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Teachings of TL - 4

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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

Part four

TL, Siddhu Baba and friends

Desire for salvation 

Q. Should one give up the desire for salvation?

A. Yes and no. Yes, one should give up desire in this sense, - desire itself is impermanent. To achieve the permanent, permanent is required. To understand you, I should turn into you completely. In this way I can understand you correctly. In other words, if I want to exist myself and understand you completely at the same time, it is not possible. Therefore one should give up desire, along with the desiring person, thoroughly.

No, one should not. Everyone is born with the gift of desire. It is his habit, so he can't get rid of this, - and it is not necessary either. If you want to achieve something, you need to desire it first, - this is the law of nature, but this desire is of two kinds. One is the desire to realise Self. The other, to achieve something within this creation.

The habit of desiring has been with us since time unknown. It is part of a person's vital energy and is necessary to impel him into action, but the desire for anything other than the Self causes one to revolve in the cycle of birth and death, whereas the desire for the Self leads to salvation.

So one should not give up this habit of desire, - indeed it is next to impossible and contrary to the law of nature which can not be resisted even for a fraction of a second. However, the word 'desire' generally means wanting to get something from among the objects of the world or this natural creation. Without subject and object there can be no desire. Nevertheless, desire for the Self, while seeming to be an object to be achieved, is not so in fact, because desire for the Self is not desire.

As to the question whether or not one should give up the desire for salvation, the meaning of the negative and affirmative reply is this: for example, a glass is never empty, - it is always full of something. You can fill it with water and is 'full', but when you pour the water out, it is still 'full' of ether!

Similarly, if you say to a child that you love very much, "I don't like you", - although it sounds real to an observer, actually it is not. So, in the same way, if one has pure love for the Supreme, God or Self, - the ultimate love can make one behave in a negative way. On the other hand, for one who has a love for worldly things but yet pretends uselessly to desire salvation, - such a desire should be given up, whereas the former, which is in fact 'no desire' should be adopted.






Q. Is God quite separate from the world?

A. If you stand in front of a mirror and put a question to yourself, it will appear that the image in the mirror is putting this question to you. This is your delusion.

As you know, there is none else except you alone. On the other hand everyone is familiar with an echo, but for one who doesn't know what it is, he will think someone is characaturing him. Without knowing otherwise, it is natural to think that someone else is speaking to you when you hear your own echo in a big hall, or when you speak in front of a mirror., but with careful observation you will understand that there is no-one there except you.

Similarly, we feel that this world is quite different from God or Self, but with close observation we will understand everything about this 'separation'.

If you look at the sun constantly for a long period, it will turn into a black dot. This is but natural, - our sight is constructed thus, - and this is how the world looks to be separate from God. In fact there is no black dot where the sun is, - ever, - it is caused by our sight alone, because the fact is that in light there cannot be darkness, and thus God and the world are never separate.

Try to find out the defect that makes you feel it is separate, then the problem will be solved distinctly and you will be the first to announce the reality that God and the world are one and the same - this is the eternal truth.


Q. How can we understand this? How can we find out the defect?

A. To get rid of hunger one has to eat, ie. practise.

To come to the right conclusion, one has to walk a path on which there are a lot of things to be kept aside. For example, if you want to follow a path to your house which is situated on a hillock, say, that is covered with thorny bushes, then every step of your way you have to brush aside the thorns so that it will be safe for your feet, even at night and even if you have no light. Thus you have to make your path, keeping all the rocks and thorns and other obstacles aside very carefully.

Once you are habituated to follow this path, avoiding all the obstacles, it will not be so difficult because your sense organs have developed the habit to be more cautious. Thus your habit itself starts working in your favour.

Another example might be that of encountering wild animals, - scary animals that are easily capable of taking your life. If you learn the technique to be tactful and know how to control them, this will help you to master them one day, - but for this, full concentration is needed.

So, in the the same way, if you want to achieve your object, you should have full concentration on that, keeping everything else aside, - just as one kept thorns from the path, thus the world from your sight. Then one day you will be the master of that object and as the dreadfulness of the animals have no effect on their master, so the worldliness of the world will not affect you. To do this, of course, is no joke, although it is easy to say. To bring this into practice in your life is really a job.

