beginningless time, in reply I can tell you that a deviation from the common rule will arise. For example: 1. There exists the liability to fall into error again even for those who have attained Supreme Knowledge (Gyana); 2. Secondly, for the common creatures, error makes the way clear for them to come into existence; and 3. Such ignorance exposes God, the master of the universe, to blame.

Now it is proved that although illusion is without beginning, yet it has an end. There is no drop of doubt that the conception of matter, time and place etc. - these worldly objects are existing only within the four walls of MAYA, the mother of illusion. Beyond this MAYA is the ever dazzling light - unchangeable, pure, untouched and absolute BRAHMA.

Pure knowledge is nothing except BRAHMA. The VEDAS and the scriptures of enlightened souls also announce that consisting of pure intelligence is nothing but the Real Self. It is true that sound or speech may function only in DWAITA (duality) where there is ignorance. So long as we are on this plane, to all of us it behoves that everything, this universe as well as God should appear as real as long as this delusion has such a beautiful opportunity to exert its hold over us. To reveal the Self, from the leesful* leer of this MAYA, you have to act in accordance with the teachings of the real masters (Thee Self) and their scriptures.

*lees  /liːz/ - pl. n. 

the sediment of wine in the barrel; dregs.

ORIGIN ME: pl. of obs. lee in the same sense, from OFr. lie, from med. L. liae (pl.), of Gaulish origin.

You know it well that it is beyond our ability to proclaim this transitory MAYA as meaningless, because where nothing exists in that transcendental state, one gets tongue-tied. This is what we call god-realization. Thus the real aspirant only attains this Pure Self, the goal of his life, through constant practice and with motiveless devotion to Thee Truth.

For such sanctified souls, questions do not arise as to how, when and where this hallucination appears and vanishes - just before and after the heart gets purified. To get victory over MAYA is therefore known to be the greatest conquest in this world of your life.

Let God bless you and let you, my own ATMA, the inner soul, be ever bright. Pure! Pure! Pure!!!

Thank you.


This is the power of your own willingness. Let us divide it into two categories: 1. That which we do unwillingly, by force, killing our own conscience etc. and 2. That which we do with keen interest, remaining always conscious and willing, in full swing etc.

What is this will-power called then? This is the powerful light of your ATMA. Firm determination is the main source of power. In this world no-one can do anything without this. This power is the power of all the power in the universe. You can turn your luck in any direction with the help of this power. Therefore this spiritual power can only be obtained through firm determination - and this the psychologists call ‘will-power’ - but the meaning of power which I understand is P-O-W-E-R. P stands for Perfection; O stands for Overcomes; W stands for Wicked; E stands for Eagerness, and R stands for Revolving. So the real meaning of power is: Perfection Overcomes Wicked Eagerness Revolving.

The great personalities of the world that we see are the representatives of will-power, for example, Siddartha, the son of King Suddodhana. His father wanted to make him a king, but Siddartha went quite against the will of his father because he wanted to know the fact of the world. Thus he made up his mind to know the Truth. From this we understand that the weak will-power of his father was badly defeated by the will-power of Siddartha, and finally his firm determination took him to his goal. One day that strong will-power led him to the perfection which is the richest goal of life, and made him Lord Buddha.

The accumulation of mental power is will-power. This we understand. Now here’s the point – how to recognize such a person? For this, here are a few points: there will be no fear in him who has achieved this power; the dead life will get new life and nothing will be impossible for him in the universe. He will be declared the king of all kings. He says luck is his servant and he is the master, “Luck is the slave of the king, myself”.

The first work of will-power is to root out difficulties and to destroy mental worries completely. No doubt you may be the master of different subjects, intelligent and full of wisdom too, but your brain and heart are of no use as long as you are lacking in will-power. This power keeps you always clean, fresh, smart, ever-bright and handsome in all respects – just as rain produces new life and attractive power in plants and flowers. Everybody will pay respect to the sincere will, and that willingness will definitely be beautiful to look upon. Thus successfully crowned, will-power will come out with a strange-looking, new presentation for the world.

Will-power will definitely find out its way. For example, Napoleon was weak and feeble to look at (physically), but his firm determination gave a thrilling sensation to the world. He declared that the word ‘impossible’ is only found in the dictionary of fools.

