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The Teachings of Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

An Interpretation of

The Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya

(Chapter 1, verses 1-60)


Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar

              Sri Dattatreya Avadhuta                                                                                                                   Sri Tirtha Lal Mahanandhar


To get rid of the despair and insecurity of this life, the wise certainly try their level best to find a secure state beyond this universe - Super Consciousness - by the grace of One Single Truth Eternal.


Action in inaction, and inaction in action is your own indivisible supreme state. In this immutable Super Self you see that all the different selves, coming, staying and going appear to be real - but this is ignorance. In the eyes of self-realised persons, whatsoever is taking place inside this entire creation is none other than One Ultimate Truth – you the Real. Hence no salutation is ever possible in this singleton because actions are never entertained in this 'Formless Form'.


This ignorant world - this vast creation which is composed of the five elements - is like water in a mirage. Although the ignorant take it to be real, in fact there is never any creation in the eyes of the taintless wise. Therefore, in this One Single Truth, since the question of allegiance does not arise, no homage can be exchanged.


Distinction and non-distinction and whatever you have in your egoistic eyes, does not exist in the Self which is absolute from the very beginning. Whatever concept of existence or nonexistence comes up, it is just ignorance. Having a beautiful house, you judge the space within its four walls to be separate from the sky without. This superficial outlook - this so-called logical proof - may convince the common mass, but in reality no-one has ever been able to separate this inseparable emptiness. Thus your conditional existence and nonexistence have no effect on the One Single Unconditional Truth. Realizing this mystic game, which is no other than Me - the Supreme Self, I am spell-bound with wonder.


The formless, widespread Self alone I am. The essence of the essence of all the theoretical and practical knowledge of the whole of Vedanta - I, the Super Self, am by nature.

Sri Poke Baba


I alone, the self of all, am the indivisible, One Single God. Though inside all forms, even then, pure and spotless like the sky I am by nature. No doubts can ever be entertained in Me, because I am ever doubt-free.


In fact, without variation, non-finite - I, the purest pure - am the concentrated essence of mental alertness. The perception of pleasure and pain does not exist in Me because in Me there is no room at all for existence or nonexistence. Hence, ego and its relative feelings - this world - is nowhere real in Me. Therefore, I know nothing about you and your pleasure and pain.


Whatever activities you perform, whether good or evil, through mind, body or words - verily they belong to ignorance. I, the nectar of knowledge, am pure - beyond ignorance.


Time, objects and space, whatever you see and feel in this phenomenal creation, are indeed no other than the mind. The mind certainly has an omnifarious face, including past time and all. But this mind has no existence in the enlightened soul.


In the eyes of ego, there are seen and unseen objects in this world of duality, but I - the One Single Truth alone - am knower, knowledge and known. Thus I see only one undifferentiated, single, supreme Self. Hence the question of whether this homogeneous, eternal Truth is obvious or concealed does not arise at all.

Sri Dandi Baba


You are that One who is all-pervading, One Single Truth Eternal, and chaste. O! You, the mightiest, unchangeable, self-illumined enlightenment - why do you pervert this eternal Self by agreeing with the immorally conditioned day and night of this unreal mystic world?


Want of knowledge alone creates and seeks the help of others. Lack of self-confidence is the real source of ignorance. The eyes of ignorance always demand deceptive delusion. 'Helium', this ego, being the product of hallucination, forgets its own true infinite form completely and agrees with the finite condition of its false form - this vast creation. Thus, as a meditator, ego starts to meditate on form or formless objects, assuming them to be true. Such tricky games in the universe are just more foolish mistakes of an unreal mind, which give amusement to the ego. Hence, stop all these kinds of activity that produce duality. Realise you are indivisible - the Self-Eternal.


Life and death are related to the body. Unborn, you have no body, and therefore have no death. So you, the immortal, One Single Truth, alone are one and all. This is the clear dictum of the scriptures that has been proclaimed openly in so many ways since the very beginning.


You are that one single Truth that is equally equal in all conditions, at all times, inside and outside of this illusory world. O! You, the bliss of creation, please listen - your restless, ghostly action only indicates that you are moved by delusion, and certainly this is ignorance.


Unification and separation can only exist when you and me - this world of duality - exists in ignorance. But this Super Self is all, so there is no you, or this creation.

Sri Akashe Baba


The ignorant notion of a separate entity - this vast creation - is composed of the five elements (sound, touch, sight, taste and smell). These unreal objects have nothing to do with you, the Real, who are verily all-pervading, the One Single Truth. Worry not.