Facing practical difficulties including pleasure and pain and whatever comes on the way, - when one moves ahead without stopping or showing his back to the target, - with full determination and confidence only one can reach it, even at the cost of life itself. Without this it is not possible, - staying on the bank of a river without moving, only discussing this subject - how is it possible to reach the other side? Theoretical discussions will not solve your problem. Practice is the main food and the right tone for life.



"Because today I am here, tomorrow I am not".




Suicide - Sin

What is suicide? That which touches your conscience, - which pricks you whenever you think it might be known. This destroys will-power and self. This is sin. This is real suicide.

One should not blame others. If they have done no wrong, we will be developing sin. If they are clear and free, our insult is to the Supreme with the consequent results to ourselves. In this line especially, it is always right to blame oneself, not others.



Freed from hope

"Freed from hope and the feeling of meum, and cured of mental fever, - fight".- from the Bhagavad Gita

Q. Please explain "freed from hope".

A. Why is there mental fever? Because there is a feeling of meum (that which is mine). Why is there meum? Because there is hope. Why is there hope? Because there is "I".

Through practice (fight) to go beyond "I" to "Thy", means these three will be negated.

You generally get waves at the edge of the ocean, - not in the middle. So, until you reach the middle of the ocean from the side you should not try paddling hard against the waves until you are out of them.

Otherwise you will get splashed and kicked back to the shore instead of going forward. Or worse - if you turn away from the wave, that is, change direction, you will be in danger of overturning.





A Small gap

A small gap changes the whole size and shape of you. You look upon this drastic change and start feeling you are the same. Fill up the gap and realise your real shape, understanding which you will mock at your own ignorance. This is a totally different shape than you have imagined with your previous determination. Pity to have such a beautiful veil of ignorance in this wonderful life. The life that can understand Truth.”

I won’t stay where you are. You should not be there, where I am. I am there where you are not, and vice versa to this."

"I cannot tolerate your existence, neither do you tolerate mine."

"Now tell me what you want, - your existence or mine? – The one that leads to hell or heaven? This is the riddle. Stick up in one for good and forever.” 

I know you well, but only in your absence can you see me.”

To know something with the intellect is not real understanding, - but to go beyond this, in other words to admit that one has not realised with the help of intellect, is the real understanding.

Therefore the sage always acts as if he knows nothing.

Where there lies nothing to him, there lies everything for us.

If this is the case, how can you say there is no god? – Tell me where He is not.”



O Master of the world! If you really want to be master over this mastery of yours, you should be more practical than leaning on theories.”





 Q. Where Truth has been realised, and later propagated through some organization, - the essential realization is soon lost. Why?

A. Organization depends on external mental functioning, and propagation about the truth which takes place in such organizations is the play-work of the intellect. Organizations would flourish in a much better way if the intellectuals had been introvert and understood the facts with the help of intuition. Organized by such realized intellectuals, the members of the organization and everyone would definitely be benefited and not be deprived of the truth. Such an organization would flourish in fact into a world-wide organization. Thus the emphasis should be on introversion.

Realization is more important than propagation” would be the catch-cry of such intellects. However we see all the organizations of this modern age are definitely lacking Reality when we start feeling their heart. If we start painting our face with different colours, the time comes when we naturally lose our originality.

Some people think that if there is no propagation there is more chance to give life to Reality. On the other hand, some believe that propaganda is the only way for Truth to survive. This is how intellectuals disagree with each other in their intellectual play.

Truth is always Truth, whether there is propagation or not, but truth which is imagined intellectually can be created and destroyed according to time and conditions. In Reality, the Truth, which can never turn into untruth and is always as it is in any condition, is beyond intellect. He is as He is whether or not there is propagation.

Such is the form of Truth. We see darkness after the sunset and day with the sunrise, but the sun itself is ever bright and has no day or night. This light and dark is your imagination and the matured habit of a developed intelligence that feels and understands your miser-ness rather than being vast. It is all clear and understood by my friends who prefer to keep themselves vast, - thus the light of all lights that we see in the sun and the moon and the stars, whether grasped by the intellect or not, is entirely existing from all sides at all times, as Truth.