Will-power is the origin of all powers, for example, Swami Dayananda Saraswati used to sit in the mosque and temple and fearlessly criticize Islamism and Murti Puja (image worship). In the same way, Mohammed Sahib, Lord of Mohammedans, was once notorious in Arabia and those who were ready to kill him at once agreed to be his followers and started preaching that God is One for all, ie. ADWAITA or AKAISWARA-BADA.

Now let’s see what the reason for this is, and why it is so. We must understand and announce it to the world – that will-power is the only cause of all, and will be demonstrated for God by all such lovers of will-power. I tell you, listen! Listen! This power is hotter than the sun and cooler than moonlight. I ask you why you don’t roar like a lion that I am the master of the universe! I am the Supreme Power! I am God myself! There is no such power which can touch Me. Whatever play of powers you may see over here is nothing except Myself. I am all in all because wherever and whatever you are, you are within My power and Myself only. Tone for the feeble I am! Selfless service I am! Friendship and enmity among foes and friends I am! Thus in everything in the universe I am! Therefore past, present and future, I am! Wisdom and knower I am! Look! Creator and creation I am! All are there where I am now!

Thus I am in all, one, and all alone, I am!

But the man who has no will-power, he jumps out restlessly from one thing to another like an intoxicated monkey. Such skeletons are only a great burden for mother Earth, while the wise man is the beautiful full moon among worldly stars.

If you want to fully satisfy your desire, then you must take help of that will-power which is dazzling within all you creatures of the mind. You know it well that you are the master of your luck. If you will generate this will-power which is within you, I am sure there is no question that darkness, like sorrow and disappointment, will not dare to remain in you. Therefore wake up and get that current, and do not follow the footsteps of others. Charging up this will-power, create a new step for the world. Don’t take this to be mere talk or imagination! This I tell you is only the light of your own ATMA.

"Always try! Try!! Try!!! – To be God - from dog".

The day is not so far, and it will come just when you will will with firm determination. In no time all of you will get that immortal, evergreen, perfect light. The fact is that this is not the personal property of any group or individual. So I tell you right now – you make this firm determination that from this time onward you will take help of your own will-power in every step of your life to develop self. Through the help of this practice you will turn impossible into possible, and one day you will definitely get victory over your desired object. Then you will keep your shining as long as you will be breathing over this world.

There are four good means by which to develop your will-power successfully: 1. Make one aim of your life, 2. Have firm determination to achieve your aim, 3. Desire must be created in your aim, and 4. Work hard and face whatever hardship is necessary to achieve your aim. Then make sure not to turn your face even from the mouth of death unless and until you are crowned with success over your desired object - the real aim of life.

When you will make a habit of these four, then and there your will-power will charge and start shining like anything, and with the help of this you will start getting success in every step of your life.

You know, people are rising up, day by day, improving ‘self’ and advancing with every step, just as time is swiftly changing her old day-dresses for new ones from age to age. Therefore you also can change your habits, just as you moved your abode from your mother’s lap - to this will-power.

You must ever stand first, and remain first, in the run of this unreal world. Get! Attain! Real Life - your will-power.

Thank you.

                                                                                                                 ATMA  2

O self!  Why don’t you see BRAHMA, the real Self - your own ATMA?  He who is equal to all creatures, who is as He is - in whom there is never any change or end - is none except you alone.  You are ever enlightened by yourself and there is no separate existence of anything here.  You are the source of light - then why do you rely upon day and night, when in you, there is no such thing?

Question: Can you see your face without the help of something ‘other’?

Answer: No, so you have to get the help of an image (or concept) to know Thyself.

But when there is nothing except one ATMA, how can this creation or any separate thing have existence in one BRAHMA?  How is it possible to say that I am the devotee, that He is my deity, or that practice is being done by me - in this Oneness?  This Oneness has no space for duality.  If you say that intellect or intuition is doing the devotional action of BRAHMA, I must reply that intellect and intuition, KARMA INDRIYA (sense organs), GYAN INDRIYA (organs of knowledge), MANA (mind), BUDDHI (intellect), CHITTA (thinking perception) - all these are parts of matter, and matter has got no power of meditation.  Moreover, if you say that remaining within this gross BUDDHI (intellect), I am meditating on myself, this also does not stand up to the current argument because whatever you feel is apart from you is illusory - it is imagination - and that MITHYA (ignorance) can never achieve Truth in reality.  Therefore as long as there is duality you are within illusion, delusion or MAYA.  Ignorance has existence the moment you start thinking of something ‘else’ in one ATMA.  This ATMA is ever one, and there is no possibility of being two.

