Be Empty

Losing the self to be the Self

Bed Crow         Uncover the Wimple

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Uncover the Wimple



Life is meant to have an end,

Make no move your ego random

World is children’s see-saw,

Come out of science, religion and be free,

Eternal I is beyond hell and heaven.


From time unknown this I is on and on,

Constantly lighting, forever alone.

In Him, life and death as such, nothing,

Nothing at all that’s come and gone,

Pure, frank and base of all you are Thee One.


Gaze no more on the past sepal,

Serried sermons that came alone.

No-one understood the mystic serif,

All are passing away without return.

Stop! Otherwise time will misapply you.


Flowers close their chapters crying,

Buds open their lips smiling.

Thus series of time glow and fade,

Rejoicing – tearful eye at all times

Creating historical next season.


Inside each mask, somewhere there,

But very near ‘You’ are hidden.

Develop your habit to look in.

The moment you uncover the wimple

Will see ‘Wild fire thee true love’ open.


Devote maximum time within,

Remember no way for the reason.

Close ego gate for the win,

Relax, ‘Be Empty’ – you are there in

His Majesty, the King of Kings.


Inside the thick dark din of death,

The dim candle light of life blinking,

Before unavoidable wind that blows,

Make haste to realise that self within,

The mysterious light of all spa sparking.





- OM -







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