Whether you are in this form or not in any form, - even then, you are there. You that are immortal. You that can exist with or without form are the real Truth. That which is as it is since time unknown to this present and future without any change, - That alone is Truth. That thou art. Everyone has the right to understand and realize this Truth. This is the only thing to be done in this world, and all are trying to understand this Truth according to their brain and through different means. The lifetime of the human being is quite short, so within this limited time, for he who can realize this Reality the crown of success is always at his hand.

In my opinion, to get victory in worldly matters or knowledge is not the real victory. It is nothing, even if you have sacrificed your whole life in achieving it. For example, you may be highly educated in science and a master of mathematics etc., conquer the world, be the emperor of any subject or more, but you, O man, are mortal. You, my friend are a victim of disease. If your brain collapsed, your emperorship would be gone. If you are paralysed, your dream is finished. Having such finite wealth, - how can one boast and be so proud as to declare yourself to be a master or an emperor? For this you should feel nothing but shame considering your pitiable condition!

On the other hand, he who may not be well-dressed, who may not live in a well-furnished house, having no bath and full of dirt and dust, looking ugly and whose body may be thin, - what of it, if he is a realised one?

For the realised one there are no hard and fast rules, - that one should attend church, mosque or temple, have beads or robes, follow a strict routine etc. There is no prohibition on food. Such rules are only applicable to the immature intellectual self. As an illustration, one who wants to learn to ride a bicycle has to concentrate on the handles, brake, bell, road etc., but once he is an expert rider he doesn’t need to be so particular.






Q. Are we going to survive permanently with this body? If not, what is it that comes and goes, and if it goes, - where?

A. The universal fact is that none has survived with the body permanently in this world.  The body of all the creatures in this universe is perishable. We say we are cleaning the pot, but the pot itself is ever clean. We are only cleaning away the dirt. Likewise none can give knowledge, ever, - for knowledge is what we are in Reality. The guide can only remove our ignorance, whereupon our real nature will shine forth of itself. It is this layer of dirt, the veil of ignorance, ego or MAYA, which comes and goes, taking one birth after another according to its action here.

Where does it go? Below a certain degree of temperature, water takes the form of ice. Ice hurts when one is hit by it and is extremely difficult to hold for any length of time, but it is nothing but water. Likewise, all that exists is nothing but ‘water’, - the Supreme. According to the degree of ignorance however, only ‘ice’ can be perceived, - that is ego or MAYA. But if one holds that ice after repeated practice, it will gradually melt and show that it is nothing but water alone.

Likewise, through the heat of repeated practice, the ego, ignorance/MAYA dissolves into one and one Supreme alone.





Success means losing

When one says “I am having a stronger feeling of the Supreme,” then one is separating oneself and building up the ego, i.e. The opposite!

What is maturity? In the sphere of your life, whatever virtue you collect is the blessing of the Supreme. In any activity, its successful or unsuccessful development is due to blessing alone, whether the action is good or bad. The consequences of these actions must be faced however, due to the impressions they create.

Success to whom? To you? If to you, then who are you? To this there is no reply. So success is not for you. If you go to the real point of what you are, there is no success, no failure. You are beyond these two activities, - to this ‘You’ nothing can be applied. Therefore success and failure are only aspects of ignorance which help to promote your ego, - the ego which has no existence in this phenomenon. Therefore don’t give your ego the chance to develop by being intoned by such activities in your life. Nevertheless, even the idea of progress in your spiritual life should be given up. Thus the vacancy of your mind will help to destroy your rootless ego permanently and you will remain in balance, in Reality, the real Truth.

The more you seek, the more you lose. The more you lose, the more you are to your point. The more you lose, the more you are”.