O mind!  It is true that you have no birth and death.  In other words, birth and death are never in you because ATMA is known to be without body in VEDA, and the whole creation is the form of BRAHMA.  You are that ‘Thee’ Real who has got no body or form nor anything like these in creation, as is declared in all the scriptures.  Where there is no trace of duality, that BRAHMA alone you are, who is in and out of all, and in all.  That pure ATMA, like ether, is omnipresent and omnipotent.

If this is so, then why are you running here and there in search of yourself, instead of searching within for that which is always inside you, even in the presence or absence of your body, ego etc.?

There is no joining or separating in you, or in me.  Therefore there is no distinction between you and me, as such, in one ATMA.  This visible world is nothing else but delusion, like a dreamland.  In a dream you create all things, but except you, your dream is not true at all.  Likewise here in this world also, you are alone the real ATMA.

Sound, touch, vision, taste, smell - all these things have no connection with you, nor do you have any relation with them because they are all unreal, and you are ‘Thee’ Real Pure.  You know it well that there can never be any relation between unreal and real.  When you are sure that you are Truth alone, then why are you worried?

The feeling of birth and death is the action of CHITTA (mind), not the action of you.  Therefore bondage and liberation, and your good and evil - all these sorts of actions, whatever you see and do - are the actions of CHITTA.  They are not yours nor mine either, because we are beyond this CHITTA, and we are that without which there is no existence of CHITTA.  Without anything you are always there, as you are, without change, ever bright.

O CHITTA!  Very sorry to know that you are moving all the time restlessly like a devil in search of ATMA.  You are creating trouble by mistaking ATMA to be quite different from you, which is actually not so.  Just search for ATMA within you, thinking you are the same ATMA, and you will find no difference.  Be detached from the world always, and you will be ever happy.  As long as you have attachment for the world you will have to face unhappiness, sorrow, pain etc.  The moment you are detached, you are free from all trouble forever.

You are pure, motionless and the unpolluted one.  Moreover, you are salvation - you being the real form of liberation - there is no more attachment and detachment in you, because all these things are in MAYA always.  If this is so, then why are these things coming in you, and why are you worried when you are beyond all, ever pure?

Whatever you see here in this creation, with and without form, all are illusory, and He who is protecting all and without whom there could be no existence of MITHYA (ignorance), but in whom there is no trace of MITHYA - without anything - He who is alone, pure Truth, ‘Thee’ Real in reality, ‘Thee’ real form - that you are.

This is the essence of my preaching.  One who will come to this point after destroying his own ego with the help of detachment from the world, practice of YOGA, complete surrender with pure heart etc. unto his aim, will never have to face birth and death again.

ATMA is one and equal to all the BRAHMANDA, and this creation also is equally equal for this omnipresent ATMA, who is omnipotent.  This has been declared through the pure heart of the realised one.  Why is duality dwelling within this creation?  The only life of this delusion, dualism is nothing else than attachment to the creation of JIVA alone.  That is why this three-dimensional magnifying glass, this attachment (MAYA) for the JIVA, is creating many ATMA where there is always only one.

There are two things in the world, one ATMA and the other, ANATMASAMADHI is not possible in either of these stages.  The mature stage of concentration is known as SAMADHI.  The ANATMA is nothing but JADA (matter without life), in which SAMADHI is not possible at any cost because JADA has got no knowledge; and on the other hand, ATMA is pure knowledge - He is always the pure one, and there can never be two (DWAITA) in Him.  He is as He is within Himself, therefore SAMADHI also is not possible in Him.  For him who is not concentrated, who wants concentration - for him alone SAMADHI is possible - but this is not the case here with one ATMA.  He who is omnipresent and omnipotent - in Him SAMADHI is not practicable for He is as He is in past, present and future.  JADA, on the other hand has no existence in past, present or future, so SAMADHI is not possible in this stage either.