The production of unawareness is mind. You are not the mind. Thus birth and death are not for you. Don't shed tears like a cry-baby, for good and evil, bondage or liberation, name and form, are not yours - nor mine either.


Oh mind! Do not change position restlessly, being attached to the world, just like a deluded spectre. Without paying any attention to attachments, associate with the Self indivisible - and pamper not the world of ignorance.


You, the One Singleton, alone are unstained and pure. You are certainly free from fear and immutable. Attachment and detachment never exist in you, the all-pervading One. Why then are you in anguish, hankering after worldly objects for nothing?


Rest assured, without doubt, that I alone am that Eternal Truth that is immutable. Whatever scriptures there are in the world have declared that the all-pervading, One Singleton, is ever bodiless and pure. Having full confidence in yourself, reveal this truth - that 'this Self-Eternal is none other but myself'.

Sri Laxman Baba


Unless and until you realise the selfless Self, the unreality of this world of forms will not be revealed. Thus realisation is essential for those who do not wish to be entrapped in this motley world for ever. The distinction between real and unreal is ever possible only when one is aware of the True Self, otherwise not. This is the real beauty of this beautiful Truth-Eternal.


The self-realized soul openly declares that the all-pervading, changeless Truth is one and the same at all times and in all conditions. Unreal attachment towards the universe alone incapacitates the ignorant world at large to understand this in reality. No attachment means no ignorance - that is to say, he who is free is alone no other than the One Single Truth.


Trance, transcendental meditation and tranquility etc. are all conditions of the mind. As long as ego exists, mind is there. All the actions you see in this moot world are only the products of ignorance. Ego, this mind and its functions are no other than complete ignorance. When there are no such mental activities it means there is no more ego. Egoless knowledge is One alone and inexpressible. In Him your multiformed super-ego and its multifarious mental actions have no room at all. Hence, concentration or any other activities you may desire are all the products of ignorance. For in Super Consciousness no ego or its functions can ever be entertained.


You, the unborn, have no body. Being changeless, you are immortal. The perfect, pure and undefinable soul of all, you, the one single Eternity alone, are this whole existence and this existing world at large. When no duality is ever existing in you, the Real in reality, how can you dare to say I know or I don't know this Supreme Truth - that is no other than you, the Real?


The whole of creation, this relative existence of which the components are the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) is the comprehension of illusive ego and is certainly unreal. Hence the Vedas, in particular the Upanishads, defending themselves against this vast mystery, straightway declare “Not this, not this”. At the same time all Vedas again emphatically affirm “Thou art That”. This indicates that your own self is no other than that One Single Truth.

Sri Tulsiram Baba


This entire creation is continuously filled up with you, the all-pervading One Single Supreme Self. Without being aware of your own omnipresent nature, how can your shameless ego, the meditator, dare to meditate blindly on an object of meditation?


The egoistic 'I' that relies on empirical methods does not know the Absolute Truth. How can such an ignorant one dare to speak about the unborn eternity which is ever beyond your unreal world of delusion? When ignorance knows nothing about that Supreme Reality, how can its worship, meditation etc. prove to be fruitful? Therefore listen to Me patiently - I alone am none other than One Single Homogeneous Truth, like space - that no activity of ego can ever perceive. This being true, words and worship, like all activities of ego, will certainly yield no reward in the end.


The cause and effect of ego which is nothing other than imaginary imagination, cannot be real. Hence the question of the balance or imbalance of the elements does not arise in Me who am beyond all imaginary elements. Moreover, in Me, the One Single Eternity, any object to be achieved, together with the achiever, are also but the superimposition of that unreal ego. This Supreme, One Single Truth which, alone by nature, is awareness - who is going to realise? So know it well that no kind of action of yours for self-realisation either can ever be entertained in Me, the One Single Perfection.


Countless forms cannot be the 'substance', except that one single Truth. Verily, Super Self is not a substance. Again, you cannot confidently charge this Self to be a sinner, any more than you can with certainty praise it as pious either. The all-pervading One Single Soul Eternal alone is Real in reality. Sin and virtue only exist because of 'Him'.


I, the purest pure homogeneous Reality alone am immortal because I am bodiless as well as birthless. How can it be said again that I am deluded when hallucination never exists in Me - the Super Awareness?