None has ever gained without losing. Therefore, if you want to gain, learn losing. If this is so, why is one afraid to die? When at every step we get life after death, - inside, nothing, everything existing, - if you possess something you are nothing. The lock has no use without the key. You are the master of all the locks if you are a fit key. Thus, the vastness of a river or ocean is nothing but a drop of water. A small seed turns into a huge Peepul tree. Therefore get this magnifying quality out of you forever, - thus you will understand Self. No horn or tail or any hooks are its significant marks. Self is that which can never be caught by any means. If it is under something, that is not the real Self, but ego alone. The framework is just for the picture which has its own death and birth as time comes and goes.

If you think the Self to be objective like this, you are without Self, - still missing. If objective is wrong, then one may take the Self to be subjective, but this is also not correct. The subject without any trace of subjectivity, without any shape or form, That you are – which can be realised but cannot be expressed, yet all-pervading.

Being all-pervading, He is alone, but this is not loneliness as most people understand it. This is that solitude which is permanent and without any change whether you are alone or in a crowd. You can find that everywhere. It has got no strict rules or regulations. To be realised, no time factor, place or object can cause any hindrance. He who has realised this is really ignorant. Being ignorant, he is the master of all.






Man is the origin of Dharma. Dharma has not created man. What is Dharma? Our duty is Dharma, and its nickname is ‘Sadachar’ (good conduct). Love and pure character are Dharma. The aim and object of Dharma is to develop Atma (soul), and thus that which doesn’t help to develop the individual soul cannot be called Dharma.

Most people think that Dharma can only be found in the forest and that Truth is only available to those wearing the saffron robes (sannyasin or monk). If we believe this then we are mistaken. With the help of Truth, performing our normal duty, we can dwell in this world. The real meaning of Dharma for the human being is to remain with all, yet to keep oneself aloof from all.

However, in the name of Dharma, individuals and masses, society and states are fighting each other. That is why we have failed to achieve ‘humanity’ as yet. Look! All are trying to climb up in the world, yet we are climbing down. Why? Jealousy, hatred, pride etc. have frozen our wisdom so much that we cannot understand even ordinary matters. This is the symptom of egoism. The egoistic life never gives us a chance to judge ourselves. This Dharma of Hinduism which we are living with great faith, has spoiled many like us and continues to do so. Swami Vivekananda said that this sort of narrow-minded Dharma is not dwelling in the Veda, Purana (scriptures), Bhakti (devotion) or Mukti (liberation). It dwells in the kitchen-pot and the ‘touch-me-not’. Those who cannot even give a small piece of bread to the hungry, - how can they get salvation through their Dharma? It will not be possible for us to understand the real Dharma until we embrace its true elements, and kicking aside all ‘-ism’, rise above it.

How beautiful, pure and simple is this world! It is ever-green and fragrant from all to all, but the present so-called leaders of Dharma are dancing naked inside the mind of the pure-hearted masses in the name of Dharma and trying to prove themselves by shouting, “Dharma is our father’s property so none has the right to judge or speak about it except us”. There is no doubt that our religious leadership has been under the black claws of such people. So they cannot remain, at the present time, the leaders of Dharma in our brains. The more they trumpet their own names in the name of Dharma, the more they will be understood for what they are, and people will lose faith in them. It can be seen that all dharmas have changed their bangles over time as they use their more attractive and effective new designs, changing for the age.

Humanity is the real Dharma.

Lord Krishna has said: “One should lift oneself up by one’s own efforts and should not degrade oneself; for one’s own self is one’s friend, and one’s own self is one’s enemy”.

We have lost our spiritual power, - that is why we are stretching out our hands in front of others for a piece of bread. We are crying for help and struggling daily at home in the name of Dharma. Instead of entering within ourselves we are coming out day by day just for show. Only because of this, we are losing our power.

The action of this world is not the play of any magician, has not been produced by any religious or political leaders, - it has been created by man’s spiritual power, as the twinkling stars guide the night traveller. Spiritualised brains are also pointing us to the correct path through their spiritual light, whereby people are getting peace and making progress on their way.

Thus, you are the real man. O man of the world! There should be no rebirth and death. You are not to get any rest over here. You must get freedom from worldliness and then give MUKTI to others. Death will grumble, roaring like a hungry jackal, but you will smile and feel pity on such pride. You will walk on your path like a lion, not trembling at noises, - like the wind not caught in a net, and like the Lotus, not stained by the water.

