Be Empty

Losing the self to be the Self

Teachings of TL - 9





The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

Part nine









'I am the body' is the cause of creation. It is the source of fears. It is ignorance. It gives rise to duality. That is why this primal ignorance is known as Hridaya Granthi, knot of the heart. 'I am' is a concept. Whatever one sees in this world and beyond is the symbol of ego. Therefore whatever one perceives, feels and sees through one's mind, intellect and sense organs are all nothing more than a concept.



Now, rise above this 'I' concept (gross, subtle and causal). It is wisdom. It is the real knowledge. It is liberation. It is the true natural state. It is formless God. The all-pervading supreme Self of all selves. This real Self is none other than yourself. In you there is no concept.



If one can root out concept, one will abide as that real supreme absolute being. Apart from this, all are concepts, whatever you see here, including your meditation. The moment your mind moves out to enquire or you understand something, you are within the clutch of concept. If you try (to perform), you are out-pocketed from your true natural state. In other words, you are overpowered by ignorance - even if you enquire at the time of practice about your ultimate nature - your own existence, the cause of creation, the mind, or the supreme God etc. These are all nothing but concepts.



And yet all of these things containing concept are in truth the Real, but until one has realized the truth through constant practice, one cannot get rid of ego. This ego concept, however, is like a magic show. It does not exist at all, like the son of a barren woman. When there is ego, there is concept. No ego - no concept, no desire, no objects or subjects, no master or disciple, no place of bliss or sin, no world, no such thing as separateness or oneness, no creation and no God. All concepts are really the reality of the Supreme Absolute Being.