Sri Siddhu Baba


The unstable intellectual activities of ego assume that the space outside is separate from that within the four walls of a room. Thus this separatist, unreal ego always tries to divide, and claims that the space within and without only merges upon the demolition of the room. Similarly, residing within the undifferentiable Supreme Soul, the ignorant entity, which believes itself to be separate, presumes that after death each soul becomes immersed in the absolute Being. Such ideas of difference never exist in Me the real, One Single Truth, which is none other than Pure Mind.

Note by TL:  

Owing to lack of self-realization, the ignorant world imagines that mind can be divided three ways - 1) objective mind, 2) subjective mind, and 3) no-mind. When there is subject, there should be object, and vice versa. They say mind is unstable, flexible, feeble or strong. Objectified mind is frail and small because it is extroverted. Subjectified mind is much stronger because it is introverted and big. In the no-mind state there will be no subject or object, hence the question of small or big, weak or strong etc. will not arise either. In no-mind, subject and object do not exist. This one single Truth is the Pure Mind. This no-mind state we may call the Ultimate Truth. Whether duality of the unreal world exists or not, it has nothing to do with it. This no-mind alone is free from attachment as well as detachment. That is why, in regard to this inexpressible One, the world admits that this eternal Truth alone is as It is.


As long as instantaneous awareness of this unreal universe is there, ignorant ego and its form will also be existing. Where the imaginary subject, this self-willed ego and its objects - this vast creation - remains, duality will have no end. The supreme knowledge of Brahman is verily devoid of subject ego and its objects - this world at large. Hence the question does not arise at all about the inner and outer space of the pot where there is no pot. Therefore one should know it well that ego and its form never exist in the realm of One Single Truth.


The inexpressible Supreme Truth alone is above reality and unreality, so it is beyond duality and unity. This super-humanity is the base of all philsophy. Thus this constant, all-pervading, omnipresent tranquility transfigures into this mysterious creation, which is based on void and unreality. But for the wise, without doubt, Me, the One Singleton Super-Voidness alone, is Real in reality.


In deep sleep you don't see any dream world, so you feel nothingness because nothing at all exists in it. But when you go inside the dream pocket, you see so many objects in that delusive land. Similarly, realized souls travel beyond body (gross, subtle and causal) where scriptures, different universes, gods and the two major paths (of smoke and light) are not existing at all. The path of smoke leads to darkness where ignorance ever moves inside the cycle of birth and death. The path of light leads aspirants to enlightenment, where all the objects of this delusive creation do not exist. This is the ultimate light of the No-Self – Brahman.


One Single Truth is filled up tightly within its own periphery. Distinction between the pervading and the pervader exists only in the eyes of ignorance. To He who is beyond limitation, sense perception is quite impossible to achieve, either through direct or indirect means. 'He' is in no way perceived by ignorance, that is why 'He' is regarded as a 'Free Man'.

Sri Vijay Baba


Duality and unity are both the cause of creation. Where there is unity there is duality and vice versa. Worldly people are certainly attached, one way or the other. That is why they are lacking knowledge and peace all the time. Peace and tranquility will come to them only when they are free from attachment as well as detachment regarding one and all objects. For in the Supreme Truth - the ultimate goal of life - no objects ever exist by which the ignorant may enjoy this attachment or detachment. Creationless Brahman alone is filled up tightly within itself. Where nothing exists except One Single Truth, how can this darkness-like ignorance, which is only delusion, dare to search for light? In the eyes of the light, no darkness exists. Believing this to be true, only then you will have practical experience of this unity and duality, and then you will also say this ignorance has nothing to do with Me, the supreme Light. Aspirants must understand this unaltered Eternal Reality. Self Eternal is as 'He' is and is beyond all the functions of this unreal universe. They who realise this Truth - without realiser - are the real followers of Dharma. Of them one can say 'free' for they are no other than soundless sound - Brahma.


Where nothing exists, there something I am. The limited sight of the world sees blueness in the colourless sky. Similarly, the indiscrete ego describes various colours and the different qualities of sound and objects in duality. But in this world of duality nothing remains permanently - everything passes away. Each and every object in this vast creation is transitory. That is to say, the entire creation is impermanent. That is why the scriptures all declare that nothing exists except One Single Truth. The unreal has no existence because it is imaginary and unreal. Aspirants should understand that the Supreme Truth - being changeless - alone is existing. To 'Him' alone you can say all-pervading, immortal and unborn. Except this Truth Eternal, the rest are all nothing more than the imaginary imagination of phantom ego.