The day is not far for us when the Dharmas of Shankaracharya, Christ, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Kabir and Buddha etc will embrace each other and will come out as one, for one world, and for one Truth. Therefore I tell you, do not forget your path for Truth, - success is knocking on your door, - do not be disgusted, - at least fill yourself with spiritual light and keeping your limbs strong, walk ahead and be bold enough to open the door.

To take up chewing tobacco in order to give up smoking cigarettes is no improvement. Likewise in the mind, no other way of thinking or thought can be a substitute for thinking of the Supreme alone.

Thinking “I am this body (ego) is going against nature. The culmination of all scriptures is: give up this body idea. Why then can one not get rid of this ‘I”? One can, - by giving up the body-idea through practice. The only question remaining is why this “I” is there in the first place. That is the game.

When a thorn (ego) is embedded in the skin, one wants to take it out. With some people the thorn is so deeply embedded that its soreness has developed as a part of the body and can no longer be distinguished. Thus, the pain of the thorn is not even noticed, nor is any attempt made to remove it.

The mind thinks it understands everything, but when it comes into contact with the Supreme it acts like a newly-wedded wife, (and in the Indian context) full of shame.




                                                                    Is visualization imagination?

Q. Is the visualization of a point of concentration in practice/meditation only imagination?

A. No it is not. To begin with, perhaps, one has to ‘imagine’ that point by force of ‘thought’, but then sometimes it will not be possible, no matter how hard one tries, to get that ‘picture’, - but then sometimes it comes without any pre-thinking whatsoever. So what is this? One sees that the ability to visualize the point is subject to the blessing of the Deity, - not our own will or imagination.

Having thus given up the idea of this physical body as being the doer, by surrender to the will or blessing of the deity, the further stage will be reached whereby the subtle body may wander anywhere within the realm of that blessing, which is everywhere, - there being no place where it is not.

Then will come the realization, “Who am I to see such things?” What are these things, and by whom existing? These are all His blessing, and that blessing is nothing but He alone, the blesser. TYAGA, or renunciation then comes, and one will concentrate solely on that source of blessing.






 This is the life for the aspirant

 March 1976


Wherever you are, in whatever condition or situation, don’t forget you are within the reach of your deity. Impose not that you are something, - in fact you are nothing at all. Remember all the time your surrender to Him. Move as a puppet without any egoistic feeling. This is how all the realized persons practiced, and leading such a practical life, at the end they enjoyed the unchangeable enjoyment. Whatever such a person does, he does it for the sake of good.

All the time keep this in mind and move in this world according to the time and place and without any hesitation. This is the life for the aspirant. If you want to aim right at the ‘bull’, pay attention to my words.







                                                                                   It is up to you

Letter, 19 March 1973

DEVOTIONConstant practice alone will help to develop pure devotion. Continuous devotion will get knowledge and renunciation, and finally liberation from the round of births and deaths.

As long as there is the feeling that ATMA is different from the body, one has to carry on doing one’s duties for the development of practice. In the course of time, when realization comes, you will see that you are not this body at all and it can never get rid of MAYA. Only the constant practice that has been asked of you will destroy MAYA, after which there is no fear of its return.

To come to this end you will have to face many enemies, ie. desire, anger, greed and delusion etc. Of these, anger is the most fearful foe that will try to put all sorts of obstacles in one’s struggle to attain devotion.

This is how the pure devotional man will follow the path of salvation. To gain salvation, be always calm and sinless and meditate on the deity. Timely doing of good actions and obeying the laws are especially necessary for MUKTI (salvation). The cycle of birth and death only binds you if any work with a particular motive is not given up.

Ego is the cause that creates various illusions in the mind, thus grief in a terrible form arises like frost for the lotus. One is bound to suffer as long as one is a man of ego. Therefore, to get rid of suffering one should be free from ego. Ego is the only cause of attachment – that must be destroyed forever. When egoism is eschewed, all the mental pain will vanish automatically.