“I know, or I don’t know ATMA” – to speak like this, my CHITTA! - you are not to the point or correct.  You know you are the only pure one whom MAYA cannot reach at all.  You are formless and have no connection with the body (VIDEHA) because you are AJA (birthless) and Abyaya (deathless).  When this is your real form, how can you say that “I know or I don’t know ATMA”?  Except you there is nothing, then how can you speak like this?

You are, within yourself, PURNA (full) ATMA, and because of you this creation also is PURNA (full), because there is no such thing without you.  Within you, CHETAN ATMA is one in all - then how is this action of meditation (DHYAN, DHYATA and DHEYA) practicable?  If it is not possible, then why is this shameless CHITTA meditating?  Because any of these kinds of action are not possible in one ATMA.

How can I explain BRAHMA when I cannot know Him through GYANENDRA (organs of knowledge) - when SHIVA is not known through any INDRIYAS (sense-elements), then how will I do His BHAJANA (singing of praises)?  Because without knowing, BHAJANA is not possible.  The VEDA says, “TATTOMASI” – There thou art, and SHIVA is alone without any movement - in this condition to know and do BHAJANA of BRAHMA is not possible.  When CHETAN (Consciousness) knows all, how can one know Him and do BHAJANA?  This cannot be done at any time, in any place, by any matter.  Remember, my mind.

I am neither imagination nor cause of imagination.  I am neither a separate nor equal element.  I am neither the giver nor receiver, because in One, these sorts of action are not possible.  When I am without any action, how can this action of knowing oneself be practicable?

ATMA possesses indefinable forms which have no end, yet all other things, except ATMA, are finite and have an end.  In other words, everything has life and death except ATMA, who is always as He is, the Real in Reality, ‘Thee’ Truth.  Therefore there is no such thing as HIMSA (harm) and AHIMSA (harmlessness), nor any person who can do them, because these kinds of action are only possible in duality.  When there is only One only (ADWAITA), in this stage, no action is done.

What is JIVATMAJIVA plus ATMA = JIVATMA, which is nothing else than ATMA alone, but ATMA is known as JIVA until one has recognized himself as ATMA even though he is dwelling within the form (body).  For example: a man is father to his son, friend to his friend, foe to his enemy, master to his servant, husband for his wife etc.  This man, although he is related to all these, and acts in many ways with them, for himself he is no more than a man.  Similarly, ATMA is One as He is, but according to the feelings of the different individual JIVA in this creation, they think that He is with them accordingly, but in the eye of ATMA He is nothing more than ATMA alone, and in reality, so many JIVA, the product of ignorance, are nothing except ATMA.

Ornaments which are made of gold are nothing but gold alone.  The mistake which you are making here is to say ornament for the gold, which is your ignorance alone because there is no trace of ornament in this - there is only gold in reality.  Likewise there are so many big and small empty pots - let us take one and examine the space within that appears separated by its construction from the outer sky.  There is no construction or destruction nor anything else for the sky.  This sky inside the pot is as it is, now, before, and after the construction or destruction of the pot.  In the same way, ATMA is always the same, whether He is in or out of the body (creation).  Therefore in ATMA there is no change at any time in past, present or future, whether there is or there isn’t any creation in Him.

One should be subjective mind.  Subjective mind is heaven, if one wants total freedom.  Objective mind is hell.  It is the cause of birth and death and rebirth that pays in return, the life of the spider and other creatures that are devoured by their own children as they develop.”


The intellect wants to understand.  It is only satisfied when it understands something.  As long as it doesn’t understand, it is dis-satisfied.  But it is of the same nature as desire - having understood one thing, it is only happy until something comes along which it doesn’t.

Thus the intellect wants to understand God; but God cannot be understood by the intellect because He is beyond the intellect, which is in the clutch of MAYA.  By trying to understand the Supreme, the intellect tries to bring Him within the reach of MAYA.  So the only way to ‘understand’ God is by surrendering the intellect to Him, by depending on Him alone, and not on the intellect.  Re.  Bhagavadgita III. 43:

"Thus, Arjuna, knowing that which is higher than the intellect and subduing the mind by reason, kill this enemy in the form of desire, that is hard to overcome". 