The supernatural state is beyond time. Truth is stateless, so no duality ever exists in it. Thus no objects, including your own body, have any room in 'Him', the real, because all are unreal. When aspirants come to this height they will realize that the entire creation is none other than complete voidness. This monad state alone is Truth eternal and no other than 'Himself'. For practitioners who realise this Truth without realiser, the serial game of duality will cease for ever.


The source of duality is ignorance. Due to lack of knowledge, ignorant people declare that the differentiation between I and you, the soul and super-soul exists. Presuming thus one's own separate entity, this world of ignorance involves itself in meditation and other activities. They think the soul and super-soul are two, and that only with the help of meditation can they reach 'Him'. Such kinds of dual concepts of ego will always keep one within the four walls of this ignorant world of imagination. In reality nothing exists except One Single Truth. Certainly the egoistic concept of soul and super-soul will not be entertained in this space-like Absolute Brahman which is devoid of ego and its concepts.


Whatever I do or don't do - actions such as eating, sleeping and moving etc. and all my oblations performed through this gross body and mind in the physical world - are not Me the Real. Therefore action is not mine either. This changeable physical body, including this world of ignorance - whether it exists or collapses, I, the eternal Truth have no concern with it from time unknown to time unknown. Because I, the one single Truth, am obviously unborn, the world says I am changeless, immortal and all-pervading etc.

Notes by TL:  

From this it is clearly understood that in this world of duality, though the physical body participates in different performances, I, the Eternal Self, have no relationship with them in the least. What this really means should be observed minutely. The illusory world of ego and its activities are all a transitory momentum. It is changing continually and has no existence, therefore it is unreal - but 'I', the Real, am changeless. In change alone you see life and death, but I am beyond life and death - thus I am unborn, evergreen and immortal. Now you may judge and distinguish easily between Me, the Real, and the unreal egoistic dreamworld. Worldly people are bound to cope with whatever comes on their way in this secular situation as long as they are dreaming inside this illusive dream.

Dogmatic religious teachers and their blind followers also imagine, like you, that with the help of egoistic activities, step by step, they will reach the Super-Self and realise. This ignorant logic sounds good for the egoistic world, so most people follow this path, and they call it a science. Thus people with different concepts in this unreal world imagine and follow the different religions of their choice. This is how so many sects began within this wheel-house, this mysterious creation. You know the product of such baseless practices of different religions inside the dark black cell of ignorance is hatred, pride, jealousy and other criminal tendencies, galloping with increasing speed, day and night, from man to man. The jeremiad¹ of this unreal ego will have no end until ego fully agrees with its own non-existence.

¹ jeremiad  /ˌdʒer.ɪˈmaɪ.æd/ -n. 

a long, mournful complaint or lamentation; a long list of complaints, grievances, woes or problems.

ORIGIN C18: from Fr. jérémiade, with ref. to the Lamentations of Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

Accept the Truth and give up the unreal without any hesitation. Develop this habit to agree with Truth and disagree with unreality all the time, in all conditions, even at the cost of your ego's life. If you develop this habit strongly and with full patience and dedication, the moment of self-realization will not be far away for you. Because in Super-Knowledge there is never any time, space, or the ignorance of you, the unreal self.

The separate paths and means of all the different religions are nothing more than your own egoistic concepts. When ego itself is unreal, how can one dare to accept different concepts as real? As darkness alone agrees with darkness, similarly the ignorant world agrees with ignorance only. No darkness can ever be entertained by the light, and in the same way within the periphery of knowledge, the perfervid² ego and its universe of ignorance does not exist. They who agree with this fact will be able to realize supreme Truth. This is the go of the real Self - the Self of all selves. Apart from this Truth eternal, whatever the ego assumes is ignorance.

² perfervid  /pɜːˈfɜːvɪd/ - adj. (poetic/literary) 

intense and impassioned, zealous, ardent, excessively fervent, feverishly passionate

ORIGIN C19: from mod. L. perfervidus, from L. per- ‘utterly’ + fervidus ‘glowing hot, fiery’.

What ese do you need to know about unreality? I believe this information about duality and unity is enough for the sincere seeker of Truth. This versatile ignorance is itself the strongest vestige of One Single Truth. Although this versatility alone is the real beauty of this wonderful One Single Truth, even then, ignorant people never agree with it.