Duties allotted to you are only a SADHANA (practice) to bring an end to one’s ego and to gain salvation. Hence always meditate on your deity. Let your mind and character be pure. Whatever work you do, whether there is happiness or misery, bear all the PRARABDAS  (residual karma) that are allotted to you.

In the eyes of ISWARA (the Supreme Deity) everyone is equal. No particular person is very dear or hated by me also. Magic is utterly false, why then does our mind always create misery in this conscious land of dream? The only answer is ego. One is not in a position to achieve salvation until ego is given up.

As our lifetime is getting shorter and shorter along with the sun that comes and goes every day, - as ripe fruit must inevitably fall from the branch, - so must a man, once he sticks to regular practice, achieve MUKTI.

The mind cherishing worldly ambition remains always empty, just like a pot that leaks. One who is out of track (practice) finds rest nowhere, because MUKTI is the only resting place for all at all times. Whatever He does is definitely for our betterment. When we are clear about this our mind will not think of anything except Him.

Today is the day. Definitely today is the wonderful day, for it is the morn of salvation.

Therefore, it is up to you

Thy own Atman, True Love.





 Give up the habit of self-proving

4 June 1974 - 1

Give up the habit of self-proving
boasting and exalting.
Otherwise ye will suffer with
incurable mental cancer.

Look at spiritual line that glows
hidden in everyone’s heart that blows.
Shining, wonderful, just like a rainbow
as it brings down the high and raises the low.

Don’t blame others, blame yourself.
You are a fool to charge another.
The cause of creation is ye,
thereby feeling pain and pleasure.

Ye are not this creature,
O real Universal Master,
Rise above unreal to the real
yet miniature – nature.

Everything in you merges
and comes out in form – within.
All with your support
that is here, and then leaving.

He that begs claims his demand,
One that helps and fights.
The rubbed and the rubber,
Else none – except Thee.

Ever formless, yet with form,
Look within – there’s no such form.
In real you are beyond I and ye.
That’s why we pay respect and regards to Thee.

Look at this visible face,
strange to behold and unspeakable.
All that’s visible and invisible
Is alone Thee, inexpressible.

It is higher than the sun
lower than the earth.
What remains here in rest
lives in all, - and beyond pervades.

Doubtful yet no doubt ye are doubtless,
Appearing full of colour, yet colourless.
Inexpressible and nameless,
Ye are in all – oneness.

O! Soundless speech in sound,
boundless area with bound,
countless number in count,
designer of all, ye are alone.

The tree that roots deeply
survives and lasts long.
So long one is conscious of body
Truth will remain afar.

The right way of existence
As one is uprooted in Truth,
immortality opens this mazda door,
realizing SELF, he is no more poor.





 Alone is He

4 June 1974 – 2

Ye have ever heard from time unknown
a feast to the eyes of all who saw him,
But to others, it is very difficult
to get within – who have not seen.

Yet once gone to him
one expresses his wish
to become one with him,
in the great garden of peace.

Arjuna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and Rama
all live here
in this city of peace,
as melted ice in the form of sea.

It is a long, long list
to mention his names heroic –
Whatever you feel and see
nothing else – alone is HE.






                                                                       Right and wrong

What is right and what is wrong? Everyone tries to do the right, but the result is wrong; tries to do good, but the result is bad.  Why? Because it is the mind that is functioning. You cannot say that your right hand alone is yours - the left hand is also yours. Likewise you cannot accept the good only, and not the bad, because they both exist in the mind – whose nature is to distinguish between the two.

When both right and wrong are accepted, the mind will be destroyed and there will be no more right and wrong. This is what you are in your real nature. This is how liking and disliking ends, thus the world along with the worldly things which belong to the creation of yourself (ego) will be freed forever. Its own chapter will end, thus the never-ending nature of Self will be revealed, which is as it is, beyond time, space and objects etc.

Any intoxication will have its natural effect on him who enjoys it, and by seeing a person one can easily say with which alkaloid he is affected. Thus Self-intoxication will also have its effect and this will be noticed by those who recognize it by its signs and symptoms. But this does not refer to acting like an actor in a drama, - it means the real nature of the right person, which is self-realization. This is the only point at which right and wrong will have an end forever.