Real understanding comes only when the intellect has been completely merged in the object.  'Understanding’ becomes realisation, and no doubts remain.

Such satisfaction is real and permanent. It is complete, whereas in the normal sense, understanding is only superficial or theoretical.

By not exercising the intellect but by surrendering it to the Supreme, it becomes intuition - that is, real understanding and knowledge.

Desire for permanence

“The attainment of SHIVA’S region is the achievable.  Means of achievement is the service rendered unto Him.  SADHAKA (the performer of the rite) is the person who is free from desire, even for permanence - which attitude is the result of His grace.”

Where there is desire, there exist three things - the desirer, desire, and the object desired.  Desire for worldly things, which runs here and there, is never satisfied.  By directing desire towards the Supreme, however, by means of practice alone, firstly the desire for worldly things diminishes (being devoted to the Supreme), and gradually even desire itself ‘evaporates’ like water in the sun.  Thus eventually only One remains.  Both desire and desirer disappear.  The Supreme alone remains, apart from which nothing exists.  In such a state, what is there to desire?  Not even permanence - for He is what He is, always has been and always will be.


The mind goes in two directions - one way it devotes always to the Supreme - the other leads to worldly, sense enjoyment things.  One must give importance to the Supreme, not to worldly things.

For example, a girl is married to one man who has, say, four brothers.  She has to have some relation with all five men, but the attention she pays to the four brothers is of a different kind to that which she pays to her husband.  For that is a special relationship.  If she were to regard the others in the same way she would be ‘finished’ as the wife of her husband.  Nevertheless, it is because of her marriage that she has to come in contact with the other brothers.

So, the girl is our self, her husband is the Supreme, the only goal and object of existence, and the brothers are the worldly things.  We have, by nature of our physical existence, to have contact with worldly things, but the attention and devotion we pay to them should not be so great or of such importance as that which we pay to the Supreme, our Deity.

So the mind takes us in two directions; it is either one’s best friend or worst enemy.  It is difficult however to discriminate between these two natures of the ‘same mind’.  The mind is one’s best friend only when it leads us towards the Supreme, in thought, devotion and concentration, all the time.  It is our enemy when leading in any other direction.  So the former should be encouraged by means of practice, while the latter should be fought against by turning it towards the right path by means of will-power, or, in other words, God’s power – that of devotion and refuge in Him.

Stick up with ‘friend mind’, give defeat to gross mind.”

When mind is in SATTWA it will be devoting to the Lord.  In RAJAS it will be half devoting to the Lord and half to the world.  In TAMAS it is completely involved in worldly things.  By practice of SATTWA, by making full use of it when present and striving for it when absent, the time will come when SATTWA will envelop even the RAJAS state and eventually the TAMAS also - the mind always being at the correct point.

Mind is the primal cause of this creation, and according to your mind, you will see its colour.  If your mind is clear and pure, you will see purity in greater percentage in this world.  He who sees God within himself will definitely see God everywhere in this universe, whereas it will appear full of sin to the sinful.  JIVANMUKTA (liberated while living) saints see this world as BRAHMA.  BHAKTAS (devotees) see this world full of God, as their own Deity, thus they always dwell in supreme peace.

If you want to achieve peace and happiness, try to put the image of peace and happiness in your mind first.  As you wish, so you get.  If you are sure you don’t want sin and pain for yourself, you can achieve not only that - you can remove other’s trouble and pain, whomsoever you meet.  If you keep this thing in your mind - “I am protected by God always; God will not leave me alone, and He is within me” - this practice will take you to perfection and you will realise this in reality.

To achieve this, one has to sell oneself into the hands of his GURU.  Whatever he will say, you do that.  He who follows this discipline strictly will never be deprived of those things of which he is really in need.

What is Heaven? – The house where visitors get respect - the mind which is always towards God - where saints and BRAHMINS are protected - such a house, that is heaven.

What is devotion? - Not to think of anything except your deity forever - that is devotion.

How can one be sinless? - Always think of God with a devotional mind.

How does one develop sin? - Always thinking of the world. (ie. the opposite of the above).

"The climax of crying will turn into laughing, and the climax of laughing will turn into crying".

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