Know this changeless Eternity and remain as you are. Realize your own limitless supremacy which is vast like the firmament. If this mysterious creation of ignorance exists at all, it is because of you, the Real. Understanding your own spotless purity, enjoy this mystic game without being the enjoyer, for good. O! You, the Knowledge of Perfection!

Sri Maharaj Baba 1


Formless form, this universe of duality is certainly stainless. It is the cross-checked version of the realized soul. That is why it is declared that this mystic creation is definitely crystal clear. Being formless and spotless, it is virgin. There is never a vestige of creation in the eyes of Truth. Hence this creation itself is no other than Absolute. You can keep it for your very own.


From the very beginning the Vedas have clearly announced - “Thou art That”. Agreeing with this changeless One, Bhagavan Dattatreya also proves this eternal truth, elaborating it in his own way in this 'vers libre' or free verse. Doubt-free Dattatreya stresses again and again the presence of the Absolute. In addition to this he addresses the world of ignorance with compassion: “Verily you are the Truth, and at the same time, Truth is no other than you”. He confidently makes known this Truth to all who are badly in need of this help. He gives assurance, strongly guiding dedicated seekers thus: “When you agree with me fully that you are no other than Truth, how then dare you say you have to realize Truth? Listen! This Truth eternal cannot be realized by anyone of this egoistic world, but even then, in your foolishness, you still consider that Truth can be revealed only through your own effort.”

As long as concepts as such exist in you, it means you have not yet been able to understand the value of Truth. Your concept of a separate entity which you are holding and hanging on to strongly is ignorance itself. Thus you feel you have to realize Truth. However, you can take it for granted that the Self eternal can never be revealed by ego. Lacking real knowledge, your ego is jumping from one branch of a tree to another like an intoxicated monkey.

O! You, my real aspirants, know it clearly that Truth can never be perceived by anyone like you. Truth is perceptible only to Itself. Your imaginary imagination - these egoistic mental and physical activities which constitute duality - can never be entertained in this One Single, All-pervading, Unborn Truth. This universe as a whole is that Truth. They who disagree are ignorant. Ignorance alone creates havoc, assuming itself to be the half-blood relation of the Supreme, but it has no separate entity in this Eternal Truth. This must be understood by all seekers. It is the vital point of self-realisation – no way except this. Engrave this saying of mine, O you engraver, ego! Engulf your ego at the cost of life if you really want to unravel this enigma.


My heart! Total voidness, like the firmament which has existed since time immemorial, is known as omniscient Truth. This super-noble Truth Eternal is no other than you, the noncommital, One Single Eternity. All-pervading, it alone is the taintless unique Absolute. In this state, where are your concepts of delusion and non-delusion, shadow and lack of shadow etc.? Your ego itself is unreal, so how can its concepts be real in you, the real faceless face of One Single Truth?


I alone am endless, and therfore, beginningless also. That which has no beginning or end can have no middle either. Where there is time there is beginning, middle and end, but I am beyond time - I am timeless, unborn Truth. Being timeless, I am verily ever-free. Thus in Me there is no bondage or liberation. By nature, the purest pure, I, the spotless one alone am ever pure from the very beginning - this is my final conviction. But lacking conversion, this world does not agree with my truthfulness too easily.


Together with the principle of cosmic intelligence, the intelligence that assumes that creation is caused by the different elements is mistaken and untrue. For in Me, the One Single Truth, where creation itself does not exist, how can one talk about the illusive elements that exist only in the egoistic eyes of unawareness? Such 'ignis fatuus' (lit. foolish fire), 'will-o'-the -wisp' or misleading hope, ignites this unreal universe of ego with great humiliation. This is how the world of ignorance is moving on and on within its own deadly dark dream. But for Me, the all-pervading Truth Eternal, there are no other objects as such. Indeed, I alone am One in all - Brahman. Realise caste and creed and your different stages of life are not in Me, the indivisible one.

TL with Sri Lamtan Baba


Every single individual existing in every nook and corner of this universe is well-known to Me. By all means I know that they are no other than Me - the One Single Truth. I am the changeless, constant, unborn Eternity from time immemorial, but the ignorant believe they are the product of the five elements. That is why all the elements appear to be solid and distinct in the form of creation. But for Me, who am self-sustained, it is clear that all your solid elements are none other than total emptiness. I, the Supreme Truth alone, am beyond this voidness. Hence, know it well that verily I alone am Super-Voidness.