So the solution is to stick to the point alone. Don’t think what is right or wrong. Sticking to your point alone is the right, and when one is to the point, the consequences, whatever they are, whether they appear as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, are also right.






Ego cannot be removed without blessing. Blessing doesn’t come while ego is there.”

What is the solution to this? As long as there is one who prays, practises etc. the ego is there. But in reality there is no such thing as ego. Like blueness in the water, the further away from the water one is, the bluer it appears. When a hair is put in the fire it is burnt up completely with no residue. Likewise in concentrating on the point, so that only that exists, the ego does not exist. In a charcoal fire, the more the charcoal is visible, the cooler the fire, - but when only fire can be seen, there is maximum heat.





Q. What is personality and impersonality?

A.  The one who gives life to the unreal, and clings to illusion, is personality. Vice versa to this is impersonality. The understanding of Self which is beyond personality and remains unchanged, - that real Truth is impersonality.

 Q. What is the world?

A. That which helps to develop the feeling of personality is the world.

Q. What is the soul?

A.  One who has not realized the state of impersonality and after that realization will have no existence – such a personal feeling is the soul.

Q. What is God?

A.  Impersonal ever-Truth. The cause of existence and of duality without any personal or impersonal feeling, - that all-pervading, Real Self, is God.






The 3 Gunas

Firstly, there are the 3 gross GUNAS:

Those belonging to TAMAS are given to violence and suchlike emotions, those of RAJAS  to the enjoyment of worldly pleasures, and those of SATTWA to being interested to know about the Supreme. Therefore, SATTWA should be cultivated and developed more and more.

Passing then beyond the gross world, there also exist the 3 GUNAS in a finer state: here the tamasic man searches after occult powers in order to possess and use them for his own interests. The rajasic man of this finer nature is intent on worship of the outward forms, glories and pastimes of the Supreme in various incarnations such as Krishna and Rama etc. The sattwic man however, passing on beyond all these, merges himself completely in the ultimate, real, absolute Supreme itself.






To err is human


14 November 1975 – Letter

Dear Alex, my Atman,

To err is human. If there were no mistake there would be no correction.

Passing through all the zig-zag ways, we should keep going on our own path to achieve final success and our aim of life. Why have we come down to this earth? – Not to sink in the dilemma of this dream like the leaky boat that sinks in the river. There should be no holes at all – protect your boat at any cost so that it will remain floating at all times on the water, whereby one can cross the river to reach the goal.

The path on which we have decided to walk is not a one-day, month or year’s walk. It may take lives together. One should be alert all the time. You don’t know what sea-animal will oppose you on your way. Being ever ready to walk ahead with full effort and patience, one should move entirely depending on the Deity with full faith, - this is what is called surrender.

Gain and loss is not in your hand. Pain and pleasure are not your property; neither are you the master of life and death. When you know these are not in your hands, rather that you are helpless, - then why don’t you depend on Him? Suppose you are dead, and thus dive within Himself. You are not this life, neither is this life our goal. If this is so, why do you think, “I am surviving”? Before coming to this world, you were dead; after a certain period, you will die; the present life is not in our hands, therefore you are dead.

When die you must, why don’t you die for the sake of God, the aim of life, rather than die for the dreamy worldly objects?

My good Atman, you are the fountain of peace; thou art the real in reality; believe ye are immortal – Myself. Have practical knowledge. Through practice you can understand Me, the unity.

That’s all for this time, O man of practice.




The moment there is body-consciousness, - delusion is there”.




                                     Comments on Sri Shankaracharya’s Hymn to Sri Daksinamurthi

Q. Is the Atman the inaugurator of this JAGAT (world appearance), or has the Self modified itself to become the JAGAT?

A.  Actually the JAGAT comes out NOT in the conscious state of the Supreme, but in the unconscious state of the individual person. If we say JAGAT is the modification of the Self, this may not be the suitable word to charge against the Supreme although the verse here, “Infinite Consciousness desired, - I shall become many” is found in the Upanishads. The Supreme, which is unique in all respects at all times and which is beyond everything, - how can we see desire, which is common to common people, in Him?