Neither male, nor female, nor eunuch am I. I am beyond your worldly knowledge and its imagination. I, the Supreme Soul alone, am outside the range of your power of forming mental concepts. How then can you say in your illusion that I am bestowing transcendental joy or misery? The unreal ego, staying inside its imaginary world, believes in objects and can only talk about the One Single Truth. The mental waves of different egos always imagine unreal images. Some say the Supreme Brahman is a eunuch; others say male (Adipurusha, Purana Purusha, etc.); still others say female (Mahamaya, Adishakti, etc.) - all according to their belief, but whatever sects there may be in so many different forms, they are all the output of ignorance.

In the name of God, such groups dogmatize their doctrines and play a dirty game with each other. Thus, again and again, ego entraps them in ignorance. The founders and followers of such unreal dogmas all disappear in time, one after another, creating havoc in the black hole of ignorance. Deprived of the real joy of Truth, illusive ego presumes there to be pleasure in the same way that the camels of the desert enjoy chewing thorny bushes. They believe those thorns to be juicy and full of taste, but actually there is no taste at all, and it is their own blood they are tasting. Thus the ignorant world takes pain to be pleasure and enjoys accordingly.


With the practice of the six steps of yoga -  1. Asana (posture), 2. Pranayam (control of vital force), 3. Pratyahar (self-withdrawal), 4. Dharana (concentration), 5. Dhyan (meditation), and 6. Samadhi (trance), and the completion thereof - if you think that the Super Self will be made pure, you are certainly wrong. Again, if you imgine that the destruction of the mind will help to purify the Super Self, this will bear no fruit. Moreover, even if you strictly follow the instructions of your believable teacher - that belief will definitely deceive and laugh at you in the end. This is because illusive ego is nothing but a dream body, and all the activities in this dream world are simply a delusion.

Oh, you, the unreal ego! I, the Super Awareness alone am ever pure and self-illumined from time immemorial. As long as you, the awakened one, recollect your dream body, its activities and the world of dream, it all amazes you. Because you have experienced practically that the dream as a whole disappears automatically without leaving any trace, the moment you wake up - it is truly remarkable. Only those who are cock-sure about this dream world confidently say that this whole creation is an illusive illusion. For, the moment you are free from ignorance, you vividly realise the Truth that you are that Unborn Knowledge.


Your five elements are never existing in Me. How then do you dare to presume the existence of bodies made of these elements? Again, you may believe in the existence of one who is disembodied. Pleaders for ignorance also argue in defence of the existence of three states - waking, dream, and deep sleep. Similarly, owing to lack of knowledge, sometime or other, and ignorant of your true nature, you talk about the fourth or transcendental state. After realisation, whenever you speak to the egoistic world about the Single Self, the ignorant will always contradict you.

You have already experienced that ignorance and its illusive creation never exists in you, the One, Single Truth. Name and fame etc. and whatever you talk about is all itself in error. Moreover, when even the sound of your illusory universe can never be entertained in the Absolute Self - what to talk about your deceptive ideology and its functions?


Aspirants should bear in mind that the designations of the world, offered in any form to the Super Self, imply both honourable pre-eminence and limitation. In the eyes of duality alone, separation exists - such as you and I, bondage and liberation, pervader and pervaded etc., but the egoless 'I' am no other than Brahman - the supreme Reality. Hence, regarding your concepts of liberation and bondage and any other practices whatsoever in this world of duality - I, who am ever free from delusion, have nothing to do with such false thinking. You, the doer and enjoyer, imagine that I am bound like you - but listen, I am not what you think. I, the ever liberated Supreme Soul, am beyond all the activities of your illusive bondage and liberation. Hence the doer and enjoyer, the pervader and pervaded - I am not.

Sri Maharaj Baba 2


Knowledge and ignorance, pain and pleasure, etc., are the output of your ego. Like a dream body, you are also dwelling inside this world of ignorance. Agreeing with the existence of this unreal body, you are moving inside a world of hallucination in search of peace. You, the unreal ego, have assumed the existence of pleasure and pain, and then, to get rid of the pain, go in search of peace in this delusive world. Thus this egoistic world revolves again and again within a whirlpool of ignorance, creating a chain of pain.