If we charge the Supreme as a ‘desirer’, then unity is not possible in Him. Thus He has no desire, nothing of that sort, because He is One alone. But from our point of view, to understand this creation where no trace of creation exists in the Supreme, - let us observe minutely how this creation has started.

According to my understanding, for the sake of writing or expressing my views in this duality, - the expression of my experience is that beyond NIRVIKALPA SAMADHI nothing exists except the Supreme One. Therefore no question arises about His desire.

The moment we use the word ‘desire’ we are beneath the state of NIRVIKALPA SAMADHI. This NIRVIKALPA SAMADHI is one’s final awakening. Now the point about SAMADHI is that it is the demarcation line between final awakening and dream. If one is under this line, one is in the pocket of duality where, including desire, everything exists in the form of JAGAT.  Without long, long practice, this infinite demarcation line is not vivid. Because of that, Unity has been blamed for having desire in many writings and books.

In fact, Unity cannot be charged with turning into duality. For example, darkness cannot turn into light, nor light into darkness, for the moment light is there, darkness is not. Similarly in Unity duality cannot have any existence, and vice versa. The mystery of this is that the whole duality takes place in the field of Unity, yet Unity has nothing to do with it. For example, in a dream we see a lot of different things including ‘myself’ and ‘I’ am not aware of this (real) waking consciousness. I am conscious only of the duality, - which has been caused due to being unconscious of my Unity. This duality takes place all through my dream-life until I am awakened in all respects. In such a case, should I blame my Supreme Consciousness?

That He has got desire, to become many from One – this is my ignorance, I must admit, because I have not fully awakened and am not aware of my Supreme state. My Supreme nature has nothing to do with my unconscious (dream consciousness) state which has not yet awakened into Real Consciousness. As for coming out of this dreamland or remaining within this unconsciousness, I, the Super Consciousness, have nothing to do with either because there is no creation in Me forever. Although we can presume this dream, this creation, takes place in Me, in fact after coming to the waking state, this whole existence which was definitely seen before will vanish forever, leaving no trace behind.

Although we can say that creation definitely took place in Me as long as I was in dream consciousness, once I woke up I knew it took place in Me only as long as ignorance was there. When I possess the full knowledge of my Supreme Self, then nothing exists except Me, the Supreme. Just like the nonexistent snake appeared in the rope.

Therefore my good friend, O Atman, wake up! Rise above this dreamly consciousness. Elevate yourself so high that you will be free forever from this dreamy drowsiness. Come to the Real, your own Consciousness, with the help of constant practice, entirely depending on your Deity with firm determination and with the help of penance and patience walking through the peace-giving track of surrender.

The fountain of joy will burst out from within yourself when you will reach the goal. This is your aim of life, the real Truth which is mentioned in all the scriptures of the world – the Real Knowledge of the Truth, the Supreme Self.


Q. Does the creation exist in a dormant state within the Supreme?

A. In a dormant condition as it is said, in the form of a seed, it exists, although the trunk and branches cannot be seen – according to Shankaracharya’s saying. I don’t mean to say that I don’t agree with him to some extent. If it has to be expressed in words to make people understand within this duality, Shankaracharya gives a good tone to the brain of the aspirants, but in fact one will only understand clearly when one will elevate to the height of Unity.

The Truth, as it is seen, is totally different when you rise above this height. Here one will see that there is no trace of creation even in seed-form forever. Sleep (Samadhi) is the cause of duality, therefore the real cause of duality is sleep, or to lose your Self-Real-Consciousness, - and this is the beginning and end of duality and its cause (MAYA).

Dream (only possible after or during sleep) is there only because of ‘you’, but on waking it is found to be totally non-existent.

From the moment of beginning to lose consciousness, e.g. sleep – or any other intoxication, - delusion is there. At this threshold the whole creation exists in embryo form, as it were, as a tree exists in a seed, and from there it develops up to total ignorance. Beyond this threshold however, it is not possible to say that anything exists whatsoever, - not even the threshold itself.



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