If a glass of water is poured into a river, the water as a whole will have no distinction. If you imagine that the water in the glass and that in the river are separate entities, they should continue as such, even when mixed together. You may be able to convince the ignorant world to agree with such baseless logic, but the Truth, which is totally different, will never agree. In the eyes of Truth, no ignorance ever exists. Hence your unreal outlook and logical arguments have no effect on Me, the One Single Truth which is beyond your unity and duality from the very beginning. Though the ignorant consider Purusha (soul) and Prakriti (nature) to be separate, being two opposite principles, in the eye of the self-realised person, both are identical - there is no doubt about it.


It is really a pity not to have faith in the authentic declarations of the Vedas and various other reliable scriptures, including the maxims of realized souls. If aspirants are definitely determined to get rid of ignorance and to enjoy the real value of self-realisation for ever, they must strictly follow the rules of conduct laid out before, at the cost of life (ego), to eradicate their illusive ignorance completely. He who is free from ego is alone capable of judging the real value of bondage or liberation, and also the importance of form or formlessness.

Free man (Bhagavan Dattatreya), the essence of Truth, declares publicly and with compassion that you, the Real, are ever beyond form and formlessness. In that disputeless state of trance there never exists any duality like egoistic bondage or liberation. Your ego produces troubles at all times in the world of ignorance for nothing. Therefore repel your egoistic existence, the root cause of ignorance, once and for all. Such sincere advice should not be ignored - it should be followed whole-heartedly by real aspirants, for only the most fortunate devotees will be blessed as such.


Source of compassion, like other realized souls, Bhagwan Dattatreya is also moved with pity to reveal the Truth. To develop strong faith in dedicated aspirants, He confidently announces that this world of ignorance, including you, the ego, is completely unreal, like a mirage. Therefore, give up these egoistic concepts and rise above such unreality, for the good of all. For those who come out of this illusive pocket of darkness, Truth like the firmament will be realised beyond any doubt. He further adds boldly, to eradicate the ignorance of sincere devotees, that He certainly knows what Truth is - the vivid, formless form of Eternity. Once again, He says that you, the ego, are no more than a mirage. Quite so, and it can be experienced by all of you without the least doubt.


In relative terms, there are teachers and students, instructors and instructions etc. As long as you are attached to this or that object of this illusive universe, you are ignorant - your egoistic activities themselves prove that you are far from Truth. The moment you come out of ignorance you will realise and make it known that in Me, the One Single Truth, there are never any teachers or their instructions. Of all these objects and activities in this ignorant world of duality, nothing - nothing at all - ever exists in Me, who am the purest pure by nature, like the sky.


When aspirants, with the help of practice, dive in beyond limitation, they will certainly realize that the egoistic concept of their own existence and that of this mysterious creation are unreal. Like a dream, the body and the world disappear mysteriously into voidness, the very moment you wake up. This mystery will not be revealed to anyone in this ignorant world, no matter how they try, until they are thoroughly free of any ego concept.

Now, with this it is quite clear that you, the Supreme Truth, are out of reach of illusion. You, the Eternal Truth, are without body and mind. So you, the ego should be ashamed to declare that I alone am the Truth - the Supreme Reality. If you agree that One Single Truth alone is everything - this universal form - and you are That, then to whom will you say “I am the Truth”? This sort of saying of you people has no room in Me, the Super Voidness. While you have such an attitude, you are certainly unaware of Truth and no more than ignorant. I should say that again you are trapped inside another trick of this tricky ignorance. Therefore, I warn you to realise Truth correctly, and be free for ever.


Oh! You, the world of ignorance! Why are you deceiving others in the name of God? Pretending pain to be pleasure, how far do you want to go? Inside the black hole of ignorance, how can you guarantee that you will remain safe, where people like you are disappearing every fraction of a second, one by one? Deceiving others, do you feel you are enjoying within the boundaries of pleasure? If so, never imagine as such. You are totally wrong, moving with this concept.

Listen! Dark cannot be light, and where there is light there will never be darkness, nor vice versa. You, the ego and this world are the output of ignorance. As long as ignorance is in you, you and the world will exist like your dream body in your dreamworld. The moment you come into waking consciousness you realise that these are both unreal. In the same way, when you come to your own reality - when you fully awake - that very moment your mystic game, this creation along with your egoistic personality will vanish without return. Thus, being free from ignorance, you, the ever happy one, remain as you are.

Look! The subjectified, self-realised personality never cries like you, the objectified man of ignorance. The realized soul understands that there is no-one to cheat or be cheated by. That is to say, except One Single Truth, nothing exists in the eyes of the realised soul.

Oh! You, the man or woman of fantastic illusion, give up this undesirable crying for this fascinating duality. Wake up from illusion, and then only you will realize your own real nature.

Oh my childish mind! Drink the undifferentiated nectar of non-duality and remain happy for good.


Never am I knowledge or ignorance. The combination of the two also, I am not. Certainly, only the genuine person declares this authentically all the time, no other. Even though he who has realized true knowledge will always be known as True Knowledge - the knowledge of all knowledge - the ignorant will not appreciate these sayings of Mine - I who am beyond their reach. The egoistic approach will never be entertained in Me, the One Single Truth. It will find no room in Me, therefore neither knowledge nor ignorance am I. Knowledge and ignorance exist in the eyes of the ego only, because ego is the root cause of duality. Know it well that 'I', the unborn Truth, am beyond ego and its concepts.


I, the Super Knowledge, am certainly beyond the reach of you, the unreal ego. Hence, even the utmost attempt, in every field of yours, is incapable of finding Me out. Worldly knowledge always argues about different practices, like Bhakti (devotion), Gyana (knowledge) Yoga, Samadhi, etc., but all these vain efforts of yours and the efficacy of all these unreal practices have no power to reveal Me, the Real Truth. Time, space, and all the teachings regarding worldly objects have no relation to Me, the One Single Truth. You and your illusive world are all illusion, whereas 'I', the unfathomable Truth, alone am tranquil. Know it well that 'I', the spontaneous Knowledge Unborn, am vast, like the sky.


The moment you say 'I am' - accepting the world of ignorance - you are bound. In your eyes, where there is bondage there is liberation, in this relative world. Each individual within duality moves in search of perfection, feeling there is something lacking. Such a person is certainly imperfect, for in perfection nothing is lacking - nothing is required. We say that this world, being changeable and transitory, is thus unreal and therefore not perfect, but in perfection the question of reality and unreality does not arise. Perfection is beyond this hallucination, so the perfect one is alone the Truth, beyond life and death. Being immortal, no good or evil action is ever in 'Him'. 'He' is above quality, therefore 'He' is stainless and pure. Being pure, such ideas of bondage and liberation are never in Me, the One Single Eternity.


Supreme Truth is definitely beyond both duality and unity. If this is true, and you agree that this is true, then why are there differences from religion to religion? Why such groupism? The so-called religious teachers - are they really realised? If they are as they say, why is there so much hatred, jealousy and pride in their religion? Why don't the ideologies of different religions agree with each other - when Truth Eternal is one? Different masters must have realised this One Single Truth through their own means, and this is why the approach may be different, even though the destination is one. Then if they agree - why such hypocrisy? Why such idiocy?

The scriptures and teachings of all religions are pointing to One Single Truth, but what a pity that one sect hates another. Why are troubles created in the name of Truth? Is religion thus the main source of problems in the world? Then why have religion? If it is essential, why the hatred, back-biting, tug-of-war, and wars etc.? What is the reason behind almost all the wars of the world? Religion, blind faith and hypocrisy! Wars may be called political, social or economic, but they are all about religion - all wars, past present and future are wars of ignorance - as long the religion of egotism exists.

The world of Knowledge always agrees that Truth is one and changeless. This all-pervading Truth is pure, and beyond the reach of ignorance. As long as there is ignorance, there is ego. Within ego, the creation of duality exists. With this it is clearly understood that ego is the only source of trouble. No ego means no trouble, no pain, no pleasure, no religion, no creation, and no duality.

I alone am omnipotent, omnipresent, firmly fixed, homogeneous and vast, like the sky.

- OM -

NOTE:  The pictures of some famous 'Avadhutas' of Nepal illustrating the above text are from TL's published version of the whole Avadhuta Gita in Nepali. The earlier figures in turn are from an old Nepali book which includes the following picture:

The later figures were 'friends' of TL, some of whom he invited to stay at his house for sometimes quite lengthy periods of time, and others who would 'turn up' whenever it suited them.  It would not be out of place to say that all of these men, most of whom I was fortunate enough to meet, were quite eccentric in their own ways, apparently having few if any attachments to the world, nor much regard for its social norms, and as such, real 'avadhutas' or unique ones indeed. Most would have been ignored and disregarded as some sort of tramp or no-hoper by the average onlooker, yet the mutual respect and affection between them and TL indicated a depth of communication that few outsiders could appreciate. This site contains some photos of them together at various times, and I hope to add here such of their stories that may be known to me, as time goes on....